Klorane Conditioner With Quinine and B Vitamins

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Klorane Conditioner With Quinine and B Vitamins is a hair conditioner designed for thinning hair or as a complement to hair loss treatments. The formula has been developed with quinine and B vitamins to strengthen and protect hair while resorting its thickness.


Klorane Conditioner With Quinine and B Vitamins


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Unfortunately I didn't love this conditioner like I had hoped to. I have previously tried Klorane's mango oil and shampoos and enjoyed using all of them. However, this conditioner didn't live up to expectations. As a positive, it smelled nice and the packaging is quite nice and easy to use. However, the conditioner itself is very thin and had a gel-like consistency. It didn't seem to apply well to my hair and after using it, it almost felt like I hadn't added anything to my hair at all. Once rinsed off, my hair also felt the exact same as it had before I used the conditioner. I feel like this conditioner would be better suited to people with thinner hair as mine is quite thick and this didn't seem to do anything for it. Pros: - Smells nice and natural - Nice packaging Cons: - Doesn't do anything for my hair - Doesn't seem to apply very easily or sink into my hair
The Klorane conditioner with Quinine is a hair conditioner that's specific to people with thinning hair and hair loss or who are using hair loss treatment, so I think it is an extra gentle conditioner. I found that this conditioner kept my hair feeling soft and brushable without any flyaways. This conditioner has a medium strength scent which is slightly herbal and floral mixed scent. It is also slightly thick in consistency and feels nice on my hair. Once rinsed, my hair feels smooth and looks clean. Pros: All natural products Gentle on my scalp Cons: Don't use too much, a little bit is enough Recommendation: This natural ingredients conditioner would suit anyone who wants a conditioner to use on their hair. Top Tip: Apply the conditioner to the body of the hair, avoiding the scalp to keep the hair in top condition.
Good conditioner, a bit sticky to rinse out but it leaves my hair feeling soft and silky. It's quite fragrant so not for the light of head, but the smell lingers on my hair for the next day or two which is nice. I ran out of the bottle quite quickly so I wouldn't buy this again, but it's a nice product.
I quite liked this conditioner, it smells really beautiful, really floral and fresh. I have extremely thick hair so need a really great conditioner to control frizz and for smoothness and shine. This conditioner did control my frizz quite well and after straightening my hair looked sleek and shiny. I did need a fair bit as the consistency is a little thin compared to other conditioners I have used. I find the more expensive conditioners on the market give me a far greater result. I am very fussy with my hair. I did find my hair was easy to style using this conditioner and it had a nice natural bounce and shine. Overall a great conditioner
I was really disappointed with this conditioner. I received it in one of The Parcels. It's a really thin, strong smelling conditioner (it reminded me of a men's deodorant), and I found that I had to use a lot of product just to get a decent amount through my hair.  This product might be better for people with different hair than me (I have quite thick hair), but I just found that it really didn't work for me. I wouldn't purchase this. 
Amazing Shampoo ! This shampoo is one of the best shampoo's on the market. I am able to grab my hands on it with no regrets ! The scent is much more floral & sweet (like fruits). The texture of this shampoo is very soft & silkyz Provided with vitamins & antioxidants that keeps my hair from breaking, being rough and frizzy. Instead it makes my hair silk, soft, healthy-looking & my hair smells beautiful after using this shampoo. The scent of the shampoo stays on my hair all day & i do get compliments from co-workers as well as my customers.  Must try it out everyone ! Suitable for: Everyone (both male & female)
I loved this product.  I received the conditioner in my last Parcel package, so used my normal shampoo, and followed up with this.  I was very surprised to find that my hair actually felt thicker and stronger, and after blow drying held its shape and style all day.  I have been using it once a week (wash my hair every day) for about five weeks now, and find that my hair is remaining stronger between uses.  Apart from the strengthening benefits, my hair is still shiny and sleek - an absolute must for me as I hate my hair being fluffy or fly away.  I don't have have a problem with thinning, but still find this conditioner a benefit to the health of my hair.  Five stars from me.
The Klorane Conditioner with Quinine and B Vitamins is a pleasantly scented conditioner with a rather thin consistency, I found it quite hard to apply it to my hair when I would lose so much product through my fingers. My experience was that with such a thin consistency, I needed to use quite a lot of product to work it through my long hair. I left the product in my hair for a couple of minutes before rinsing it out. I then allowed my hair to dry naturally and I was very disappointed with the lack of results. My hair was frizzy and actually felt drier than it was previously, the only positive I could find was that my hair was nicely, lightly scented. I have since consistently used the product in place of my usual conditioner until I the bottle ran out and can say that the results have been  disappointing. I just do not think that this conditioner suited my long, thick hair and would be much better suited to thin, possibly aging hair, hair types that would benefit from a thin consistency conditioner that won't weigh hair down.
I was really disappointed with this conditioner, it felt like I had simply shampooed again - my hair was so dry. There are some great allowance products, unfortunately this is one I didn't even finishing the bottle with.