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Lancôme Miracle Cushion is a liquid foundation with hydrating, anti-ageing and brightening benefits. Containing SPF 23, it provides a fresh glow in seconds. 

Available in nine shades.


Lancôme Miracle Cushion


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I really like this product. You can have full coverage or light coverage. The applicator is not made to last. Easy to apply and there is very little wastage. Recomended
So, to be frank I think "Miracle" is a little too much to be used in the product name, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have plenty of things to boast about.  The Lancome Miracle Cushion is housed in a gorgeous, sophisticated compact. The light, moisturising, foundation formula inside is saturated onto a built in sponge which explains the "cushion" part of the name and is to be applied with a sponge applicator included within the compact.  When using this product, I found that a pat, blend and repeat method worked best, as it only provides a very sheer coverage at first but is buildable enough to provide a light coverage at best. Using this product my skin definitely felt hydrated, the product felt weightless on, and I enjoyed the natural and dewy glow in my complexion. Unfortunately though, I just could not get enough coverage to hide my breakouts or camouflage my redness, and have had to rely on either a powder to finish (which ruined my much loved dewy, youthful look) or a concealer worn on top. When my skin has seen better days and is clear of those nasty and inflamed bumps, this is a favourite of mine and allows me to celebrate my skin by giving me what looks and feels like my skin, but with a beautiful hydrated glow to boot. Pros: - Comes in a sophisticated, practical compact that can easily become a handbag essential. -  Provides a lasting beautiful, hydrating and natural looking glow that feels weightless. - Provides sheer to light coverage  - Contains SPF 23 for a little added sun protection. -  Applicator included can easily be washed to ensure good hygiene. Cons: - Does not provide coverage to conceal pigmentation, redness or breakouts. - Definitely not for the budget beauties, as I would definitely consider this a splurge item with the attached price tag.  As much as I enjoyed many qualities of the Lancome Miracle Cushion I just could not rate it higher than the three stars given for two reasons; 1. The product just isn't suitable for people with unpredictable skin like mine, as it simply just doesn't do the job of concealing imperfections despite being a "miracle" and 2. I cannot justify the splurge, despite how sexy the compact is.
I had first heard about cushion foundations after seeing them on Korean beauty sites.  They always looked so interesting and it wasn't long before the other top brands caught onto the trend.  Dewy, fresh looking skin with lightweight coverage is what the Lancome Miracle Cushion is all about.  It comes beautifully housed in a white and silver round compact with a mirror and puff for on the go, mess free application.  One of the things that I love about this foundation is how lightweight it is without compromising on coverage.  I need to create an even canvas for my face to cover up blemishes and imperfections and this accomplishes that without creating a caked on look.  You can always add more of the foundation depending on how much coverage you are after.  Some days if my face is looking a bit oily or I just want a more matte looking I will finish it off with a dusting of powder to set the foundation.  My foundation managed to consistently stay on till the end of the night. No slipping and sliding off.  Living in Australia and constantly being outdoors means that sun protection is a must! I always wear SPF but it's nice to know that my foundation has it as well for extra protection.  You can never have enough SPF, it's the best way to keep your skin youthful and protected from pigmentation! Overall the quality of the foundation is superb.  Streak free, flawless, healthy looking skin with a bit of a glow for an effortless look! Tips:  -Instead of using the puff that is provided, I use my foundation brush or beauty blender as I find it's able to hold more of the liquid. -I keep it in my handbag for touch ups throughout the day Pros: -Lightweight, you almost forget you're wearing makeup -Coverage is light to medium but can be builded on -Hydrating for a dewy look  -Compact is easy to store and use -Mess/spill free making it easy to travel with -Contains SPF 23+ -Suitable for all skin types Cons: -A bit pricey 
Mum and I have both used this and its worked well on both our skin types and ages :) She's a bit more oily while im more dry but it makes both our skin  look so naturally glowy and flawless
The Lancôme Miracle Cushion  foundation is packaged in a gorgeous compact and looks so luxurious. It contains two compartments, the first section holds the applicator sponge and when you lift that, the second compartment houses the liquid foundation which is impregnated into the cushion. I liked how the sponge applicator is kept separated from the actual foundation and there is a very large mirror in the compact  so you can do touch ups on the go. Application is super easy, after my usual morning skincare routine plus sunscreen and primer I applied the cushion foundation with a tapping motion with the sponge applicator.  The foundation applied very sheer but blended well and gave my skin that healthy dewy look that I look for in a foundation. I'm 47 and my skin type is normal but can become dehydrated so when I buy a new foundation I always seek one out that gives my skin that radiant, plump, dewy look and doesn't accentuate any dry patches. I loved the initial cooling effect too, this will feel very refreshing to use during the summer months. The foundation did feel quite moist, but once it set, my skin had a lovely satin finish. If I wanted a more matte finish I applied a finishing powder on top but I actually prefer a dewy finish so I didn't bother using a powder. I think if you have combination or oily skin, you might find this foundation a bit shiny, but with my drier more mature skin it was perfect! The longevity of this foundation is pretty good too, I applied it in the morning and even did a yoga class and it was still looking pretty fresh by mid afternoon. I loved using this foundation and especially because it feels so lightweight, it has a sheer coverage but it can be layered to a medium coverage. There was no settling into the fine lines around eyes or mouth.  The only issue I had was that there isn't a extensive selection of shades to choose from but if you can find a colour match I would give this foundation a go. 
