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Lancôme Hypnôse is a woody oriental fragrance with notes of passion flower, vanilla and vetiver.


Lancôme Hypnôse


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Lancôme Hypnôse is describes as a woody oriental fragrance with notes of passion flower, vanilla and vetiver. I can agree with that, however it definitely smells more feminine and sweet than what you would think. I am not one that enjoys overly sweet fragrances that smell like candy, however this is my perfect harmony of woody and sweet that just oozes femininity. When I first apply this perfume, the scents of vetiver and passionflower are more pronounced, whilst the vanilla is subtle enough that it makes you want to wrap yourself in it and daydream. Throughout the day, I find that the passionflower and vetiver becomes much more subtle, whilst the vanilla is more noticeable. From my first spray in the morning, until it settles and lingers long throughout the day, I love the changes that occur. It is truly a fragrance that is not easy to forget or to substitute.
If you like sweet smells, this one is for you. It lasted all day and the scent smells very much like subtle pink musk. It's a great winter scent.
I tried a miniature of this and unfortunately this has terrible staying power on me. After a couple of hours, it seems to disappear. The fragrance starts out with a fresh burst of aniseed and then settles to a gorgeous mellow vanilla. The bottle is so pretty. I wish it lasted longer on my skin!
Delicious, soft vanilla with a twist.  Very relaxing, perfect for autumn/winter. The ultra-yummy passion flower note is very distinct at the beginning. Then the scent settles down and all you can smell is vanilla; but not the sweet and boring type, rather a soft, creamy, fresh and minty vanilla.  It grows sweeter and sweeter as it dries down, but you can still just about pick up something fresh and fruity about it, which makes it such an unusual, delicious and vibrant combination.  Staying power is brilliant, and, I find it easy and light to wear. This is an amazing fragrance - you get a yummy, vibrant vanilla packed in beautifully shaped bottle, and this lovely blue colour... all these things make Hypnose my Lancome favourite. Definitely repurchasing.
Unless God personally hands me a fragrance he has made specifically just for me, this will forever be my signature scent. I don't think I actually will ever purchase another perfume after wearing this. I happened to encounter this perfume by chance. I was younger, and was into those really sweet girly fragrances. I remember I was in a shop and looked into a category called 'oriental fragrances' and thought, what on earth is an oriental fragrance? The Lancome Hypnose perfume was the first one I picked up, purely because of it's appearance initially. It has a gorgeous, seductive and alluring look to it. It's twisted glass bottle with a beautifully feminine purple shade was enough to grab my attention. It looks classy, elegant and sophisticated. I'm not really one to pipe up on products, but once I smelt this fragrance my knees went weak and I felt like dropping to the floor. I truly felt like this perfume was me in a bottle, Lancome could not have captured me enough in this bottle. It's such a calming, serene scent, yet there are hints of a playful and mysterious character. The woody, oriental fragrance is so hard to put into words, but there is the passion flower notes, and creamy velvety vanilla scent that comes straight through, and the vetiver base note just brings out the hypnotizing character of this fragrance. This is a beautiful, feminine, seductive, sweet yet fresh fragrance. The sweetness of this fragrance is not overwhelming nor syrupy but its enough to make you feel fuzzy inside. The lasting power of this is incredible, and literally one spritz of it does me for the whole day. I've received so many compliments wearing this fragrance, it needs to be more recognised!! I would say it's sillage is moderate to heavy - it doesn't suffocate a room, nor does it enter a room before you do, but it does radiate around you. I can even smell it on my scarves and jackets weeks after I've worn them and can't help but feel cosy, and comforted when I do so. I honestly rave about this fragrance to everyone and I really cannot imagine myself ever wearing another fragrance. Lancome Hypnose you are the most perfect fragrance I've ever had the pleasure of smelling and wearing and I will always come back to you to feel comforted and at home.