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Lady Gaga Fame EDP is a fragrance that features both dark and light contrasting accord. It was created using push/pull technology whereby all notes are mixed together to highlight scents all at the same time. It features notes of belladonna and incense, honey drops, saffron, apricot, jasmine and tiger orchid.


Lady Gaga Fame EDP


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Like most other reviews have mentioned, I have always steered clear of celebrity fragrances.  They never appealed to me and the scents were always sickly sweet, basic and lacked depth.  However, the lady gaga perfume took me by surprise because it was anything but.  The dark liquid was very intriguing as it was something I had never seen in a fragrance before.  The gold claw accent was also a nice touch and really made the bottle stand out amongst all the colourful, feminine perfumes.  The fragrance itself was mature and very nicely done.  It still had a sweet scent but nothing like lollies.  It had floral notes as well as honey and apricot to add a bit of fruitiness.  The notes are very warm which is why I would suggest wearing it during the colder months however it's suitable to wear all year round.  The fragrance was EDP which means it was more concentrated and it did have some staying power even after several hours.
Let me say first off that I am not really into Celebrity fragrances, usually giving them a wide berth when testing or buying perfume. I received this in a modest little spray  bottle in a monthly beauty box I was subscribed to.  I had read some positive reviews online and was definitely intrigued by the fact that the perfume is a rich, deep shade of black - something I had never seen with any other perfumes.   Lady Gaga is unique and creative with most things she does or wears, so it's not surprising that if anyone was going to release a black perfume, she would be involved! I immediately liked the scent from first spray.  And I was again surprised that the black colour in the bottle sprays on crystal clear. Almost magical and defying the laws of physics in the process! What an interesting mix of notes this has. It is hard to categorise it into regular fragrance orientations, but I would describe it as modern and leaning to the Oriental side - without being ridiculously suffocating like many Orientals are.  It is a scent that can be worn year round, again, unlike most.other Oriental scents. Sillage was quite decent, and being an Eau De Parfum, I found the scent had decent staying power too. Think I will have to break my 'no celebrity perfumes' rule and put a bottle of this gorgeous, unique perfume on my dresser.  Give it a try, you may be surprised how much you like it too.
The scent is brilliant just like the look of the bottle. I love the unique design of the black bottle and gold spiky top. It's my favorite perfume ever which represents Lady Gaga perfectly. It's seductive and strong which is appealing. The black color of the liquid makes it even more special. I definitely most recommend to anyone.
I was given this as a gift and haven't looked back. With just a small application on your pulse points this beautiful perfume will last the day and turns heads with a delicious mix of seductive scents. I'm was pleasantly surprised as I'm usually a little dubious at celebrity scents.  You will not be disappointed.
YES YES YES  This scent makes you feel powerful and strong and other people can pick how it smells on you which I love! It also lasts ages and is such a nice strong smell and my thoughts after using it was that... I've got to get this again!! I recommend to people who want to make a statement!
This is the first perfume ever that I have used the whole bottle! I can't believe that it is a celebrity fragrance because it is amazing. The black colour changes with sprayed however if you do use a bit too much (it is very tempting) then it can look a little bit grey until it sets in. This is my favourite low cost perfume and once I use up some of my other perfumes (i have too many) i will be repurchasing
No matter how we feel about celebrity scents and this particular celebrity, namely Lady Gaga, the fragrance is NOT BAD. Fame is quite GOOD.  If we forget all the advertising and controversy ( smells of blood and semen?! Hello?!), we are left with a really pleasant and interesting perfume. First of all the bottle is outstanding and I bet the niche fragrance houses are jealous it wasn't them but Gaga who brought such an amazing perfume bottle to the customers. Let's not be blinded by the colour of the juice- black, that turns clear upon contact with the air- the scent is light, girlie, it's flowery but fruity at the same time. There might be a quick flash of orient here and there, but the scent is rather light than dark. It is also sweet ( but your teeth won't hurt, don't worry).  Yes, it is mysterious but I think it can be worn by most of us,  quite the opposite to what the ads suggest. Fame is long lasting too. When it came out I got a bottle for my mother in love and she liked it. She smelt so good. :) In my opinion worth checking out. Mother Monster prepared a lovely olfactory feast for her followers and not only.
I never thought the day would come where I would actually like a celebrity fragrance. Ok I know what you're thinking.  Is this celebrity perfume any different from the others out there? One word, yes! Everything about this celebrity fragrance is unique. It wasn't till after I smelled it that I realised it was a celebrity perfume! Lady Gaga fame is the first dark perfume that when sprayed, comes out clear! I have a bit of a rebellious nature and I liked that she dared to be different! The packaging of the bottle with the golden claw at the top gave it a dark, gothic look which was out of the ordinary.  Notes of Belladonna, Honey, Apricot, Orchid and Saffron make it sweet, spicy, sensual and seductive. For those that are skeptical I say give it a try. But be warned, you might fall in love with it.