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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ is a lightweight, mattifying sunscreen with SPF 50+ sun protection that’s specifically formulated for oily and combination skin types. The sunscreen has a quick-dry finish and contains Airlicium, which works to absorb perspiration, sebum and oil.

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+


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A sure winner to add to your daily routine!

What a great product. Thick coverage yet smooth and low shine. I found this product works fantastic for those with pigmentation and skin spots, the extra coverage not only protected sun spots but the zinc also helped with the discolouration of pigment. Goes on well, no fuss whether you use serums, primer, moisturiser and foundation either on top or underneath, this sunscreen doesn’t clog your pores, doesn’t cause break outs, skin is nourished full of moisture and protection. I would seriously recommend this little gem to your daily beauty bag. It would be great if the pump had a lock for those instances you loose the lid, no-one wants sunscreen through their bag, but in saying this, I lost the lid and it hasn’t happened to me yet - fingers crossed! Lol!
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A wonderful Facial sunscreen for daily use

I absolutely love La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch facial sunscreen, I use it daily for my usual SPF sunscreen and it is wonderful. It has great coverage, not a super strong fragrance and truly leaves your skin dry to the touch. I love that it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy, it also doesn't run into your eyes when you sweat which is an added bonus in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this sunscreen to others who use a sunscreen daily as part of their skincare regime.
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Invisible protection!

As a fair skinned individual, I have tried various sunscreens over the years and I have found this one to be the up there with some of the best. With only a small amount required to cover my face, the container lasted for ages and I did not feel like my face was oily. Better yet, I did not look as though I was wearing any sunscreen which was above and beyond a lot of sunscreens on the market. I have worn this sunscreen multiple days out at the beach and feel confident in the protection it provides and have not get burnt on my face yet! Without a doubt I would definitely recommend this product to people who are looking for a soft sunscreen to wear each day without feeling like you are wearing sunscreen.
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Holy Grail Sunscreen

This product works perfectly well on my sensitive skin. It's super lightweight, sits well under makeup and doesn't leave any white cast. A little goes a long way so this bottle can last me up to 6 months even though I wear sunscreen every day. I have recommended this to some of my friends and family and they all love it too. I know lots of people out there who hate applying sunscreen due to the sticky texture, but this will definitely change their mind. Amazing price for such a high quality product. Highly recommended!
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Anti shine without being drying!

I was pleasantly surprised by this sunscreen! I am used to sunscreens that have a more oily effect on your skin so I was interested to see how this anti shine dry touch sunscreen would go. I have dry skin, so I was concerned that it might be too drying. However, I found that it was dry touch without being drying. This makes it a great base under makeup and you almost do no even need a primer. It had no smell like traditional body sunscreens. It did not leave a white cast on my face like some sunscreens can. There does not seem to be too much product in the bottle, and given that you have to apply a good amount to your face, it may not last too long. Otherwise the packaging is very smart and clean to use.
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The GO-TO Sunscreen!

This is now my go-to sunscreen. I wear it every day and I can't imagine using anything else. Even when I'm in the office I put it on under my makeup. It's easy to apply and soaks in quickly leaving a "dry touch" and no white cast over your skin. I have oily/acne-prone skin and it never seems to clog my pores or leave my skin greasy. You can easily apply makeup over the top and it never seems to affect it. I would highly recommend this product to all my friends and family. I've now bought a few tubes to keep in different bags to make sure I always have it on hand.
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Pretty good.

I can say that after receiving this sample the weather has been absolutely terrible with lots of rain and overcast weather so I haven’t had a big opportunity to use this to it’s full potential. When I have used it I do really like it, it’s a nice texture, not oily and i can use it under my makeup for some extra protection. It does have a slight sun cream smell but it’s not over powering. I do like this product but the price tag is a little on the high side for me. In saying that I do feel like it’s a great product
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Fantastic Product

I had initially intended to use this product myself, but found instead that it was the perfect sunscreen for my husband instead. It's always been a struggle to get him to remember his sunscreen, but with this light cream that doesn't leave him looking like a ghost or drenched in sweat, he's been comfortable using it every day. I found it great to use, easy to apply and didn't irritate my skin at all, which has been rare for me lately. I would recommend this to anyone, even if they don't have sensitive skin.
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non greasy facial sunscreen saviour

