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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is a dry shampoo that extends the life of blow-dries and helps decrease the frequency of washing hair. It restores freshness and lightness thanks to the combination of highly absorbent micronised powders and oat milk, which is traditionally used for its soothing and protective properties. Hair regains texture in two minutes. The formula is paraben-, colorant- and sulphate-free.

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One for the whole family !

This dry shampoo certainly stands out from the rest! It left my hair softer with one use and I found the more used it the shinier and softer it became. I play tennis and pickleball and it even kept my hair looking clean and fresh through a 3 hour session! It smells nice and fresh and is not heavy in the hair like some dry shampoos. I’ve even let my teenage daughter try it for those hormonal oily days, she liked it as it didn’t weigh her hair down and it was still fluffy but shiny and clean. Even the hubby has tried it, he has thick dark hair and it was a hit with him too.

My Favourite Dry Shampoo

I have oily hair and live in a very humid city, so a good dry shampoo is a staple in my arsenal. I have tried a number of different brands, but keep coming back to the Klorane dry shampoo. I find it does not leave a chalky, white finish like some others do. It is a very fine powder that is easy to brush into your hair and does not leave hair too matte and dull. I can normally get an extra day or two out of my hair when using this product before I need to wash it. I have fine, limp hair too and sometimes just use this for a bit of texture and body - it is very versatile.
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My favourite dry shampoo!

I love Klorane as a brand and have always found myself being drawn back to their dry shampoo over all other brands. This dry shampoo did not disappoint.! Whether it was extending time between washes, freshening up my hair after the gym so I could get to work on time or just needing a zhuzh going from day to night - I can rely on this dry shampoo to have me covered. I have very fine hair and a sensitive scalp and I find this product is easy to apply, creates volume and is gentle on my head, it does not irritate my scalp at all. I have light blonde hair with darker roots and not only does this product freshen up my hair soaking up oils but it also lightens my roots a little bit when I am due for colour as well as delivering some much needed volume. Favourite dry shampoo ever that leaves my hair feeling fab!
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Great for a quick fix!

I loved using the product and will definitely be buying more. I am very active and found that it took away the stale sweat and grease to my hair along with the oil, when i didn't have time to have a shower and wash my hair. So it's a great alternative. It's not sticky either which is great and doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable on the hair. The smell is also refreshing and nice, so it's as if you've had a shower and your hair is clean. I highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn't have time to wash their hair every day but is highly active and needs a quick alternative.
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Fresh hair

I used Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk after 3 days of washing my hair to see its efficacy and I personally loved this dry shampoo because unlike any other dry shampoo it didn't make my hair sticky and rough. It felt really light, blendable and it certainly added volume to my hair which I absolutely loved. Again, in saying that I wouldn't recommend this to use this dry shampoo on super oily hair as it won't work but its good for light to medium oily hair. I loved the packaging and smell of the product as well. I definitely will recommend this product to anyone who wants to add volume to their hair without too much of hassle and feel fresh at the same time without using any water. It's value for money.
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A gentle dry shampoo

Giving this a full five stars for doing everything you would hope a dry shampoo could do. As I mostly keep my hair colour light blonde, dry shampoos don't show up too much but I sometimes like to have temporary colours through and found you can get that powdery look with some brands. I recently had a rainbow of pastel colours through and thought it was the perfect time to test and it didn't show up at all. My hair still looked fresh with no residue. It also works to add volume around the roots so I have used it for that too. It gives that clean feeling without leaving it looking or feeling too dry. Its a light fresh smell and not overpowering. Would definitely purchase in future and recommend this as a gentle dry shampoo
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Great, long lasting dry shampoo!

I couldn’t recommend this dry shampoo enough!! I don’t know why, but my hair gets oily pretty quickly, especially if I have straightened my hair, so I am always testing out dry shampoo and honestly, I only have good things to say about the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. First off, I love that it is a plant-based formula, knowing that really takes the worry out of what chemicals I could possibly be putting in my hair. I found this dry shampoo gives me longest time between washes and honestly left my hair feeling super soft and fresh. Unlike some others I have used, this product didn’t leave my hair feeling overly full of product, it gave me the perfect amount of volume needed. It smells great and left my hair looking like I just washed it and lasts at least 3 days without feeling dirty.
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Good for sensitive scalps!

I find dry shampoos usually a hit and miss. This product is definitely a hit! The initial smell was more of a hairspray kind of smell, not necessarily obnoxious but it actually grew on me and started smelling a bit more natural! I use the klorane shampoo for a sensitive scalp and I love it so naturally makes sense that I like this product too! Usually if I haven’t washed my hair in a few days and use dry shampoo, I find that my skin reacts and starts becoming really dry and sometimes flakey. Another thing to note is that it doesn’t make your hair look powdery, I have light brown hair and hate that powdery look. Instead this product actually made it look somewhat shiny! I lasted 3-4 days without having to wash my hair. I’ve also recommended this to my housemates and they absolutely love it!
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Gives life back to your hair

This dry shampoo has quickly become my favourite out of all the ones I have tried over the years. I have straight, fine, flat hair that gets oily by the end of one day if I wear my hair out and this product most definitely works in helping me not have to wash my hair everyday. I really like the smell which is fresh without being overpowering. After a few spritz in the roots at midday the fine powder absorbes the oil and I have been able to last at least 2-3 days without needing to wash and it also doesn't make my roots feel gritty.
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Volume and texture for clean/slightly oily hair.

Easy to use, smells nice. I appreciate that it isn't too heavy feeling unlike Batiste. I prefer using it on clean hair, right after drying it, that way it helps my hair stay looking fresh longer. It works well when used on slightly oily hair, but when it's clearly time to wash your hair and you need to be running out the door, this really won't do much. I wish the bottle lasted longer but I appreciate that the price isn't too high. I would recommend this as a styling product and for people who don't let their hair get too oily.
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Hair care MUST!

It's a repurchase must for me, my favorite dry shampoo, whenever I run out I repurchase this one again. I have tried countless others but this takes the cake every time. It's easy to apply and doesn't leave a noticeable white film or flecks on my hair. It gives instant texture and new life, making semi greasy hair look like its been freshly blow-dried. You don't need to use a lot of product either. The smell is clean and refreshing- it doesn't have an overpowering artificial smell, which I really appreciate.