Lancôme Crayon Kohl

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Lancôme Crayon Kohl is a classic eyeliner pencil for outlining, emphasising and redefining the shape of eyes easily and precisely. Suitable for use above or below the lash line. 

Available in two shades.


Lancôme Crayon Kohl


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Lancome Kohl Crayon is a simple eye liner with a very high quality formula. It has a very creamy texture and glides on like a dream, with no chance of pulling the delicate skin on my eyelid. It can quickly and easily enhance my eyes, so is a great product to have at work to transition to after-5. I find Crayon Kohl does not have a very fine point so I prefer for it for a slightly smudged smoky look. The only issue for me is it's price - at $49 it is very expensive for a kohl, and I wouldn't usually spend that much on an eyeliner, but fortunately I received it as part of a gift with purchase and I know it will last for ages. You definitely get a quality product for your money.
Le Crayon Knol from Lancome is a pretty basic pencil eyeliner. I have it in the shade 01 Noir, which is a lovely deep black. The pencil looks very sleek and chic with the black pencil body and gold cap and gold writing. What I really like about this pencil is that it is just the right level of firmness. It glides on very smoothly and is very easy to blend for a more smudged and smokey look. It does smudge a bit as the day wears on, so that is something to be mindful of. I find that even with needing to sharpen it, it lasts a very long time, so it's pretty decent value for money.
Lancôme Crayon Khôl Pencil Eyeliner is my go to in The pencil range. The black is my colour of choice and compliments my dark brown eyes very well. On first application it glides on easily and accurately, the colour is vibrant. This is definitely the perfect pencil for beginners (it's easy to use) or professionals (to define, line and contour) to create an intense eye look. It's very versatile and I've worn it on casual occasions to highlight my eyes or formal occasions for a more dramatic look. It feels soft on my inner/outer lids and looks amazing! I would recommend using a high quality sharpener with this pencil as the high quality crayon kohl only needs a quick sharpen and you don't want to waste product with breakage from a blunt sharpener.  Even if you are a liquid eyeliner fan this is a little gem you may want in your kit for those balmy summer nights when a pencil is the perfect finish to your eye makeup.  It is an expensive choice compared to other eyeliner pencils but it's the only one I've consistently used right down to the nub. It's worth every cent for the results and consistently it delivers. A greater variety of colours would be a nice touch too!
Very good product, worth every penny. Doesn't drag. Lasts forever. 10/10
The Lancome crayon kohl eyeliner has a distinct and precise application with effective colour performance every time I use it. In fact, this product was introduced to me by my mother who recommended this product and shade "Black ebony" when I complaining about the irritating eyeliner I was wearing. It is extra controlled and defining making it easy to thin or thicken the line and complete the cat-eye design that I adore to create on my top of my eye lids. Applies easily and adds a bold desired finish I can wear for the whole day with no sign of flaking, smudging, and no fading.   It comes with a very secure lid, fitting perfectly into my bag or purse. Removal is easy and it comes off with makeup remover's or my usual cleanser. 
Lancome crayon kohl is one of my favourite eyeliners and worth every penny. It glides on beautifully and is as bold as a liquid eyeliner. The crayon is very soft and easy to work with if you want to blend or smudge for effect. It is a very high quality crayon liner that has never crumbled or broken bits off. A definite  must have for people who prefer crayon over liquid. It makes my eyes look amazing everytime I use it.