Wow, what a fantastic new way to use foundation! Miracle Cushion is a beautiful liquid foundation that comes from a foundation-soaked sponge. Hailed as a liquid foundation you can finally take anywhere (yes, you can), this liquid foundation in a compact is truly unique. Available in a range of natural shades that match up beautifully with many skin tones, Miracle Cushion foundation covers and corrects skin, hydrates and brightens, and protects skin from the sun thanks to its sunscreen factor. Miracle Cushion is not dewy, nor is it matte - the formulation is simply natural with a light to medium coverage and luminous finish. Personally I prefer a medium to full coverage so I found myself trying to build up the coverage on my skin but the finish was still slightly too subtle for my liking unless blended in with a stick foundation for that little bit more. Miracle Cushion feels soft and smooth on skin, with a 'barely there' fragrance that does not irritate eyes or skin. I feel that the best way to apply it is with a foundation brush: lightly press the brush into the sponge and then blend the foundation which is on the brush across the face for a lovely natural finish. Miracle Cushion foundation is a clever concept and a beautiful product, however I would really love to see this product become available in two different cover consistencies: light-medium and medium-full.
I have used this cushion makeup and it is a great product.  I did have a little itching on my face post application but with a primer, I don't have that.  It's a medium coverage makeup that stays put and feels light on the skin.
The Lancôme Miracle Cushion foundation is an amazing product. It comes in a chic exquisite silver compact with the eloquent Lancôme signature rose on top. As pretty as it is, it's easy to use as well. Just lightly dip or touch the enclosed sponge applicator onto the foundation and apply. I apply with the lighter pressure so I can build up my foundation and continue further blending with my fingers. It's incredible how dewy the foundation is, and it goes on smoothly and blends beautifully on my skin. It's incredibly lightweight.  I suggest taking your time and speak to the Lancôme consultant and ensure you match your skin tone correctly to the shade you require. Once you do this, you're all set with a smooth light to medium coverage foundation.  The foundation feels smooth and light on my fingers and on my face. It didn't clog my pores or make my makeup look cakey. It's very easily buildable enabling me to diminish the look of fine lines and blemish marks giving me smooth translucent skin.  It's a wonderful treat and a happy luxury to use this product. I recommend this unique foundation for anyone who wants to have a beautiful compact sponge foundation which provides enough coverage to last me throughout the entire day. 
Cushions are no longer just a word synonymous with sofas and furniture, they're the newest idea in the world of makeup that has got me converted.  I've been using this for several weeks now and I'm never looking back.  A foundation soaked cushion that is soft, airy and weightless that gives your skin an even and dewy finish. It's so light and breathable that  I almost forget that I am wearing makeup.  A perfect everyday foundation with SPF that is quick to use, easy to carry and mess free.  The compact case allows me to use it on the go and for touch ups throughout the day! The coverage is light but can be builded upon if needed.  A gorgeous, natural look for the "no makeup" makeup look.
The Lancôme Miracle Cushion comes in a silver and white compact. The compact has a mirror inside the lid, and is light and tiny enough to keep in my handbag. This miracle cushion is convenient to have in my handbag for touch ups on-the-go.  The foundation is soaked in a cushion on the compacts base and it has a sponge applicator for applying the product. I have the #4 shade which is a perfect match for my skin tone. Lancome also sell refills for this compact once you need a replacement which I think is a nice touch because it is environmentally friend-er than chucking the compact and getting a new one.  The foundation is a creamy lightweight liquid consistency in a pink based medium beige shade. I dip the sponge applicator into the product and gently pat it onto my face. This delivers a light even coverage that is sheer and dewy. It feels light on my skin and not at all greasy. The foundation is build-able for a fuller coverage by building up the layers. Overall I like the sheer dewy look of this foundation and the convenience of having it in my handbag for touch-ups. This foundation is perfect for a natural look for the daytime. I might consider repurchasing this especially for work where heavy make up can feel a tad overkill. The Lancome Miracle Cushion is a gorgeous product in a convenient packaging.
I was skeptical at first when trying this product as it is a little different. I now love it. It is really great for travel and touch ups as it is compact and also is not messy at all but still provides you with a nice sheer glow that liquid foundation gives you. It isn't heavy at all, you can build up the coverage and gives you a nice glow. If you are overly oily you may need to powder a little in the T-Zone as it is a dewy finish but otherwise is very nice and lightweight. I would recommend this to someone who wants a light - medium buildable coverage, looks like your own skin but better, provides a glow and freshness, brightens up your face. The only con would be that it is a little pricey but for a high end foundation the price isn't too bad.