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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Cream is a potent anti-ageing eye cream that intensely hydrates and delivers visible results for brighter, younger-looking eyes. The silky gel-cream texture of the Lancôme eye cream quickly infuses skin with a unique complex of prebiotic and probiotic fractions. Skin recovers faster, feels reinforced, stronger and protected against external aggressions. With day and night use, Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique eye cream acts on the visible signs of youthful radiant eyes: eye contour hydration, smoothness, luminosity, dark circles and fine lines under eyes. Eye contour skin feels stronger, radiant and visibly younger. This eye cream is suitable for sensitive eyes. Tested for tolerance under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Cream


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Gentle and it works

This eye cream one of my favourite i tried so far. I applied it both morning at night for more than a month now. I definitely feels under eye area hydrated, brighter and young looking. I noticed so much changes of dark circle under my eye area. This really help me to reduce dry patches around the under eyes I've been dealing with. My eyes looked less tired and more fuller than before. This is a very light cream and absorbs easily. This doesn't have overpowering smell. A little amount goes long way. I really like the fact that the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Cream is formulated with pre & probiotic fractions. I wish this came in a tube for better controlling the cream when using and more hygiene reason. I would definitely recommend this to friends, family and anyone who is looking for hydrating eye cream.

Reduces fine lines beautifully

I love Lancôme products and adored this eye cream. The consistency is light and silky and it feels beautifully light and comfortable on skin. I am always looking for a great eye cream that works And I feel this was up there with some of the best iv tried. It is a little pricier than some but I only need to use a little for great results. I love the luxe black and silver packaging as it’s so classy and would make a nice gift. I like to use this both morning and night for best results, it smooths skin and leaves it hydrated and plumped, fine lines diminish and I feel my skin looks more youthful around my eyes when I use this. I absolutely love this night cream and will buy this again. Love it.
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Deliciously light & hydrating

The first thing I noticed when I received my sample is the stylish black & silver outer packaging which contains a squat glass tub. It is good to see that Lancôme are doing their bit towards recycling. Inside the cardboard lid it shows which recycle bin to use when you have finished this product. This eye cream is silky smooth and is light-weight (not thick and sticky like some other brands). This allows me to use this under or on top of my foundation. Great for dark circles because this cream reflects light and hydrates my eye area. My only dissatisfaction is the size of the tub for the money you outlay and I’d like to see this packaged in a tube for easy dispensing without cross-contaminating the cream.
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An eye cream for nourished, healthy skin

I was happy to receive the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Cream to trial, having liked and continued using the Advanced Génifique serum already. My first thoughts after a few weeks of using the eye cream are that the moisturising effects were reasonably long lasting, and that it felt like the cream would support the health, resilience and strength of my skin with ongoing use. The packaging looks nice - simple and classic and reflects the Lancôme price point, and a little goes a long way with this eye cream so I feel it will last me a while yet. The texture is a lovely thick gel-cream. It feels nourishing without being greasy or sitting on top of my skin, and it sinks in nicely without feeling like it is going to evaporate away imminently. I noticed that after applying the cream overnight, my makeup would apply beautifully under the eyes the next morning (I got more compliments on my makeup day to day), and I didn't feel any tightness or irritation after long days in my heavily air-conditioned work environment. The skin under my eyes and the crepe-y fine lines and 'crows feet' on the outside of my eyes above my cheekbones appeared smoother, fresher and plumper, and this effect lasted much longer than many other products I have tried. I didn't notice any improvement in dark circles, but I think mine are more a product of my bone structure than anything else, I did find my concealer/illuminator products sat nicely after using the eye cream though. I also applied the eye cream after irritating activities such as a day out snorkelling, and removal of heavy event makeup, and felt my skin recovered really well from these events when using the cream. I noticed an improvement in the plumpness and bounce of my skin as well as improved resilience / strength in my skin. Unusually, I actually hadn't read the product information very thoroughly before trialling the eye cream so was interested to read that skin recovery and strength were mentioned as product benefits. With the change to cold windy weather and indoor heating as we approach winter, I am always on the hunt for skincare that will support my skin health and moisture barrier. I'm always looking for hydrating, nourishing products particularly with prebiotic/probiotic or fatty acid / ceramide benefits, as I seek to avoid the tight dry skin I inevitably get after several months of hospital heating. After trialling the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Cream I am happy to add this to my healthy skin care regime, and would happily recommend for others, especially those looking for a little bit of extra care in the colder months. 4/5 stars - packaging is lovely but a little inconvenient to use hygienically; I think I would like either a tube or a little spatula to be included with the pot. This eye cream is a little more expensive than some, but on par with my existing eye serum (NIOD FECC) and the jar looks like it will last several months, so I would happily repurchase to pair them together, as well as look to try other products in the Lancôme Advanced Génifique range.
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Deliciously thick-but-not-too-thick luxe cream

