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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra is a dermatologically recommended hydrating moisturiser for intolerant, sensitive and reactive skin types. The moisturiser helps eliminate signs of reaction and provides immediate soothing comfort. It is enriched with Neurosensine™ to relieve skin discomfort in allergy-prone skin, and thermal spring water to calm skin.

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra


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Perfect for sensitive, reactive skin

I have quite sensitive skin and had a recent allergic reaction, where my skin flared up and became red and itchy. I had used some Toleriane products before and decided to try this cream to help calm and restore my skin. This product has a silky, smooth texture and the pump dispenser helps keep the contents fresh and stable. There is no added fragrances, parabens or preservatives to irritate the skin, which is a major bonus. It contains shea butter which helps soothe and replenish dry skin. I applied this moisturiser to my skin twice a day and within a few days I had noticed that my skin was a lot more calm, less red, irritated and itchy. This product is definitely a must-have for anyone with very sensitive, reactive skin who wants quick and effective relief. It's a little pricey, but a little goes a long way.
I have just finished up a bottle of this moisturiser and am about to repurchase. That says it all about a product right? My skin is combo, and over the winter leans a little drier. This moisturiser held up as both a day and night moisturiser in my routine over the cooler months. It felt kind of thick when applying but as I massaged it in, it smoothed onto the skin wonderfully and sank in nicely, not too much and not too little. This was perfect for under makeup or by itself during the day. I definitely think the ingredients helped in keeping my seasonal allergy rashes at bay and also at keeping away any breakouts. It is just an all round basic but not so basic moisturiser. The price is a little expensive for a pharmacy brand, however it goes on sale often enough to make it a product that I would recommend to friends and family. The packaging with the pump is not only convenient for day to day, but the pump can lock making it perfect for travel as well. The packaging contains an airless bag within the tube, making the product more hygienic, however it makes it a little difficult to scrap out every last drop. Would recommend
This is a real winner if you are looking for a nice plain, fragrance free gentle moisturiser for reactive skin. It’s housed in a hygienic tube which dispenses just the right amount of lotion.  The lotion applies easily and leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth, without any adverse reactions.  After using it daily for a few days, I found my skin was much calmer and with less heat in it.  I have been using this product for a few years now and my skin loves it.
The La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra moisturiser is my go-to product when my is sensitive or experiencing extreme dryness. This moisturiser has a lightweight texture but provides plenty hydration to my skin and my skin feels very soothing and nourishing after use. I used this moisturiser alone when my skin was too sensitive to use other skincare products and it kept my skin plumped and glow. Highly recommend.
Love this cream. It absorbs really well and my skin feels so smooth and soft. I lather it on during the dry Winter months or periods where I am exposed to a lot of air conditioning/heater. It moisturises so well, skin is hydrated even though its light. I will definitely be buying this again.
I came down with a bad case of facial eczema and perioral dermatitis about 6 months ago, and switch my moisturiser to La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra and can see myself using this forever!  It's a plain white moisturer which isn't too thick (despite the labelling Riche), which was great as my eczema didn't feel too good when it was over moisturised. The ingredients are minimal which reduces the chance of any reactions - super important for sensitive skin. I also love that the packaging means the product inside remains air tight and sterile. This really helped to make sure I didn't flare up from contaminants.  I wore this under the LRP BB cream and it sat really well. Size of the bottle makes it convenient to chuck into make up bags. Would recommend this for dry, sensitive skin or normal skin types during winter. 
I have normal to dry skin and don't suffer from any particular sensitivity issues but it's always nice to use something that is gentle on skin after using AHAs. It is packaged in a transparent airless pump so you can see how much product is left. The pump is a twist nozzle so you can twist it close for travelling. It is a slim 40ml tube and lightweight so makes it an even better travelling partner. The moisturiser is a lightweight thin consistency, however feels very moisturising on the skin when applied. 2 small pumps goes such a long way, it's amazing how little product you do use and is easily absorbed into the skin. It doesn't leave a greasy film on the skin which is a plus. There is no fragrance to the moisturiser either. It really is a great product for sensitive skin or those who like their moisturisers fragrance free and light.
I lived trialling this cream. It was light yet very moisturing, I felt that my skin was very well hydrated and primed for makeup application too. I have some sensitive patches on my facial area, and found that this cream was soothing and calming. It is a wonderful daily cream for sensitive skin types.
