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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight is a hydrating and soothing nighttime moisturiser that helps minimise the appearance of redness and relieve skin discomfort such as dryness and irritation. The moisturiser contains Neurosensine™ to soothe skin, and carnosine and vitamin E to protect against environmental aggressors.

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight


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La Roche Posay is one of my favourite skincare brands as their formulations are effective and very gentle.  I find this cream very light, but effective in soothing and hydrating my skin, particularly following the use of actives.  My skin can be quite sensitive to certain ingredients, retinol being the biggest offender so this is a really good buffer for me.  However, I actually find the “light” version of this to be more moisturising than this overnight formulation, which seems counterintuitive, but my skin responds better to the “light” when it’s really in need of comfort and the overnight is a good maintenance product when my skin is in good shape.  The big thing I’ve noticed with La Roche Posay products though is that if it seems like one isn’t being quite as effective as it once was, swapping it out with a similar product from the range for a period of time and then coming back to it at a later date works really well.
This overnight moisturiser is lightweight and thin in texture, it smoothes easily over the skin and sinks straight in and yet, it is nourishing enough to use as night cream with great results. I have combination skin leaning more oily in summer, drier in winter. I find this moisturiser to be the perfect level of moisturisation, it is light enough that I sometimes wear it during the day under makeup and it works perfectly. It also works great when my skin is dry and needs an extra boost of hydration. It contains niacinimide and I can definitely see it help reduce redness in my skin. This overnight moisturiser is a repurchase for me and I recommend it to family and friends.
I truly adored this product. I have sensitive skin and this moisturiser is gentle with no irritation whatsoever. It’s super hydrating and nourishing and feel lovely on my skin, it’s really light and comfortable to wear. My skin always looks fresh and plumped next morning and I swear my fine lines have diminished since I have been using it. It spreads well and sinks straight in which means my face never looked or feels oily next morning just smooth and really much more youthful. I love the handy pump bottle, it makes the product so easy to use and it makes no mess. It’s great value as a little goes a long way. I love this brand and this is one of my favourites, it’s luxurious and I can’t find a negative with it. I love, love this moisturiser and highly recommend it.
I'm so glad that I have tried out this lightweight night cream which doesn't contain any bad ingredients for my dry/ sensitive skin. I love to use this night cream during the warmer months because it gives the right amount of hydration to my skin without causing irritation or redness which I have experience with other night cream due to fragrance or alcohol. Every morning I wake up to smooth and well hydrated skin with natural glow.
I was gagged by the innovative packaging of the day lotion, and the night lotion is just as gag-worthy. Just as awesome with the twist-top pump that locks into place, this night lotion is perfection for travelling. I also loved how I got that extra bit of nourishment without causing my recently super sensitive skin any additional agony (or oil build up). My skin gets seasonally (and stress-related) temper tantrums, and this range has helped me immensely. I could use a bit more moisture love, but I can’t fault the condition.
I love this night cream! I have combination skin and fear using a heavy moisturizer. The Toleriane Ultra Overnight is a lightweight cream that spreads easily and absorbs quickly into the skin. When I wake the next morning my skin is soft and not oily. It is not scented and a little goes a long way.
What an amazing moisturizer specially for summer! I love the fact that this comes with a pump which doesn't tamper the quality of the product to dust and dirt and also makes it easier to use. Since I have oily skin, I love this moisturizer  as its so lightweight and doesn't clog my pores. My husband has dry skin and even he is enjoying using it in this hot whether when he doesn't feel like using anything heavy for his skin. So its a win win for both of us. :)
I enjoyed using this moisturiser. I liked that it was lightweight, so it was great for summer. However, I think it would be too light for winter and given my combination skin, I don't think it would be hydrating enough for my dry spots. I found the formula to be quite thick at the same time. I prefer my night moisturisers to be a lighter formula and not so heavy on the face. I’ll finish this off but I probably won’t purchase again unfortunately. 
I adore la Roche posay products and was excited to trial this product. I loved using it at night, after the dermo cream cleanser. I woke with bouncy and hydrated skin, it was not a thick cream but was still very moisturising. I would most definitely use it in future!
Product did not cause irritation of my sensitive skin.  I found the product sticky and feel it would be a better product for sensitive, oily skin as I as it did not provide any hydration for my skin.  The pump bottle works well, however has no locking mechanism for travel.
My favourite night cream to date.  This night cream is light-weight and very hydrating.  I don't like putting anything to heavy on my skin as sometimes I not only wake up a little oily but red as well.  Since using La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight my skin has been soft and supple with no redness.  Even after I cleanse my skin stays soft. I would definitely repurchase this product in the future.
Wow! The product design for this is so innovative. I found that this paired beautifully with the day cream, and unlike other night creams, it isn't thick and greasy on and I don't feel a need to wait around for it to dry before I go to bed. I use it over the top of my night serum and it's amazing. It suited my dry/combination skin perfectly. I would purchase this again.
This night cream is BEAUTIFUL to use. Light weight yet super moisturising. Great packaging and lockable pump is awesome for travel. I noticed an improvement in the redness of my skin however I did also get a few breakouts and some congestion which may or may not have been due to trailing a new product.
I use La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight together with the cleanser and day moisturiser, I have also fallen in love with it, it is hydrating and soothing and has definately helped minimise the appearance of redness and relieved any dryness and irritation of my skin.  An excellent overnight cream that delivers its promises. 10/10 La Roche-Posay, this range is perfect for me. 
This stuff actually saved my skin! It's been so hot with this summer weather and I do a lot of hot yoga, so I started developing a heat rash which eventually spread to my face. At first I didn't want to put anything on it but it was so dry I needed something, so I used this. After just one day of use, my skin started recovering. It was hydrated but not oily, and my rash was disappearing. I swear by this stuff now! I use it as part of my daily ritual. Also it's not scented so it won't irritate the skin.
Love the handy pump that this comes in, one pump is enough for the whole face which means this product will last a while. It is calming on my skin as well as moisturizing my dry areas. It does feel very lightweight so i make sure to use some serums underneath.
I love that it has been designed especially for night time- so it's much more hydrating overnight, and clears up redness and irritation by morning especially if my sensitive skin in disrupted. In conjunction with the day cream and cleanser, I feel like this cream really assisted to clear my face and keep it feeling hydrated and soft.
Big fan of the overnight cream! It felt light and hydrating when applied, left me with a nice night time glow too! When I woke in the morning I could definitely tell a difference, my skin felt really hydrated and still had a nice glow to it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good hydrating overnight  cream.
I really wanted to like this product given I have had success with other products in the range and I love the idea of the packaging. Unfortunately the product left my skin a little congested- I suspect I would be better off using it in winter given it's a bit of a richer cream. Also left my skin feeling slightly irritated, although I don't usually have very sensitive skin.
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Replying to Ranee Z.LA ROCHE-POSAY: Hi Ranee, thanks for your review of La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight. We are sorry to hear that you had this experience with the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight. Your feedback is important to us and we would be keen to speak with you directly to further understand your user your experience. If you could please give our consumer team a call on 13001014111 that would be great. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
I have been using the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight on and off for a couple of weeks now, and I have really been enjoying it. It is not as thick as my usual night creams, however still left my skin nice and moisturised. Paired with the day cream version of this, it has been a nice combo. I will continue to use! Once again, I love the pump/dispenser on it.