I really enjoyed this product. The terrific hydration it provides is consistent with it being a lovely thick cream. The skin around my eyes just drank it up, it absorbed really fast and provided a good base for makeup/ concealer to be applied on. It's got a lovely light fragrance - I'm not a fan of overly scented products, it's just not necessary and I always worry that they will irritate by skin but this seemed just a fresh subtle fragrance. Hopefully with ongoing use the extra hydration this eye cream provides will slow down new wrinkles forming - it certainly can't hurt! It didn't do much for my dark circles but I suspect only concealer can help with those... Thank you for the opportunity to trial the product.
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Was alright until I saw the tag...

There’s no contest – this, here, is the most expensive eye cream I’ve ever used. Maybe even the most expensive thing ever to touch my face: Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Cream. A compact little jar that is small and modest, and valued as high as the high. I was very pleased and humbled to be selected for the trial of this luxury item. It was only afterward, when I found the $112 Rrp that I realised how fortunate I am to be trialling it free of charge, and full size. As there is only 15mL of cream, the container isn’t big, nor is it heavy. There is a bit of weight to the glass or acrylic jar, but that’s what makes it durable and protects the product inside. But, since practicing good hygiene has now become our second nature, the jar seems to be a bit counterintuitive. To use the cream, we would need to scoop it out (most likely with our fingers) and with the constant traffic going through, it is possible for bacteria to grow. This item would had been more appealing in a pumped bottle or tube – anything which doesn’t expose the cream to open air or touch. Inside, the cream looks like any other ordinary skin cream; white. But once applied, you can get a feel for how thick it is and how long the hydration will last. My issue here is that - while I loved the benefits of not drying out and reapplying anything throughout the day and could see and feel my skin becoming plumped – I had a hard time ignoring the tackiness it left on my face. It was a small minor issue that I was able to tolerate. That and the subtle yoghurt smell – not the delicious kind of yoghurt; the fermented, curdled yoghurt smell. Both of these I can ignore since I can see improvements to my eye area concerns. My dark circles aren’t as prominent and my fine lines have sort of gently smoothed out. Now, would I recommend this to others? Generally speaking, no. The people around me (my friends and family) are mostly frugal and wouldn’t allow themselves to spend more than $100 for something so small and specific to just the eyes. But, if you can afford it, then yes, I would recommend it. More accurately, I would suggest this to anyone depending on the situation; If there was a sale going on and you could buy this for half price, then definitely take advantage of the promotion and try this high rejuvenation cream; Those who are diligent, can save, if they cannot afford it now, but can later. Also, I would suggest this to people if they are well familiarised with apps and services that provide "buy now and pay later" services. Such as AfterPay, ZipPay or Klarna, to name a few. Personally, I would not go out to buy this myself. The price is just way beyond means. There's plenty of alternatives closer to my budget - even other luxury beauty products or brands. Regardless of that, I am thankful for being a part of this experience which could be my one and taste of the finer things in life.
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Beautiful eye cream!

First of all, thank you to Beauty Crew and Lancôme for the opportunity to trial this product. The packaging is sleek and chic; a black glass jar that feels as luxe as it looks. The product itself is outstanding. I loved everything about this little pot of wonders. The consistency of the eye cream is thick and creamy but absorbs into they eye area almost instantly. It has a very pleasant, yet light scent that is not at all overwhelming. I only noticed the scent initially upon applying they eye cream, after that I didn’t notice it at all. I’ve been using the eye cream morning and night for approximately a month now. I instantly noticed that my eye area was smoother and my hydrated, and within days I noticed that the fine lines around my eyes began to soften. With consistent use my eyes look fresher, the skin is plumper and less crepey looking. Also, as with most products the less is more approach works best. I found I only need to use the tiniest amount on each eye to see results. Overall, I was extremely pleased with the results from this eye cream. It is a pricier product but you definitely get what you pay for with this little gem. I will definitely be recommending this product and will continue to use the sample that I received. I also think that this will become my splurge item because I don’t think that I can live without this fantastic little eye cream
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Great Eye Cream!!

