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La Roche-Posay Redermic C Eyes is an anti-ageing eye cream that helps to plump skin and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes. The formula contains a high concentration of vitamin C to even out skin tone and stimulate collagen production, while hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates skin. The eye cream has a rich texture with a soft and comfortable finish. Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.


La Roche-Posay Redermic C Eyes


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I have tried a few la Roche posay eye creams always with great results and this cream was also amazing. It is a super effective anti ageing product that visibly plumped my skin. After just a few uses I noticed my fine lines were reduced and the skin around my eyes looked former fresher and more youthful, so it definitely works well. I have sensitive skin and this cream didn’t irritate at all. It has a lovely thick silky texture and spreads really easy. I don’t need a lot so it lasts for ages which makes it good value. It absorbs really fast and feels light to wear, so it’s comfortable under makeup and its super hydrating. I recommend this product for really smooth nourished skin with no irritation and for an awesome anti ageing product. I couldn’t find a negative and would absolutely recommend it.
I have tried the La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eyes cream, love it, so decided to try out the Redermic C Eyes cream as well. As expected this cream feels lightweight on my eye areas but very moisturising without feeling greasy or tacky. My eye areas suffer from dryness, puffiness, dark circles and fatigue which this eye cream claims to help. I apply the eye cream every morning and evening and have finished a tube and I do see improvements. Puffiness was noticeably reduced which looked less fatigue and the eye areas felt more hydrated and plumped. would definitely buy again.
This eye cream is hydrating and smoothing. I have dark circles and slight under eye lines, and this really helps smooth out any shallow wrinkles so concealer can go on without creasing. It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes and has anti-aging powerhouse ingredients.It is also easy to carry around.
This was not the best eye cream I've used. It was nicely hydrating and seemed to do a good job, particularly for its price point, however, it took a long time to soak in and the consistency was very strange. When you try to rub it in it pills quite badly. The packaging also split open on the first use. It was ok- but definitely not the best.
The remerdic c anti wrinkle forming moisturising filler is a fantastic product. It’s simple, no fuss & was great for my sensitive skin. You only need apply a couple of tiny drops, it’s a thick textured cream with an oily substance throughout. It spreads far on the skin so I used it on my forehead too. It’s odourless and just feels healthy on the skin leaving a smooth layer for applying make up over the top.  Feels like a great basic I would highly recommend having in your make up bag as part of your morning and evening daily routine.
I really liked this new eye cream.  It was soft and smooth and made my eyes feel very clear. The only problem was the packaging as the lid did not fit on tightly and came off when bumped. Overall the eye cream was one of the best I have used.
I like this eye cream from la roche-posay. As a person with sensitive and dry skin I am always wary about trying new products as most eye creams on the market tend to make my skin turn red, burn or cause swelling and irritation. When I applied this cream I did feel an intial tingling sensation which disappeared in a few minutes and created a more hydrated eye area. I did notice that over the last month of trialing this product that the skin around my eyes is more hydrated and looks refreshed. I will continue to use this product
I was lucky enough to trial the La Roche-Posay Redermic C Eye cream. It comes in a nice sturdy tube and is very easy to use, can squeeze out the correct amount needed.  I used this twice a day for 3 weeks and did find that my eyes were not quite so baggy looking underneath but not a lot of difference with my fine wrinkles though. It is very hydrating which I liked and it sits nicely under my makeup. Overall I think it is a good product and I will continue to use it to see if my small wrinkles change and I recommend it.
I really enjoyed the look and packaging of this eye cream. I felt like a little went a long way. However the rich texture was just incompatible with my super oily skin - meaning after I applied it; especially if I overapplied; it would ball off (rub off). It could also be the dimethicone in it. I have very dark genetic under eye circles so nothing works for those. Unfortunately I could only use it at night, because if I tried to apply makeup over it, most of it would just pill/ ball off. It also wouldn't mix or layer with my oil based products. Because of this, I felt like the cream didn't sink in 'deep enough', and I couldn't enjoy all the benefits of it. Unfortunately just not the right formulation for my skin type.
