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La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eyes is an under-eye cream for treating dark circles. The eye cream contains niacinamide to help unify skin tone and light-reflecting pigments to instantly brighten the eye area. The cooling metal applicator helps decongest under the eyes and the formula’s gentle melting texture allows for easy absorption. Suitable for sensitive skin.

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La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eyes


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I have been using La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eye creme for about six months it's part of my La Roche posey skin routine. I noticed discoloration around my eyes basically where my sunglasses end, and decided I had to find a product that wasn't harsh on my skin but would help dull the change in colour. When I tried this eye creme I fell in love the applicator it is so sooth with the rounded metal dispenser that I softly rub around the area in circles. There is still a little discoloration but with continued use it's fading. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants an eye creme that softens lines and helps fade discoloration. The best part is it's a great price for a great French brand.
I purchased this product as I needed extra under eye hydration and it works amazingly. I don’t suffer from dark circles, rather, fine lines and needing hydration are my problems. This cream has a light silky texture and glides on well, I love the metal applicator as it feels cooling and soothing. After using this product for a few days my eye area looked brighter and fresher and much more youthful so I was really happy with those results. I only use a little at a time so it’s great value as the product lasts for ages. I have sensitive skin also and the product didn’t irritate so I would recommend this cream for anyone with sensitivity. It sinks in immediately with a pleasant fragrance and is super hydrating which finishes my fine lines. Awesome. Loved it and would recommend this product.
I have reccently bought this and it was a delight to use. It really does work. It really is worth the money spent. It took away all of my eye conerns. So, Thank you La Roche-Posay for making this totally great product. I would recommend this to any women who wishes to solve all there eye problems.
My under eye areas were sensitive at one stage and I couldn't use many eye creams. However, the La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar eye cream didn't cause redness or irritation to my under eye areas. This eye cream is very hydrating and makes my eye areas look fuller. However, I can't see any visible improvement on my dark circles.
I liked this product and I noticed a slight improvement under my eyes. It looks expensive, and it is a nice convenient size.  You only need a little bit, was smooth to apply, had a nice fragrant and was easy to use on a daily basis. Interestingly, this product did not cause any sensitivity, as another La Roche-Posay product has. I would buy this again when it is on sale
I used this product in conjunction with The La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Serum. This product has a nice sleek nozzle allowing product to easily glide over the dark circles of my eye. Unfortunately I do not feel any improvement or difference to the dark circles.The introduction of the product during its 1st application felt refreshing perhaps due to my skin's contact with the metal nozzle.Then the novelty wore off during subsequent application. I would rather an investment on the efficiency of a product than its packaging.
I was gifted this to trial, but have not used it much - it warns to use spf50 sunscreen when using it so I have been nervous about using it over my summer holidays, which have included lots of outdoor activities! It feels good on my skin and smells nice so I look forward to using it when I return to my desk job!
While I do like this product, I didn't find it had any significant impact on my dark circles. That being said, I have really bad dark circles that never go away so that may be why. As an eye cream I did really like this product. It does have a lightening effect when you do use it and it works well under makeup.  I have been using it each night for around 2 weeks and have found it hydrates my undereye area without causing any issues. I absolutely love the applicator, the cooling metal is utterly amazing on tired eyes. It's lovely and light but it does have a scent to it which i enjoy but if that bothers you I'd steer clear.  I feel like the price of this product is on par with many other products of it's kind &, as so little of the product is required it seems like good value for money.
This was a lovely product and while i do love the metal applicator i also don't like it. Once you run out of product on the applicator it does tend to drag the skin across which is quite delicate. That would be the major downfall of the product. I feel it did work as my dark circle have faded quite well. The product sinks in quite nicely and quickly.
Big bang for your buck! This light silky anti-dark circle eye cream was a pleasant surprise. The formula which can be used twice daily is absorbed immediately, suitable for sensitive eyes and does not contain any nasty parabens! Do yourself a favour and give this a try as your new eye cream with added benefits - you wont be disappointed.
I enjoyed the packaging of this product with the metal applicator which made applying the eye serum nice and relaxing. It's got a beige tint to it which did make my eyes look a little brighter after I put it on and the area around my eyes felt hydrated. After a month of use I can't see much improvement to dark circles and pigmentation around my eyes however it is a moisturising product.
I love the packaging of this product. A little does go a long way courtesy of the metal nib which means you dab the cream on the eyes without having to use your fingers. The coolness of the metal nib feels wonderful and the cream did assist with the appearance of pigmentation and darkness. The eye area had finer lines and was brighter after 4 weeks of usuage. I will use this product and highly recommend it.
Loved this! It’s a great beige colour that is easily absorbed and stills well under makeup. I kept it in the fridge so the metal applicator was nice and cool when applying. I found that it was instantly brightening and after a week I noticed that my fine lines were reduced.
This is a lovely eye-cream. It's lightweight and hydrating, with no fragrance. It didn't irritate the eyes. The packaging is nice with a great cooling applicator which dispenses the right amount of product. I do feels that it brightens the eyes slightly and helps wake up the eye area thanks to the niacinamide and caffeine. 
I love this product.   Applies easily leaving skin feeling cool, refreshed and hydrated.    Excellent consistency which was easily applied with no sticky residue left behind.   No unpleasant smell from the product and no bad skin reaction.    The packaging was simple yet of a good quality.   I will happily continue to use this and would recommend.
I've been using this for my eyes and the Pigmentclar Serum for my face for about a month now. I'm obsessed with the metal applicator which feels amazing around my eyes. The area feels hydrated and looks brighter overall. The reduction in my dark circles (which are really bad) is definitely almost immediate as the product absorbs well. A little goes a long way though and if you put too much on, it won't absorb and just dries leaving residue. I'm keen to start using it in the mornings to see how it goes and also to see if with ongoing use, it has a more permanent affect. As with the serum, beautiful packaging.
This goes on well, is a good size and a lot goes a long way.  I didn't really notice much scent, which is good really.  Unfortunately I have very severe dark circles and I think this is more targeted to the 'late night' ones people get - mine are more 'inbuilt' and I just don't think anything will make them go away.  Hydrating though, and easy to apply, and will last a while.
I think La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eyes is now one of my favourite products in my beauty routine. I always struggled to find a product for my eyes that lived up to all the hype and promises... but this eye cream definitely delivers!!! I have dark circles and fine lines around my eyes and after three weeks have definitely seen improvement. The cream is so smooth and creamy but not too heavy and you only need a tiny bit as it goes along way. The little applicator on the end makes it so easy to use and feels like a little massage. This is a product I will always be using and telling all my friends and family about
I have been using this product for about a month now in conjunction with the Pigmentclar Serum. I really enjoy using this product, the built in applicator is a nice touch. I have some slight discolouration underneath my eyes, and this has helped to lessen it but not by a lot. I will continue using this to see if more time helps clear this. Overall, I find the formula very light and cooling and I enjoy using this product.
Firstly I loved the packaging. The metal applicator was very cooling and soothing. The eye cream is pale apricot in colour with pearlescent look to it.  The scent was mild. The eye cream when on nicely and absorbed well. It also sat nicely under makeup. I think this cream did help with dark circles but i did not a major difference. I do think it helped smooth fine lines although this is not the main purpose of the produce. On the fence as to whether I would repurchase.