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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light Pearl is an illuminating, youth activating eye serum that reduces dark circles, diminishes bags under the eyes and make eyes appear larger. The light-infused formula contains resin micro-beads to deliver a soft focus effect.

Used on its own or under makeup, this radiance-enhancing product can leave eyes looking brighter and more youthful in just seven days.
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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light Pearl


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Rejuvenating eye serum

I absolutely love this eye serum, I received some mini samples so they're miniature versions of the full size which is pretty cute. The packaging is very luxe, in a metallic silver. I was expecting a pump for this eye serum so when i was opening this eye product, I was surprised at the cool metal ball. I love the metal ball applicator, its very soothing on my tired eyes. The serum is light and goes on very well with the metal ball applicator, I love it as it feels like I'm giving myself my very own facial!
Lancome advanced Genefique yeux light pearl is the answer to all those wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles my eyes have been experiencing for so long. I have never been happy with any eye serum but this. It looks like my long due suffering of under eye problems have finally got a solution. I have been noticing myself looking less tired now. The 360 degree metal applicator helps reach the product in all the areas of eye equally and serum does the job perfectly.
I have used this product over years and it has been one of my staple items in the regime. The bottle/packaging is very luxurious, glass bottle & metal ball applicator. The product is light weight, quick absorbing and gentle to the eye area. The metal ball applicator provides a cooling effect upon application of the product and also helps with reducing the puffiness around the eye area. As you only need small amounts, the bottle lasts for a very long time.  only downside is the price but given the results and how long the product lasts, i think its a nice splurge for yourself.
Finally I have found a product that works for me and does what it's supposed to! I love Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light Pearl for it's super effect especially around my eye area. It's so hydrating and lightens the dark areas around my eyes and it just makes my eyes look brighter and my skin more fresh and wrinkle free!  A truly awesome product indeed!
I've been using the Advanced Genifique eye serum everyday for the last week and I already love the product.  I use lots of Lancôme products and this one doesn't disappoint.  The serum has a light consistency and is absorbed quickly into the under-eye area.  I found it very hydrating and it definitely smoothed out my eye area.  Another benefit, is the small metal ball on the end of the applicator used to apply the product. This metal ball has a lovely soothing effect and you can gently massage the product into the skin using this ball which decreases the amount of potential damage to delicate eye area that can happen from application with fingers.  I loved this innovative product that works as described and feels beautiful when applied.  
This serum is heaven sent. I cannot fault this product at all. Given the high degree of sensitivity of the eye area and the tendency to develop bags and wrinkles, it is of utmost importance to purchase high quality eye products, and this product is just that.  This product works to rejuvinate the skin around the eyes, resulting in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, and creating eye regions that look brighter, younger and smoother.  Using the applicator, I apply the product but swiping a small amount underneath the eye. Then, using the back of my ring finger, I gently pat the serum into the skin around the eye until absorbed. It is extremely important not to rub or massage the serum into the eyes as this pulls on the sensitive skin. Rather, I recommend using the ring finger to gently and slowly pat the serum.  Storing the product in the fridge or a similar cool place is another way to enhance the effects of the serum. Doing so cools the product, which aids in reducing the puffiness of the sin around the eyes that most women, myself included, suffer from.  The product itself has minimal scent and is a tacky consistency, helping it to last all day and night. The tackiness of the serum also makes the product the primer and base for makeup. tend to apply to product in the morning to help wake me up, and at night to fully absorb the product while sleeping. Since purchasing this product several months ago, I have noticed a significant reduction in bags, wrinkles and puffiness, and have felt that my eyes appeared brighter and younger.  I would highly recommend this serum for anyone that suffers from sullen and tired eyes, or for anyone that wants to prevent wrinkles and crows feet. 10/10
I absolutely love this product. It feels fresh on the skin, makes you instantly look radiant, and gently firms the skin which makes it easier to further prep the skin for makeup. (Following on from that, this product under makeup is like a dream!!) it is definitely worth the investment!
Its a great product and a i have noticed my face has improved by reducing fine lines and is more soft and supple , thoroughly recommend it. I have told my daughter she needs to try it and ditch her old skin creams and she will see so much benefits from using this product.
I am a long-term fan of Lancome and this product confirms my love for the brand.  The bottle feels very luxe and makes you feel expensive every time you use it. The unique applicator is so cool and innovative, as it helps to depuff and give a little of massage around the delicate eye areas. My eyes have really dark circles and prone to milia and this product help to brighten and provide enough hydration without giving me those ugly bumps, due to its light and fast-absorbing consistency.  One tip for everybody is that you should leave the bottle in the fridge so you can have a little cooling effect to wake you up in the morning.  