While I did enjoy this eye cream I haven't really noticed any plumping or anti-wrinkle effect. I have been using this in the mornings for about 2 weeks so it may not have happened yet. I do find it a nice cream to use, however it's not my favourite eye cream from this brand. The applicator is fine & makes it easy to deposit the small amount needed so you can limit wasting product. It's a nice light cream that absorbs easily & wears well under make up. I believe the price to be quite reasonable due to the small amount you need, & it's easily accessible and often on sale. It's a nice, light, gentle product. I don't mind it at all.
I am a fan of this brand and this product didn't disappoint.  I'm a contact lens wearer with sensitive eyes and this product didn't irritate my eyes at all.  I noticed some firming of the fine crows feet around my eyes (I have been using the product for about a month) and it also helped to 'blur' some deeper lines.  Would buy again.
I have used other la Roche posay eye creams before and have found them really effective. The redermic C eye cream was just as effective. I used it twice daily and found that my under eye area appeared to be brighter. It also evened out the skin tone of the under eye area. I will definitely purchase this in future.
The texture is the first thing I noticed about this velvety eye cream. Unlike many, it wasn't oily or greasy and more importantly, the smoothing affect was obvious from the start. It also doesn't sit on top of the skin like other creams which can peel or combine with makeup.  It was easily absorbed and genuinely felt like it plumped the area to eradicate fine lines, even in a hot Australian summer. I would certainly recommend this product and will buy it again both for value for money and a quality product. 
This cream was easy to apply and had no strong smell. I saw a smoother and brighter improvement after weeks of application. However, I noticed that it also had an exfoliating effect as old skin would rub off. But I would still recommend it and I will continue using it.
I love this eye cream!  It's light and non-irritating to my sensitive skin and makes my delicate under eye area look brighter and hydrated.  It has also visibly reduced some of my fine lines.  My concealer now goes on like a dream too.  I will definitely repurchase this product when it finally runs out!  A winner!
Best day time eye cream I have used ever!!  I'm actually starting to see some results after 4 weeks of use.  I find that it absorbed really well and instantly hydrates the under eye area....plumping out the skin and making fine lines appear less pronounced.  I do not suffer from any eye bags but are prone to some redness and I have found that it just evens out the skin tone around my eyes resulting in a more rested look overall.  I have also noticed a slight lightening of some pigmentation around my eyes!!  This is a godsent if you have sensitive  eyes!  I have experienced no issues with sensitivity!  I will definitely continue using this!
I have just started using this product in the last six weeks or so.  I am 55 years of age and fortunately don’t have too many lines around my eyes.  I’m very fair skinned which is also sensitive. I have been using various eye products since my 30’s. I use this particular product mainly at night -  it’s super absorbent and does not leave an oily residue in the morning. The tiniest amount is all I need, so the tube will last a year or so I expect. You are able to dispense this small amount easily as the packaging and nozzle is very good.  I would highly recommend this product especially for women of my age – I believe it really makes a difference.
Lovely product. Smooth and creamy upon application, not at all greasy. Feels very rich with a visible difference after short use, particularly crows feet area which is great.  It really does help with hydration and i think my eyes do look more radiant.  Will keep using this product for sure.
This eye cream is the bomb! Nice little packaging that was easy to open. Easy to control the amount of product that comes out of the tube. Smells nice, feels luxurious  and goes on like a dream. Have been using it day and night and can see that the skin around my eyes feels very hydrated. There has been a slight reduction in my “laugh lines”. A really great product.
I love  la Roche-Posay products and this no exception. No irritation around the sensitive eye area. Love the hygienic packaging. The product is light weight and effective. It absorbs quickly and doesn't interfere with markup application in fact it helps as the eye area  is supple and hydrated. The price is reasonable but is available at chemists that often have regular discounts of at least 20% Off.