Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins

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Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins is a shampoo formulated for thinning hair or as a complement to hair loss treatments. It strengthens the keratin and maintains healthy hair growth thanks to the combined action of vitamins B and quinine, which is traditionally known for its strengthening properties to restore thickness and life to thinning, lacklustre hair. The formula is silicone-free.

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Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins


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Klorane shampoos are all really natural and I feel great using them. They do what they're meant to and keep my hair clean and smelling lovely. This particular shampoo is a deep purple colour which I've never seen before, and I loved trying it out. The scent is very unique and earthy but I like that it's different and subtle, and not over-powering. The only con is that I didn't notice a difference in hair quality after using it. My hair still falls out pretty much exactly like it did before I started using this.  Pros: - Smells very unique and subtle - Interesting purple colour - Keeps hair nice and clean Cons: - Doesn't help to reduce hair fall
I've been using this Quinine and B Vitamins trio of shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment for the past few months, and honestly, I don't think they've done much for my hair at all. While the texture is thick and smooth and the scent is earthy and soothing, I really didn't notice a reduction in hair fall at all. I also don't necessarily think my hair strands are any stronger. It works well as a regular shampoo - it cleans my hair without stripping it of its oils. I also have a sensitive scalp, and this shampoo was gentle enough to not exacerbate any itchiness. While this is a decent shampoo, I wouldn't repurchase because it did not deliver on its selling point to reduce hair fall.
I'm in two minds about this shampoo.... I've been trialling the quinine range for the past two months, as my hair, although generally thick and very curly, suffered major fallout due to medications. Large quantities were coming out every day, especially on my wide toothed comb, used during conditioning. Everyone believes that my hair is too thick to have sustained such hair loss, but as it's curly, I was able to disguise it better than those with straight hair. The shampoo texture is quite thin, so with my hair, I had to use a fair wad of it to obtain an adequate lather, and the smell is quite medicinal...not exactly unpleasant, but it did conjure up emergency room visits initially, then tended to fade away after rinsing. At that point, having to use so much product, I decided it wasn't as economical as I first thought, given the reasonable price. Unfortunately, although my hair did recover quite well from the fallout and breakage, I do believe the shampoo wasn't nearly moisturising enough for my type of hair and tended to dry it out too much. I had to use a mask every time after using the shampoo because of it's drying effects. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for thirsty, curly hair, but in terms of saving the follicles, it did work very well. It's a half and half verdict from me. If you can get past the scent, and your hair is fine and slightly oily, then I'd say it's an excellent product to counteract the problems of fragile hair. The serum in this range is another story, and the true hero for me as a hair saviour. It beats the pants off other, more expensive brands in the battle of hair loss. If your hair needs added hydration, try the others specifically for those needs in this range. It's a quality company, no doubt.
This is the product that I really need for my hair. I really have a thin hair but with the used of these shampoo and conditioner, I noticed that it really helps my hair to become thick. I love the smell and the packaging of this product and made me feel fresh all day. I will definitely buy this again and I highly recommend this to everyone specially if you have thin hair, I assure you, this product will really help you a lot and you would keep on using and buying this wonderful product.
I have fine hair that goes flat after a day very easily. When I use this shampoo it is full and bouncy and stays that way. I love that it is sulphate free and natural and won't weigh my hair down. This shampoo had become one of my must have staples. Thank you Klorane!