I get super oily in my t-zone and was excited to see how this makeup would perform in those areas. I was happy to find that it did not provide more shine and only helped to subdue this greasy look that sunscreen can usually make worse. I loved the gel like texture and found it to provide no white cast when slathered on my face. It sat well under my makeup and I loved the squeezie/pump bottle and find these to be great ways to totally dispense all the product and leave no wastage. La Roche Posay have a great range of sunscreens, and I will be keen to try others in the range and see how they work once I have used this one.
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Not my favourite but a good affordable option....

I'll be honest, I had heard excellent things about this sunscreen but I'm not sure I'll be repurchasing. I don't consider myself to have sensitive skin but this made it feel a bit irritated? I think it definitely lives up to the anti-shine dry touch claims but there's something that doesn't feel as nice as other, more expensive sunscreens on the market. Having said that, it is definitely an affordable option and I will be looking to try others in the range. There is a bit of a white cast but it does disappear after a while and the scent is fine, not overly strong. I can't comment on reapplication but it's quite thick so I don't think it would work well over makeup, I do like having a thicker base though..
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Loved it.

This sunscreen was very useful during my 2 week holiday around regional new South Wales. I carried it in my side pocket of my backpack and it was the product that my whole family reached out for most. It was so comfortable to wear. Not sticky and not greasy at all. It is a dry touch texture. I love the fact that it did not give me a white cast. It was easy to apply without needing so much time to absorb or blend in. My son usually gets flaky skin around his nose by being exposed to the sun, this holidays no flaky skin thanks to the sunscreen protecting his skin. I also love the fact this sunscreen does not have that yucky sunscreen scent. Infact I could hardly smell anything. Usually other sunscreen irritate my eyes and make them watery. Happy to report, this sunscreen did not irritate my eyes at all. Very good sunscreen. Love La Roche Posay sunscreens.

Good, basic, affordable sensitive skin sunscreen.

We all know by now that wearing sunscreen every day, even when cloudy, is key to any good beauty routine as it’s the best prevention to premature ageing and sun damage there is. I’m finding it even more vital now that I’m getting closer to the big 3-1. I don’t wear a lot of makeup as my skin is super extremely sensitive so I focus more on looking after my skin with a good, streamlined and consistent routine and every morning I apply sunscreen last thing. Seeing as I do have very sensitive skin, finding a good sunscreen has been tricky as I will find out straight away if I react to something, usually by red or broken out skin. I haven’t used La Roche Posey much before so I was excited to try this dry touch spf 50+ product. After cleansing and moisturising I applied a thin, even layer over my entire face neck and décolletage. It absorbed and sank in straight away and my skin felt dry and smooth, not greasy or sticky, which was good. It didn’t have a strong, sickly scent, also good and no white cast either and even when I reapplied a few times during the day, it didn’t build up horribly or pill in texture. All in all, a good, heavy duty, relatively unscented product for sensitive skin that does what it claims to do on the label. Will I finish it? Yes. Will I buy it again? No, because I’m completely in love with the beautiful, rose scented, glow inducing Ultra Violette Queen Screen and always will be.
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Perfect for Summer

An excellent quality sunscreen at a price point that reflects quality. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ is simply put a fantastic product. I was sceptical that it could be better than some of the other premium products I have tried.. I am happy to report it really was. It is a non fragranced 50 plus sunscreen - that is quite thick when applying but my skin absorbed it easily. I had no negative reaction and the sticky sunscreen "feel" was absent also. I plan on continuing to use this well into the future.
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I love this!

