Lancôme La vie est belle Florale Eau de Toilette

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Lancôme La vie est belle Florale Eau de Toilette is a floral fragrance with notes of osmanthus flower. The scent also features notes of lumen, mimosa absolute, rose essence, violet and freesia.

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Lancôme La vie est belle Florale Eau de Toilette


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This is amazing!!!

This is an amazing perfume! It is very expensive however I always get compliments on this scent. I use this on the weekends and for something special and I always feel special when wearing it. The scent is fresh and sweet and is not to overpowering. The scent lasts the whole day. It is amazing!!
Personal favourite for me! I love this fragrance, I feel like if Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Tom Ford's Black Orchid had a baby this would be it. This is a floral that leans into a delicious spiceyness that is intoxicatingly devine. It has great sillage and can easily be worn for day or night occasions, a great all rounder that I will continue to purchase. I always recieve compliments and questions to what I am wearing when I have it on. Try this if you like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle but want something a bit different with a nicer price point.
Beauty is skin deep, and has many categories and layers and different products, all of which come together to create the gorgeous, feminine, and completely personal thing that is beauty. One of the many layers of beauty, and my favourite and most powerful of all, is perfume. Fragrance is powerful in the emotions, feelings and memories that it invokes, different and personal for every single person. I am rapidly and excitedly building up a collection of perfume, that I lovingly think of as my little army of colourful glass bottle soldiers. With each perfume I add to my army, the more I feel that all consuming feeling of confidence, happiness, and power. Lancome is a French brand that I love, its skin care, makeup and perfume are always so beautiful, effective, and value for money, quality and quantity, giving instant and long term results. Their perfume bottles are always so unique and colourful, and the perfume that they house are always intoxicating, heady, strong and long lasting, all suitable for day, night and any formal or relaxed occasion. A little bit goes a very long way, the scent always invokes a completely different, personal memory, feeling and emotion within me. This  La vie est belle florale eau de toilette is one of the loveliest examples that Lancome has to offer in their world of perfume. The bottle drew my eye in immediately, it's pink shade and unusual shape fitting into my perfume army effortlessly. Next the notes of rose, freesia and violet, so floral and feminine, fits into my sub category of girly perfumes beautifully. After preparing my skin with double cleansing, serum, moisturiser, and primer, I applied a thin layer of radiance boosting foundation, defined my brows, mascara and lip stain to complete my look, really girly with shades of pinks and coral to complete my more feminine look that day, which would partner with this new perfume perfectly. I spritzed on one or two squirts onto my wrists, neck and other pulse points and my makeup look was complete. I strutted out of my bathroom in a wave of fruity, floral and girly scent, and found myself riding on a feeling of pure feminine, girly and beauty, in a different way to my other feminine fragrances. It lasted all day and night long, I needed a tiny amount each time so it goes a very, very long way, and every time I wear the perfume and see the bottle lined up so prettily and colourfully along side my other colourful, glass bottled soldiers, I can't help but smile in pure glee. Beauty has many layers and categories, and perfume is the most powerful one of all. You can be whisked away on a different memory, feeling or emotion all in one or two squirts, and be radiated in waves of power, femininity and confidence, that you only get when you use products that release your true beautiful self.
This lancome is a light fragrance for all females who are after a suttle fragrance that is suitable for everyday use or even special events. This scent is more of a floral scent that lasts for almost 12 hours. After using this product females would feel satisfied and happy because it will help them have high self esteem. Nothing is more important than having good self esteem and confidence as a girl/woman. The fragrance are to be sprayed on clothing to enhance scents on a woman'/ body. The packaging of the bottle is so elegant,  classy and beautiful.  This product can be worn at all tomes and can be used as a gift for their loved ones.  Recommended for: Anyone who loves Lancome Anyone who are after a suttle, gentle fragrance For girls in their mid 20's and up
This is a divine fragrance for feeling feminine and sophisticated, the delicious floral fragrance smells of roses with a hint of vanilla which I love. The bottle is so pretty it feels decadent. This is a true romantic fragrance that lasts all day and feels so special. It turns heads with its heady floral scent and I often get asked what I'm wearing.
After trying and absolutely obsessing over Lancome Hypnose, I never thought in my life I'd come across a better scent that I felt was made for me. Lancome La Vie Est Belle has topped Hypnose in what I thought would be an impossible feat. It was created from the inspiration of natural, simple beauty and personal freedom to create your own version of a beautiful life. The composition of this fragrance is both simple, elegant yet indulgent and seductive at the same time. So really, I like to think it's a direct reflection of my personality! It is a beautiful floral perfume with hints of sweetness with vanilla. The key note is Iris (however it's surprisingly mellow), with jasmine as the heart note surrounded by earthy orange blossoms. The base to me is so warm and inviting, however powdery, including hints of praline, vanilla and patchouli. The opening of the formula is also scattered with fruity notes - I take berries away from it! Although it's known as a sweet perfume, the freshness of orange blossom, the tartness of citrus pear and the delicacy of iris excel in reducing the 'sickly' sweetness that many people find undesirable. It's such an understated fragrance that to me, brings something new to the table and takes me on another experience with every encounter of this perfume. Although it's similar to a few 'gourmand' and fruity patchouli fragrances out there, to me this speaks on another level of uniqueness. It's both classic and mainstream yet adds a contemporary twist to an old favourite blend of fragrances. The perfume has a wistful airiness to it's formula, it's not heady but it does radiate beautifully. The lasting and projection of this fragrance as an Eau De Parfum is excellent. It's a technically well executed formula in my experience and I do consider myself somewhat of a perfume connoisseur. As I always say - I love a perfume when it's becomes MORE than a perfume. I love a perfume when it takes me on a sensory experience with every wear, and that is exactly what La Vie Est Belle does for me. It really does make you feel that 'life is beautiful' as the name suggests.