First of all, the packaging is nice. When you open the bottle, you will find the eye cream has a light and yet creamy consistency. The cream has a very nice subtle smell and it is easy to apply on the skin. I felt like the cream was easily absorbed and I can feel that my under eye skin area is moisturised and revived! The eye cream also helped reducing the puffiness of my dark circles (a little). Great product, I definitely recommend it! Thanks BeautyCrew for the opportunity to trial the product.
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Great hydration!

As a 46 year old, I’m of the generation just before Slip Slop Slap SunSmart awareness, and so my skin has paid the price in certain areas. Around my eyes has always been a problem area, and as a shift worker as well who does a lot of long nights, wrinkles and dark circles are my nemesis. I am searching for something that can slow down the ageing effects my lifestyle has had, particularly around my eyes. When I received the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Cream I was pleasantly surprised to find that the packaging box was not excessively large relating to the actual size of the eye cream jar, as so many can be. I always feel a little deceived by this when i open a sizeable box to find a tiny little jar surrounded by excess cardboard. This eye cream packaging straight away brought a smile to my face. The jar itself is nicely manufactured, stylish and sturdy. The cream inside has a very light scent, and is silky to touch. It feels rich, but without feeling greasy. Application would be nicer if a small spatula was included, especially for the price point of this luxury cream, so I didn’t have to dab my finger straight into the cream, but this is easily rectified by using one I already had. A small amount goes a long way, and immediately my under eye area felt hydrated. I didn’t see any plumping of my skin as such, but the surface of my skin felt smoother for some time after application. After using the cream for two weeks, I developed a small pimple type lump under one eye, which could have been related to the eye cream, or just a coincidence, I’m unsure, but I’ve never had this type of thing before. I’d certainly recommend only using the tiniest amount on the skin directly under the eye though because of this. I applied the cream to my under eye, the area where my slight ‘crows feet’ are, and the persistent frown line that is between my eyebrows, to see what effect it would have on the different depths of wrinkles I had. After one month of use, I did not see what I would call significant improvement in the appearance of my lines, but I did notice the texture of my under eye had improved with the added hydration. Overall, I enjoyed using this eye cream, and did see some benefit after time, but I do find the price point to be high in relation to the amount of change it made to my eye area.
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Hydration level beyond amazing

This is a very nice eye cream from Lancome. It helps with fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. I love the texture of this, reminds me a bit of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair eye gel cream. I wish it were in a pump, but if I am careful with how I handle it, I can try not to contaminate it as much as possible by using q-tips. I found it really helped me with dark circles (my biggest under eye concern). It is pricey, but not as expensive as some of Lancome's eye creams. It has a very interesting scent, almost olds school, a scent that was in the creams my grandmother used, the texture is very rich and creamy and I am amazed by the hydration it gives. My eyes instantly feel fresh and awake after applying in the am, which I definitely need as a mom of a baby under 1yo that works. I am very happy that I have received this sample and will continue to use it!
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Creamy, smooth, amazing!

Thanks to the BEAUTY/crew Review Crew I was able to trial this pot of gold and OMG it’s amazing! It comes in a cute sized glass jar that can easily fit into your handbag if needed. I use it morning and night and since using it my skin feels hydrated and my lines are defiantly more smooth. The cream itself is a beautiful creamy texture and has a lovely fragrance. It goes on really smooth, doesn't feel oily and it soaks into my skin quite quickly. I highly recommend this eye cream to everyone and I’ll be adding this to my skincare routine from now on!
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I had the opportunity to try the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Cream thanks to the beauty crew team. I found the packaging to be quite luxurious but I do wish it came in a tube format for easy application. I found that with it being in a jar sometimes you could accidently get more than what was needed. Also if you accidently dropped it then you would lose all the contents. I used this twice a day for 2-3 weeks continuously and saw some improvement but not significant changes. I will continue to use it until the jar finishes but at this stage I do not see myself trying to purchase it again given the price tag and minimal outcome after 3 weeks of use.
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Luxurious eye cream that delivers results

I have been using this product for the last 7 weeks (morning and night) and I am definitely a convert. I have quite dry and sensitive skin and am always wary when trying new eye cream products as the skin around my eyes tends to be particularly sensitive, but I had absolutely no issues with this eye cream causing any irritation. The product itself feels quite thick and luxurious and I love the way it feels on my skin, particularly now that we are going into the cooler, dryer months. I definitely think there has been a visible difference in the fine lines and overall 'plumpness' of my lower eyelids. This product is definitely not a budget buy but I think it's worth it for the luxurious feel and results.
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Fantastic eye cream