I've been using the Advanced Genifique eye serum everyday for the last couple of weeks and have really fell in love not only with the amazing product but also the fantastic product design! This eye serum has a light consistency and is absorbed quickly into the under-eye area which makes it great for both day and night use. I found it very hydrating and it definitely helped in reducing creasing to my eye area when applying makeup. Another benefit, is the small metal ball on the end of the applicator used to apply the product. This metal ball has a cooling effect that assists in de-puffing under-eye bags which is always great! You can also gently massage the product into the skin using this ball which decreases the amount of tugging that can happen from popping eye serums on with your fingers. Overall, I'd definitely buy this product again if I keep seeing the great results I've had so far!
I have very very sensitive skin in my eye area and have always struggled to find eye creams and serums I can use. After a week of use I noticed a decrease in puffiness and the darkness was slightly reduced. I think the massager used daily helps with draining the under eye area plus it’s loevly having a mini massage every day.  After 2 weeks of use my under eye darkness is significantly reduced, to the point of friends commenting on how good I look, the only change being my eye care! My crows feet have drastically reduced, fine lines under eyes are almost non existent and my skin is so soft and supple. I will be buying this eye serum for the rest of my life, it’s that great.
What an amazing product from Lancome! I'm already a huge fan of Lancome's Advanced Genifique face serum, and the Advanced Genifique Yeux Light Pearl compliments that so beautifully.  I initially struggled a lot with the applicator on this, but now that I've gotten the hang of it, it's actually the best part of this serum, and makes the application process so much easier! The flexible metal tip picks up the right amount of product (just do a quick swish around the edge of the bottle if you've picked up too much) and allows you to slowly massage the product into the areas just below and above your eye. I usually start by swiping the product under the eyes and then around to the upper area of the eye, followed by gentle massaging motions in small circles around the area to allow the product to absorb fully.  The effect on my eyes was noticeable immediately - brighter, hydrated, and more youthful. The product leaves a lovely cooling sensation in that under eye area straight away and I could really feel that shot of hydration.    Light and silky - the effects were instantaneous, leaving my skin feeling brighter and smoother. This eye serum has made its way into my everyday skincare routine! I highly recommend it!
It's a multi-action keeper! I'm playing for the A-team when it comes to bags. They're deep, dark and textured with fine bumps - pores, maybe. So, using Lancôme's Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Illuminator Youth Activating Concentrate has been great. Yeux smells luxurious but not too perfumed. The bottle has a luxe feel, and the metal wand captures just enough product to prevent waste, although I prefer to use my fingers to apply the serum directly. Its one downside for me: I found Yeux's consistency slightly tacky. But, after several days' use, the skin around my eyes is generally firmer, the fine skin under my eyes is smoother (bye pore-things), and my dark circles are distinctly brighter. It's a worthwhile splurge.
Already a user (and fan) of the Advanced Genefique face serum I was excited to try the Yeux Light Pearl eye serum. I normally use an eye cream so a serum is new to me.  I have sensitive skin with dry patches in the corners of my eyes. Like all Lancome products the packaging is very lux with a thick glass matte silver bottle and glossy silver lid.  The shape of the bottle fits perfectly in my hand and lid twists to reveal a swivel tear shaped metal ball for application. My product came with no instructions inside the box so with a quick google search, I found an instructional video of how to properly use the product.  The serum is a milky white thin serum which I found a little bit goes a long way.  I tapped the excess serum on the opening of the bottle and used long strokes above and below the eye followed by small circle movements using the cooling metal ball.  I still had quite a bit of product on the skin after this which I gently tap into the skin with my finger tips. Both the serum and metal ball are cold and soothing on my skin (even in this cold weather) and the metal ball feels like a relaxing mini massage for my eyes.  I have been using the serum both morning and night for a short period of time and already the dry patches in the corner of my eyes have disappeared and the skin underneath my eyes feels soft, moisturised and a little less puffy.  My makeup goes on very easily and looks dewy around the eyes after applying the serum in the morning.  Makeup also doesn't sink into my fine lines and looks smooth. I do have some crows feet which are unchanged at this early stage but look forward to seeing how these go using the product for a longer period of time.