My absolute favourite fragrance. I chose this to wear on my wedding day (a 45-degree day) and still felt I smelt good ... well kind of okay - it was 45 after all!!  It always smells divine (and stays on for the whole day).  I always get compliments when I am wearing it Nice, fuss-free bottle (so I don't have to worry about it leaking like some of my other 'fancy' bottles) Wearing this I feel feminine and sophisticated! A classic!
This fragrance is the measuring stick of luxury. Extremely feminine and floral. Long lasting fragrance and I always get asked what I'm wearing when I wear it. Delicious.
This perfume is absolutely luxurious and I feel very special when I wear this purfume.   I fisrt notice this delicate smell on a work colleague and it wasn't long before I purchase a bottle. This fragrance does not dissapoint and it last througout the day....
This perfume is absolutely delicious! The  bottle is elegant with a heavy glass base, the perfume is pink, it has a scarf like ribbon tied around the neck and finished with a white flower with a silver centre.     I am super fussy when it comes to perfume and I thought that Lancôme La vie est belle Florale Eau de Toilette was going to be a heavy floral that I was going to make me cough and cough. I read " notes of osmanthus flower. The scent also features notes of lumen, mimosa absolute, rose essence, violet and freesia." never, ever would I dream of even sniffing this perfume but luckily I sprayed it before I found out. Pushing the list of scents aside I would describe it as a soft caramel with splash of fairyfloss and a tiny bit floral. I have a really sweet tooth and it's just yummy!  Thinking back I probably would of smelt it before on a card but it didn't smell anywhere near the same.  I sprayed on my skin and let the scent settle before I sniffed and now I am in love! La vie est belle Florale Eau de Toilette has won the prise of my new favourite perfume.
I was so thrilled to discover this perfume as it’s often really difficult for me to find scents that don’t leave me feeling nauseous! Lancome’s La vie est belle, however, is dazzling in its freshness and simplicity; even when I spray it on my neck, I never feel that the scent is overpowering. There is a slight difference between the original La vie est belle, and this version. This newer version is warmer and more fruity, yet still crisp, fresh and floral - redolent of spring mornings spent lying underneath the sun. One spray is enough to achieve a light, subtle scent which lingers in the air. Two sprays for the woman who wants to be noticed. Feminine and empowering, its top notes of freesia and middle notes of osmanthus are most readily discernible. The bottle itself is also absolutely gorgeous - an elegant glass bottle with a luminous, sheer organza ribbon tied around the neck. It gives off an almost ethereal vibe and for some reason, whenever I spray it on, I always feel like a sophisticated Parisian woman! While the scent usually fades on my skin after around 3-4 hours, if I spray it on my clothing, the scent will usually linger for the entire day. Despite the fruity, floral scent, I don't think this perfume is limited to being worn in the spring/summer months. I also enjoy spraying it on when the weather gets chilly - it serves as a beautiful reminder that there is warmth and beauty even in the bitterness of winter. It truly is a stunning addition to my collection. 
I absolutely love this scent!  I initially purchased this fragrance for my mum for mother's day, as she's a Lancome fanatic (i mean do you blame her?), and have since become obsessed with it! It has such a beautiful floral and feminine scent that is not sickeningly sweet and it lingers on the skin all day which is great. Plus the bottle is just gorgeous.  I need to get a bottle of my own! Definitely recommend! 
Beautiful subtle scent that I love. Compliments from most people I come across during the day.
Very french. Hard to describe but the smell is very feminine… It gives you hint of sexiness yet it still has the floral notes to imbalance that sexiness. I’ve got to stay, the most prominent note is the freesia. So if you’re looking for a sweet floral perfume, this is the one. The “La Vie Est Belle Intense” version has quite similar smell, but it leans more toward the sexiness instead of the floral. I prefer floral, so I opt for this version. However, as it is EDT, it does not last as long as you would have hoped for. The smell also lasts probably 3 hours after you sprayed it. So I guess the product is not long-lasting enough. It would be probably better to buy the EDP instead of the EDT version. 
My all time favourite fragrance.  Beautiful uplifting scent without being overpowering.  Guaranteed to draw compliments from passers by.
I always feel like the belle of the ball when I wear this fragrance.  It's very fresh and subtle and makes me feel full of life.
My absolute all time favorite scent! The fragrance is amazing and follows you wherever you go! I constantly have people commenting and asking what I am wearing as it smells delicious! it's fruity, floral and fun!
This is such a beautiful floral fragrance that is quite sweet and very feminine. When ever I wear this, I always get compliments and asked what scent I'm wearing. I also find that the fragrance is long lasting and when sprayed on my pulse points, it lasts all day. The bottle is so pretty and looks beautiful sitting on my dressing table. If you are after a floral, sweet, feminine romantic fragrance you must try this.