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Lancôme Matte Shaker is a matte liquid lipstick that delivers a more intense colour than a traditional lipstick while having a thinner consistency on the lips. The highly pigmented and non-drying formula leaves lips feeling comfortable all day long.

Available in seven shades.


Lancôme Matte Shaker


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I was really excited to try this, as I love the original juicy shaker. I was not disappointed with the matte version one little bit. This weightless, non-drying formula feels almost watery, however, the coverage, pigmentation and longevity will immensely surprise you. This is such an easy solution for me, who hates traditional lipstick, and especially the drying flaking and caking of the normal matte lip products.
The Lancome Matte Shaker was a must try for me because I wanted to see if it is suitable for my dry lips as must matte lipsticks makes my lips cracks and peels. This matte shaker lipstick is easy to apply and feels lightweight on my lips when it turns matte. It is surprising hydrating for a matte finish and my lips only cracked a little after few hours but definitely better than other matte lipsticks.
The Matte Shaker is a matte lipstick fashioned after the uber-popular Juicy Shaker, and it doesn't disappoint. As the name suggests, you need to shake the product before using to allow the metallic balls within to mix the pigments and oils evenly. The applicator is a large-cone-shaped nib that's definitely not made for precision, but I don't entirely dislike it. It picks up enough product for one application and it's easy to swipe with the pointed end and dab with the cushiony bit for an even coverage. It's really pigmented, too, so I don't need to layer more than one coat. I like to line my lips prior to applying the Matte Shaker because it helps me stay inside my lips. I love how it dries without being 'dry', the way many liquid lipsticks do, like the moisture is sucked out of your lips. The Vitamin E in the formula probably allows for that matte, but non-drying finish. The colour settles to a stain after a meal, but this lasts a good four hours, I'd say, before I see fading colours in the centre of my lips. There are seven summery shades to choose from, my favourite being the red-toned Kiss Me Cherie. It appears really deep red in the bottle, but when applied, transforms into a gorgeous red that brightens up my complexion. Another colour that I swatched also looks different once on the skin - not necessarily bad, but different, so I wouldn't purchase without first swatching it, as it is quite pricey for a liquid lipstick.
I have the Lancome Matte Shaker in "Yummy Pink". It is an amazingly pigmented, vibrant shade. The formula is very thin, and just glides onto the lips. It dries down to a powdery almost nothing feeling, unlike other matte lip products that always cake and crack on me.  Sometimes it can feel a little drying after a few hours, but I've found it plays well with many of my lip-glosses. The applicator can be a little tricky and I can't get a clean edge but using a matching lip liner has helped with that (as with any bold lip colour). The scent of the product is very subtle, possibly a vanilla vibe? I absolutely adore the packaging and will be expanding my collection very soon!!
Really nice matte lipstick, long lasting wear, It has a lovely smooth application and spreads thinly on the lips but with a surprising amount of colour. It does not have the icky chemical smell that some tend to have for a matte lip colour and the pigment is very bright, I love the Pink Power shade as it goes with my skin tone nicely. The Lancome Matte Shaker is a great, non-drying lippy that lasts most of the day and feels light on the lip, I would recommend.
A super fun new release product from Lancome, I had to try it as I'm a fan of the matte lip and I loved the “Juicy Shaker” lip range which Lancome launched awhile ago. I purchased the shade Kiss Me Cherie 374 which is a classic red. Packaging Contained in a cute mini cocktail style shaker applicator, it is a dual-phase lip oil. You shake it first to mix the water and oil formula which promises to deliver a comfortable, weighless texture to lips. The sponge applicator is easy to use, I would recommend starting from the middle and working your way out to your lip line, so you get a smooth even coverage. I was surprised at how well the sponge applicator worked especially for darker, brighter colours, as I didn't experience any streaks and was able to achieve bold, intense colour payoff. Product The product was definitely more comfortable than traditional matte liquid lipsticks, and had a thinner consistency. It is very pigmented, delivering a punch of colour and leaves a long lasting stain on the lips (I had to remove with an oil makeup remover!). The longevity is impressive however it does not deliver a true matte finish. It does dry down in about 10 minutes however it did not set completely matte.  If this is what you are after, it may not be for you. I really liked the formula, which is more of a "comfort matte" and delivered the best of both worlds in my opinion - A comfortable, wearable non-drying formula with a highly pigmented soft matte finish. I will be trying some of the other colours from the range, as I love the intense colour payoff and bold shades! 
Makeup and beauty are all the things that make up who I am as a person, and a very girly female indeed. I could spend hours in front of my bathroom or bedroom mirror, my makeup bag in front of me, surrounded by tools and brushes and product, and release my inner creative makeup artist, and could not be any happier or more fulfilled. I can't imagine doing anything else in my life or career, or anything that could make me happier. Spending hours in the aisles of beauty shops or the beauty aisle  of the supermarket is my other favourite thing to do, and when I see a new product, especially from one of my favourite brands like Lancome, well there is just nothing better or more exciting. Having recently become a total lipstick convert, I am on a mission to add as many shades, brands and different formulas as I possibly can to my rapidly growing collection. One new buy I added recently was Lancome matte shaker, in the beautiful red pictured above. I've tried most formulas so far, matte, glossy, tints, palettes, stains, but when I saw this Lancome matte shaker formulation, well, I was very intrigued and eager to snap one up for myself to add to my treasure trove of makeup. After prepping my skin with a double cleanse, serum, moisturiser and primer for the perfect blank canvas, I applied a thin layer of YSL cushion foundation to even out my skin and add a bit of a glow, defined my brows and added one coat of Modelco mascara, and a thin layer of paw paw ointment to smooth my lip area. I added a layer of nude lip liner and filled in my lips to add definition and staying power. Then I shook up my matte shaker and painted a layer on, blotted, added another layer, blotted and I was done. The formula was unlike anything I'd used so far, it's sort of in between a cream and powder but it wasn't drying in the least. The colour was strong, bright and it lasted all day long, with only one small re application needed, but I actually could have got away without it. It is as brilliant and innovative as every other Lancome skin and makeup product I've used and the price is so reasonable, as only a little bit is needed each time so it lasts you a very long time, and I feel so Frenchy chic everytime I see the pretty packaging on my bathroom vanity or whip it out of my makeup bag. If you want a lip product that's a little different, has beautiful colour and staying power, is effective and affordable, then all you need is a little shake of this matte maker.
The Lancôme Matte Shaker is an amazing invention! If you're like me and you can't stand the feeling of liquid lipstick but want something that lasts longer on your lips than a traditional cream lipstick, then you should definitely give this a go! The pointed applicator makes it easy to apply and with precision, the formula isn't drying and I can generally get about five hours wear without touching up. I have this in a few colours now and have recommended to a number of my friends!