I recently got my hands on the Lancôme Advanced Genefique Yeux Light Pearl Eye Illuminator Youth Activating Concentrate and have been using it twice a day as part of my routine. Firstly, I love the applicator. It feels soothing and luxurious to apply and enables you to cover the entire eye area with ease. A few days in and the skin under my eyes feels moisturised and any dark circles minimised. I look forward to seeing the results improve over the weeks and months and will definitely keep this product as part of my ongoing routine.
Lancome - do you ever make anything that I don't love? I can certainly understand why my mother has been so in love with Lancome for the longest time! I've been trying out the Advanced Genifique Yeux Light Pearl Eye Illuminator Youth Activating Concentrate, and while it is still early days at this point to make a call on the long term effects of the serum, I do like the way it works on the skin under my eyes! This comes in a gradient silver bottle that has an applicator built into the cap. The applicator is actually really unique - it's meant to help massage the eye serum into the skin. This allows you to apply the serum to the under eye area by rubbing it back and forth. The formula apparently contains resin microbeads that are meant to soft focus the skin in the area. That sounds cool, but does it work? Yes! Again, it's early days, but I can definitely see a difference just by applying it. My dark eye circles are less noticeable, and the under eye area feels incredible well hydrated. If this is how it is at the beginning, then I'm psyched for how it's going to look a few weeks down the road!
Absolutely love this product. Another staple in my beauty wardrobe. The metal applicator is great used ice cold (put the whole bottle in the fridge) first thing in the morning to help with puffiness around the eye area. Using before an eye cream helps the cream spread more evenly, and I find I use less eye cream.  Light Pearl itself is a light texture and fragrance free.  Another great tip is that it can act as a makeup corrector. If you’ve smudged your eye pencil, or want that clean crisp winged eye, put a little on a Q-tip and use to clean up for makeup error. 
Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light Pearl, was using the rolls Royce of eye serum. I love the applicator that feels cold as you roll the ball applicator across your eye area, a word of advice for making ir last as you pull the applicator out roll it around the edge of the bottle, as less is more. Then I patt the serum on softly, the smell is frrsh not overbearing. It feels like a mini eye facial!!! It is pricey but I think you get a great product that soften's  lines and brightens the delicate skin around the eye area. Also as I said alittle goes a long way.I recommended this product for women 40 and over or those suffering dark circles. A little gem that complements the Lancôme Advanced Génifique serum for the face.
This is a beautifully packaged eye cream which really feels special and unique to use. Lancôme products are known for their lovely and posh packaging, and this eye cream comes in a solid glass bottle with a metal slightly flexible ball tip. You use the cool metal ball tip to gently massage the eye concentrate into your delicate eye area. What a brilliant idea!! The metal ball is cool and refreshing on my skin. There is also the hygienic factor that I don't have to use my fingers to apply this eye cream, the metal ball applicator does all the cooling application work for me! The bottle itself is solid and feels heavy in my hands, and looks amazing on my makeup table. I know I won't throw away the bottle after I'm done using up the product :) I use only a little bit of this eye cream and massage it into my delicate eye area. My skin looks and feels fresh and bright after use. I also apply this cream to my crow's feet area and the massager helps spread the cream to the outer eye area evenly. This eye serum makes my eyes look awake and the skin around my eyes look luminous.  There is no scent to this eye serum, instead it is cool and light to the touch.  Pros: The unique cool metal ball tip is a pleasure to use Noticeable results within a few days with fewer dimished lines and dark areas under my eyes Cons: Pricey but since only a little bit is used each time, it is worth t Tip: Purchase this when Lancôme have their GWP offer so that you can buy this and try out other Lancôme products  Use the metal applicator ball tip with very little pressure as the eye area is very delicate and even a slight pressure can cause some pain or discomfort. 
I am putting this one on my Christmas wish list after using a sample of it. Absolutely amazing eye cream and I am always on the hunt for a good one. It is at a higher price point but well worth it for the results so I hope Santa is kind this year. This product immediately made my eye area appear brighter and more radiant giving a youthful appearance which was just beautiful. This is super hydrating and moisturising, glides on effortlessly, sinks in immediately and is non greasy, all pluses in my book. I do love French skin care products and Lancôme has always been a firm favourite, this advanced gene duque serum is so luxurious and with such visible noticeable results it's like a little pump of pure magic for the eyes. The serum itself feels cooling and soothing when applied, the beautiful silver and black packaging is classy and elegant and the bright smooth eye area results speak for themselves. I love this product and highly recommend it