Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift- Eye

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Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift- Eye is an eye treatment that lifts eye contours, leaving skin supple and smoother in appearance. The formula is enriched with MT technology to target multiple layers of the skin’s epidermis. 


Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift- Eye


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This eye cream is surprisingly quite fabulous!  Surprising (for me, anyway) because I've never seen Lancome as a rave-worthy skincare brand.  But this eye cream has broken through that barrier.  I got a 3ml sample tube in a GWP and it's enough to keep me going for ages!  And that's morning and night usage.  So many eye creams are greasy, which is very off putting, but this is a gorgeous velvety consistency.  My eye area can at times be sensitive and allergy prone, but no irritation from this eye cream.  And the best part is it makes the skin around my eyes look great - bright and hydrated.  It's a bit pricey so I'll be looking to pick up the next GWP featuring this little gem, but should I run out of my current stock before that occurs, I just might break down and buy a full size.
Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift- Eye is packaged in stunning bright purple jar with silver trim. The cream is pale pink in colour, medium consistency and has a pearly shimmer to it. The ingredients list is impressive with all sorts of little treats for your delicate eye area. It was hydrating and left my eye area feeling supple but not too heavy. The pearly shimmer brightened my bags and wrinkles making them look less severe.   Over the years I have struggled to find an eye cream that doesn’t irritate or make my eyes water. It does have a very, very faint scent but I haven’t had any reactions from using this amazing product.   I apply morning and night and I instantly look less tired. It does take a few minutes to absorb but it is definitely worth the wait. I no longer long look like a baggy eyed monster; my eye area looks fresh and youthful. I would not hesitate to recommend this product!  
I was lucky enough to be given this as a gift, as this is something way out of my budget. An amazing product from Lancome. Everything about this screams quality - from the packaging to the stunning jar.  The cream is rich and velvety. It has a lovely fragrance which is reasonably strong but not at all offensive.  It soaks into the skin really well and I found it left my skin smooth and not at all greasy. After 2-3 weeks I found my skin looking more hydrated and a few of those little lines had disappeared.. yay.  I would absolutely recommend this product.