I love this sunscreen! It sits well on your face under makeup, it doesn’t affect how your makeup sits on your face, it doesn’t split your foundation or concealer and it doesn’t pill. There is a very mild sunscreen scent that I don’t hate personally but it does claim to be non-perfumed. It has not caused my skin to break out. There is a slight white cast on first application but this quickly absorbs into the skin and my skin then felt dry to touch and had a matte appearance. I cannot comment on the sun protection qualities because the weather has been TERRIBLE!!! And I have not been out in the sun while wearing it because there hasn’t been any sun- however I am aware that you can still get burnt when it is overcast and I have not been burnt since using it! I am a big fan and will continue to use this facial sunscreen.
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Blessing for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin

The sunscreen is my saving grace! This sunscreen is a blessing for people with Oily, acne prone and sensitive skin who aren't looking to feel greasy throughout the day! The only downside I found was that the formula is a little bit thick and takes a couple pumps to completely cover the face and neck. I also wish that it came in a bigger size. I love the pump but the packaging is a bit strange as a normal squeeze tube with a pump. Overall it was really nice to wear everyday, it did not leave a white cast on my tan skin and gave me a nice matte finish that would go perfectly under makeup or without any makeup applied.
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Love it

I really enjoy this product, Offers amazing protection. Quite a good price considering the quality. Easily found at many places and in different sizes and textures. My partner also has a sensitivity to zinc in mineral sunscreens whereas I to chemical but this one is perfect and can be applied around the eyes which is usually where i react badly. But not with this product!! My 4 year old son doesnt seem to react either. im always telling my family and friends about it everytime i go anywhere and need to reapply as i think its great it doesmt sting around the eyes!
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Great Solo Sunscreen

I am an avid sunscreen wearer and the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ was different to all other sunscreens I've tried so far on the market. I have combination/dry skin and so I was a little apprehensive that this formula would not be moisturising enough for my skin, however to my delight I had no issues with my skin feeling dry and dehydrated while using this sunscreen. I found plenty of pros while using this sunscreen including: - super super fast drying - I love how the sunscreen is white when you apply it and clears almost instantly - great lightweight feel - perfect for re-applying throughout the day, glides on just as smooth as the first layer - great no mess applicator/pump - good to use before swimming, the sunscreen doesn't bleed into your eyes like a lot of others once in water - perfect for exercise - can handle sweat However, the one downfall of this sunscreen that I experienced was that that the formula does not pair well with niacinamide. I often apply the The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum before applying my sunscreen in the morning, and found when I did so when using this particular product, the sunscreen would not apply smoothly and the sunscreen would progressively crumb and peel off my face. This however was the only proper issue I encountered with this sunscreen. When this issue occurred I switched to using a vitamin c serum and the sunscreen glided on perfectly after that. The only other thing I would love to see from this product is a larger container option for this sunscreen!! Overall, if you just use your sunscreen solo in the morning this would be a great sunscreen to try! I will be looking and holding out for a larger bottle of this wonderful sunscreen to use in future!
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Amazing! Well worth it!

This sunscreen is honestly amazing! I have tried a few sunscreens and I have found this one to be the best. It only requires a small amount to cover my face and I did not feel like my face was oily and did not look as though I was wearing sunscreen. I wore it on a day to the beach and honestly the rest of my body got burnt except my face! (Even though I was wearing 50+ sunscreen). I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a nice soft sunscreen to wear each day without looking like wearing sunscreen.
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Mattifying and protecting

This is a great sunscreen for combination/oily skin. It goes on clear and dries down very quickly - you do have to work fast when applying because of this! I like to use a physical sunscreen usually as my skin is sensitive but this did not aggravate it. 50+ is the only way to go in my opinion, so I was happy with the level of protection from this sunscreen. My makeup went over this well, it didn’t pill or get super shiny underneath as other sunscreens can do. Definitely does what it says on the tin! A good inexpensive option from a great brand.
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Good every day sunscreen.

Sun protection is very important to me and I wear sunscreen every day so I really need it to be pleasant to use and to have a high level of protection. I liked the texture of this sunscreen, it felt light on the face and dried down non sticky. Upon reapplication it stayed comfortable, unlike other sunscreens I've used. I'm also glad that it doesn't have a strong scent. It caused no breakouts or irritation on my sensitive/acne prone skin and I would happily recommend it to anyone with sensitive/oily/combination/acne prone skin.