Lancôme La Nuit Tréssor Caresse Eau De Parfum

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Lancôme La Nuit Tréssor Caresse Eau de Parfum is a floral and fruity fragrance with top notes of raspberry, bergamot, lychee and pink pepper, heart notes of Damask rose, jasmine and almond blossom, and base notes of tonka bean, orchid, vanilla, patchouli and white musk.


Lancôme La Nuit Tréssor Caresse Eau De Parfum


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I recently got this EDP and its amazing. Its sexier and a bit darker than LVEB and sweeter than YSL Black opium, without the anise note that I hate. The flacon is a work of art, its soo amazing. Its sweet but with a smokier vive and an incense note that brings some depth. I love Midnight Tresor and with that one I found out how elegant Lancome fragances worth it. Its defintetly heavy but in such an elegant, expensive smell way.
my best friend uses Lancome perfumes only. I have lots of different perfumes. I have told myself that I need to have 3-5 perfumes only. from the good brands. until one day I smelt this perfume. it was divine. I told myself. that I want that for Christmas and I will have Lancome perfume as part of my collection.
This perfume has now become such a regular in my daily routine, that my friends can smell it on my and name it! I think I have become so fond of this because of many factors, the best being the amazing smell and long life that this perfume has. Unlike most of my other perfumes, this one stays on all day and gives me a halo of sweet-smelling fruit, floral and musk. I also love the bottle design with the soft hints of pink and diamond shape bottle, it makes my perfume set complete. I would highly recommend this perfume for any age range who really just wants to smell perfect! 
YES YES YES! Lancome you have done it again. I have many perfumes, most of which I am trying to 'use up' to get rid of so I can just use my faves. Because I have so many I have told myself no more perfumes... that was until I smelt this - I will now need to break that rule.  As soon as I sprayed it I fell in love, it is quite sweet with both floral and musky tones. Very feminine.  Would totally recommend and now that I have tried the tester I will be going back to purchase! 
Beauty consists of many categories and layers, from hair care, skin care, body care, makeup, and of course, fragrance, what I believe is the most powerful beauty category of all. A spritz of a perfume is enough to invoke memories, emotions, and feelings, all completely different and personal depending on the person, and the mood or style that they feel that day. I am the proud owner of what I call my fragrance wardrobe, consisting of beautifully coloured, glass bottle soldiers, that fit many of my different moods, styles and look that I want to achieve on any given day. The brands and fragrances in my rapidly growing collection vary hugely, I have floral, oriental, woody, spicy, and perfumes for both day, night, and special occasions. I will be drawn to a perfume firstly by it's appearance, if it is a particularly beautiful, or colourful, or unusual bottle, I'm pretty much sold straight away, and I have not even smelled the perfume yet. That's the next thing I do, and when I smell the scent itself, I will be sold again depending on the emotion, memory or feeling it invokes from me, plus what sort of occasion I need it for. I own a couple of different perfumes from Lancome, Tresor midnight rose being a real favourite, and this La Nuit Tressor  Caresse is my very latest addition, and it is a happy new member of my glass bottle soldiers. The bottle itself I think is absolutely gorgeous, quite unusual in shape, and very prettily coloured. Then I get to the scent itself, which is girly, exotic and truly feminine in every way, with notes of damask rose, jasmine, and vanilla, to name a few, and reminds me every time I wear it of a garden of flowers, or maybe the scent of baking cakes, thanks to my favourite smell ever, vanilla. When I wear it, I immediately feel girly, fresh, and feminine, and I get this strong feeling of confidence, and a memory of happy days. The beautiful scent lasts and lasts, all day and night, right into the very next day, and I get showered with compliments each time I wear this perfume. It works for day and night, formal and relaxed situations, anything at all it seems. I smile and feel happy whenever I wear it and see the gorgeous coloured bottle, lined up in a neat little row with my other, beloved perfume soldiers, and the $158 price tag is totally worth it, you need so little each time, the scent lingers and lingers on. Perfume is my most  beautiful and powerful beauty category, it is a very important addition to my daily beauty routine, and making it a part of your beauty routine will give you the feeling of power, confidence and joy that you get from nothing else out there.
I was lucky enough to be given this fragrance as a gift and its gorgeous, its not something I would have bought for myself. The bottle is stunning and looks great on my dressing table and the fragrance is divine. I found it quite strong so luckily you only need a little to smell gorgoeus so it lasts really well. Its feminine, floral and fruity. I love a scent with notes of musk and vanilla as these are favourites, but the floral shines through with the jasmine and orchid, its a little spicy and exotic but this is not overpowering, a classy fragrance that I hope I receive as a gift again, a really special buy