Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye

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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye is an anti-ageing eye treatment that helps protect the skin against pollution while targeting key signs of youthfulness and reducing visible signs of fatigue. 


Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye


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Lancome Advanced Genefique Yeux comes in a traditional Lancome silver box with black writing and a gold logo. Inside there is a cute little15ml glass jar with a silver lid that is slightly domed on top. The jar is a dark almost black colour with white writing on it. Once you open the lid there is a little white plastic disk with a small tab to lift it up that fits to keep the lotion covered inside the lid. I guess so it's protected in case you accidentally don't close the lid properly or just to ensure the product stays air tight and lasts for as long as possible. I actually use the disk upside down holding on the little tab that's on it to help take it out. I have a plastic spoon type thing that I got with another skin cream which I use to get product out of the jar. I put it on the white plastic disk and then apply from there. You wouldn't need to muck around with it but I used the train of thought that the eye area is quite delicate and wanted to limit my fingers going into the jar to keep it as fresh as possible. The product is a really light cream that isn't too thick but is more than a milky consistency. It is also unscented which is nice as my face but especially my eye are can be sensitive and I didn't have any problems. There was no reaction or irritation and that's always good when you're using it o the gentle skin around your eyes.. You really don't need much when you apply it, a little goes a long way.  After my nightly skincare routine (cleansing, toning) I apply the eye cream. I then follow it with a night time serum or night time moisturiser. Using my ring finger I gently dab the cream under my eyes starting on the inside near my nose. Gently patting i work my way around the bottom, side and a little on top just below my eye brow but not onto my eye lid and a little out towards my hairline. I know you're not supposed to but I sometimes run my finger over the skin instead of just tapping to make sure it's spread and in the areas I want it to be. I find that when I wash my wash in the shower in the morning after having applied the cream the night before my eye are feels soft and slightly silky without feeling like there's remaining residue which suggests to me that it's absorbed and done the hard work for me while I've slept. Lancome lists the benefits of the product as:  - Helps protect your skin against pollution - Targets key signs of youthfulness - Fights against the appearance of visible signs of fatigue,Génifique Yeux helps protect your skin against pollution, targets key signs of youthfulness and fights against the appearance of visible signs of fatigue. It did take a few weeks to notice a difference in the area around my eyes. My lines particularly one that sits under my eye were slightly diminished but I wouldn't say anything dramatic. I did notice that I didn't look quite so 'tired' the are was definitely smoother and less puffy. I definitely didn't get any new lines or wrinkles. I've always wondered at what age I should be using an eye cream to both ward off fine lines and wrinkles but also to help with the few that are starting to appear. It also appears to soothe/ calm the puffiness that's normally there when you wake up in the morning, With the price of the product I'm not sure it's one I'd rush out to buy if not having used before. I'm also not 100 percent as to whether I'll repurchase. Although I did see differences and benefits in the skin around my eyes the changes didn't make me wow or even dramatic enough for others to really notice unless I mentioned something or specifically asked them. I didn't hate it and wasn't disappointed with it but for a comparative price or cheaper there are plenty of products out there that do the same thing.
I am at an age when i need to be serious about my skincare....and my eye area especially.The products i used to get when picking up the bread and milk just don't cut it anymore,so as i had used the Génifique serum,I had to try this.The texture is a beautiful gel - like one....perfect for under makeup,but rich enough to make my dark,tired eyes look alive...and WORK.It erases creases and seems to give a lightening "glow" to the eye area that means less products to lighten under eyes are needed.Any skin type can use this,and any age....from 20 to120 (never to old or young to start) and it can be used day or night,with no greasy feel.This jar is tiny (15 ml),BUT only a tiny drop is needed,making it last a good few months.TIP:Apply as a base for your cream eyeshadow to make it go on smoothly and seamlessly....the gel texture also seems to add "hold" to these types of shadows.