This Lancome product is a fantastic eye cream, it is super luxurious, and it feels so good! I used this at night time after cleansing, toning, and using my usual oil and night cream. I dabbed it on with my fingertip and it went on beautifully and sunk into the skin really well. The pot is very easy to use and the packaging is very luxe and on point too. I noticed fewer small lines after using a few days in a row, and I would definitely use this again! Thanks for letting me trial this product it was amazing.
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Still searching for my Holy Grail of eye creams

I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this eye cream and have been using every day and night for the last 3 weeks. The packaging is lovely and very user friendly plus the size will last you for ages. I found the cream very easy to apply - it is not at all sticky and dabs into the under eye easily without any harsh rubbing required. Once on it feels very luxurious and hydrating and I was able to apply make up easily on top of it. Unfortunately it did not fix my dark circles (I am yet to find an eye cream that does and I've tried a lot) but it did lighten the area a little so I'll take that as a win.
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It's a pass for me

I was super excited to try this eye cream as all skincare I've tried from Lancome before I have loved. Their products have also performed amazingly and I was in desperate need of a luxurious and effective eye cream. This didn't hit the mark for me. I found the cream very sticky and definitely more on the thick consistency rather than gel-like as advertised. Because the cream was so sticky it meant I HAD to apply it by patting whereas I prefer to apply eye cream by smoothing it over my eye area and then pat it in. It was so sticky that it would also drag at my skin if I was trying to smooth it out. I also have no noticed much improvement in my eye area after using this day and night. The form of the pot could be improved as well as it took a long time to get the cream to settle and it would consistently leak past the stopper plastic piece.
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Nice thick consistency

I have been trialing the Lancôme advanced genifique eye cream for the past few weeks and so far my thoughts are quite neutral. I am not in love with the formula, however it’s not the worst cream I have used before. The texture is thick but goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel thick or sticky on the skin. A very small amount goes a long way and it barely looks like I have touched the cream. I find I get a very faint tingly/hot sensation towards the outer edges of my eyes (above cheek bones) however no signs of a reaction and I have continued to use it each day. The scent is more chemically than I would have liked, given it on my face and near my nose, I would have preferred a cream that is a more subtle scent. I can see an improvement with the texture of my skin and believe it is making my under eyes feel smoother and more hydrated. If the cream didn’t leave me with a tingly feeling and have a more appealing scent then I would be very likely to use it again.
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The advanced eye gel cream that makes me special

I love love this eye cream! Thank you for including me in this trial. I would never dream to buy this special eye cream. It has one of the nicest feeling gel cream texture that cooling my under eye with it’s prebiotic and probiotic content. I notice after a month, my eyes looks healthier and not much dark circles. The packaging and jar is beautifully made and looks luxurious. The skin around my eyes looks brighter and plump. I’m so happy with the result so far. I’m definitely buying this again! Thanks Beauty crew!
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The eyes have it

I really liked this product. Very moisturising. Only have to use a small amount which makes the product go a long way. The price is a little on the expensive side. However I love Lancôme products so it’s hard to go past. Product works well under make up as well as a lovely night eye cream. I recommend this product. I am late 30’s and it’s a really nice product to use. I thought the size of the product was a little small at first. However it goes a long way. Lancôme products never disappoint.
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Luminous eyes

I recently had the opportunity to trial this eye cream through a recent BeautyCrew trial. I have been using this eye cream both day and night after cleansing dabbing under my eye area. I’m prone to dryness, puffiness and dark circles. I’m all for a product which will help me look less tired and washed out! This eye cream comes in a luxurious looking pot which is 15 ml. A little goes a long way! The cream is thick and lush and absorbs well into the skin. It is said to contain a pre and probiotic fractions in a gel cream. It is said to help strengthen skin barrier, hydrate, smoothness and luminosity. I have used this product for several weeks now. It feels cooling and hydrating instantly. The light reflecting pigments make dark circles appear less obvious. The increased hydration has made fine lines look less prominent. I’ve used many products from Lancôme and this is another wonderful product in the range. It is on the luxury side of budget and a little goes a long way so this will last several months of consistent use. Overall I’m very happy with this product and will continue to use to help my under eyes look fresher and less tired looking.