Lovely light moisturiser that did not cause irritation of my sensitive skin.  It did not offer any hydration and needed to use quite a lot of it for coverage.  I feel it would be a better product for sensitive, oily skin.  The pump bottle works well, however has no locking mechanism for travel.
I received this product as part of a trial and was pleasantly surprised by how refreshing and soothing it was. It lived up to its promises and definitely delivered on moisturising care without causing any irritation or breakouts. The bottle was very hygienic and stylish. Although it did deliver for me, I am not too certain about how it would perform in winter when my skin is much drier and in need of intense hydration.
I really enjoyed using this moisturiser. The packaging is simple and convenient, the pump gives you a good amount. There is no scent which is great for sensitive skin. I noticed my skin really absorbed this cream when I put it on especially in the really dry spots. For people who have a little bit of dry/combination skin it can make your t-zone a little shiny but it make me skin feel hydrated smooth and didn’t irritate it. Would definitely recommend
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra is amazing! I have sensitive, dry, red... you name it - skin and this light weight moisturiser has helped with all my concerns, not only leaves my skin feeling hydrated and plumped the dewyness lasts all day. Packaging is very convenient and you only need a small amount of product. I 100% recommend it.
This stuff actually saved my skin! It's been so hot with this summer weather and I do a lot of hot yoga, so I started developing a heat rash which eventually spread to my face. At first I didn't want to put anything on it but it was so dry I needed something, so I used this. After just one day of use, my skin started recovering. It was hydrated but not oily, and my rash was disappearing. I swear by this stuff now! I use it as part of my daily ritual. Also it's not scented so it won't irritate the skin.
Trialing La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra, I found this daily moisturizer to be a fantastic product. I have very sensitive skin and this did not cause any irritations, hives or break outs. It promises to be perfect for sensitive skin and it delivers on this promise. One of the better moisturizers I have used. This gave my skin the moisturizing it needed and I will continue to use and I also recommend this for anyone who has sensitive skin looking for a new moisturizer to try. 
I have never been one to believe the “this cream takes away dark circles; you look 10 years younger; helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles; real life photoshop” type advertising approach. Mainly because I don’t believe a cream can really make a lot of difference, other than good hydration.  But this cream…I can’t explain it, but my dark circles improved. So much so, people commented on that I was looking fresh and vibrant. So this cream is a yes from me. I love the fact that it is for sensitive skin. And it goes on smoothly and beautifully, with easy application. Definitely would get again!
As someone with sensitive, dry skin, I really enjoyed this day cream. I received no irritation, and it felt so luxurious going on my skin - really felt hydrating, without feeling thick and greasy like some moisturisers tend to be. No issues with breakouts using this - in fact, my skin is looking than ever! Loved the packaging as well - no mess, or waste! The only gripe is the fact that there's no SPF - but I use the la roche posay fluid over the top and works well!
I really liked this product. It feels smooth and rich to apply and leaves my skin feeling like there is a layer of minerals that have been applied. Whilst the La Roche- Posay overnight cream is also rich in texture, I found the after affect of Toleriane Ultra more moisturising and probably would be inclined to use this one more often.
I received the trial of this product and absolutely loved it - would purchase again! It was light and moisturising on the face - with no sign of grease. I also enjoyed how a little went a long way with this product - you only need to use one pump of product per use.
For reference, i have very dry and sensitive skin, so i usually go into trialing new moisturizers with hesitation. However, i have to admit i was pleasantly surprised with this product. It was super light weight and did not feel greasy at all. For how light weight it felt, i was honestly impressed with how hydrated and soft my skin felt.  I did notice that even with long term use (i trialed this product for a few weeks), i didn't develop any resistance or sensitivity and if anything, the product had a cooling effect once i had rinsed my face and applied the product. There was no smell to this product (which i appreciated) and the packaging was convenient in the sense it did not pump out too much product. I would definitely recommend this product to others with dry and sensitive skin. However, this product may not be suitable for those who are seeking an "intense" therapy product. 
I found the Toleriane Ultra range to be great for my sensitive and dry skin. This daily mosturiser comes in an easy to use pump bottle that makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of product without wastage. The moisturiser feels very hydrating without any irritation or tingling which I can often get from many skincare products. It is also very lightweight and non greasy but it does add a bit of glow to your skin. It also works well under makeup. Overall a great moisturiser perfect for sensitive skin.