As a long term lover of all things Klorane,i just had to give this a tryout....after all,thicker,lusher tresses are all our hair goals right ? And adding "made in France" into the equation just makes me want it even more.So Rapunzel wanna-be's,is this worth a wash or two ? I REALLY wanted to love this,and maybe it's too soon to jump to conclusions,but i wasn't a huge fan.I did try this for a month or so (three times a week use),and whilst i did find a slight thickening effect,(thanks to the Ecuadorian quinine extract),however i more so found it to be drying,way too low sudsing and more than a little "manly" in it's fragrance (think older Dad scent and you have it). The texture is rather thin fluid like in texture,so be careful pouring,and quite a large amount is needed to get a decent lather..not great if two or more people use it every two days or so. All these I could forgive,but the formula itself seems to be way too drying for my liking (although a feeling of it fortifying and strengthening your hair is apparent with a really good conditioner after using this....as much hydration as you can get...try the Klorane Mango seed conditioner après shampooing),and that is what has made me go back to other Klorane products for my hair (hubby however LOOOOVED it...he said his hair felt softer,looked shinier and smelt fantastic...so maybe for his more "wire-y" texture it works ??). And what of the colour and scent ? It is a deep,wicked,maroon hue,and has an unusual,though not unpleasant,scent (a potent,"masculine" scent,not unlike Old Spice mens body wash...not really what i want to have exuding from my crowning glory,but hey..i really do think this is aimed more at the men in our lives,so it stands to reason that floral and fruity were never going to be in the mix here).As i have pointed out, the smell is a distinctly,"masculine" scent,but scent is a very personal thing,and YOU may find it is the most comforting scent around.And the cleansing ability? Good,but as mentioned,a lot is needed to get that "suds up" that feels so great when we wash our hair....and "squeaky" clean is nice,but not at the expense of hair texture (straw into silk = GORGEOUS,straw into more straw = HAIR HELL....and kind of defeating the purpose of a thickening shampoo yes ? Hair breakage means thinner hair). At around $14 for 200ml,it IS a good buy (a gorgeous French product Vs some cheap yuck from a supermarket is no contest),BUT,for my hair (blonde,colour treated,dry and fine) it is worth it to try another product from the Klorane line (hubby said he wants this kept for him,so it will remain here for now.HAHA).Give it a spin...you may just find your "flick worthy" hair of your dreams. TIP:If you are already using a thickening product,maybe incorporate this into your regime...along with the matching conditioner and a great blowout,you might just hit hair perfection.
I received a sample size of this shampoo and it lasted about 1-2 weeks so I can't comment on the long term effects of it, however in the short time that I have used it I can definitely say that this is an excellent shampoo for cleansing. I have typically very long and fine hair that is oily at the roots but really dry and damaged on the ends (however have been using Essano haircare products which has helped massively with the dry/damaged concerns), and Kiehl's shampoo always left my hair looking shiny and so clean - no oily roots in sight! The shampoo itself is dark brown and watery/runny so according to my boyfriend it looks like I'm putting soy sauce in my hair haha. I don't like the runny consistency as I find when pouring it in my hand it ends up spilling off my hand so it just wastes a lot. And I'm not a big fan of the smell - it's a mixture of men's aftershave and cough medicine, but admittedly it doesn't smell as strong once dried. Since it is a sulphate-free shampoo (which is AWESOME for helping your hair become much healthier) it does take a little extra work to lather evenly across all your hair, and because it is such a light consistency I think it is best to lather it in your hands a lot before massaging in your hair so it gets more foamy. I definitely recommend this to those with oily roots like me who struggle to find a shampoo that cleanses your hair not only effectively but in a healthy way and I think that this Kiehl's shampoo does this! The only reason why I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the smell (which I think some people may grow to like... maybe) and the runny consistency because I hate wastage. Because I am yet to try this product long term I can't comment on whether it is an effective treatment for thinning hair, however I will definitely be purchasing the full size to test it out. Pros - Sulphate-free - Cleanses hair really well so it is left looking shiny and healthy - Very effective in cleaning and maintaining oily hair like mine - Affordable Cons - Scent is a bit off - Watery/runny consistency means more wastage as it easily slips through hands 
This is a product that does what it says it will! I have mostly thick hair but it is thinning in some areas at the top of my head. This can cause me to have flat hair which is not a look I love. This shampoo is a deep purple colour and lathers well into my hair. I don't feel the need to repeat as my hair feels clean and after rinsing I can already feel my hair is 'thicker'. After drying and styling my hair there is definitely more volume and thickness which is amazing. It gives lift to my usually flat hair. The scent is interesting. At first it reminded me of men's aftershave but I am getting used to it and quite like it now. It fades to a nice subtle scent in my hair which keeps it fresh smelling throughout the day. It also keeps my hair from getting oily which is great as my hair is quite oil-prone.