Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Day Cream

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Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Day Cream is a creamy moisturising treatment that quickly absorbs into the skin with no oily feeling. It leaves skin feeling softer and smoother, cheeks firmer, the face and neck tighter and the complexion brighter. Suitable for all skin types.


Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Day Cream


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I received a deluxe sample size of the Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream with SPF15 which lasted me a few weeks of daily use. The cream was a very soft pink and very thick in consistency. The cream is decadently rich however absorbed into my normal-dry skin so easily and did not leave any greasy or oily residue. The SPF protection is a massive plus and I feel necessary for any day cream. Highly recommend this product to others.
The Lancôme Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream has a semi thick texture but melts and absorbs onto my skin smoothly without feeling greasy or uncomfortable. The cream has a nice gentle floral scent which gives a nice relaxing experience. After using a jar, I can see that my skin looks firmer, hydrated with a radiant complexion. However, I probably won't re-purchase because there are other products in the market that can achieve the same result.
I was lucky enough to be able to try a few sachets of the Lancôme Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream which is a day cream for all skin types and contains SPF 15.  The cream is thick, has a pink tinge and a floral fragrance.  The cream is a lot thicker to what I am used to so I was surprised at how easily it absorbed into my skin.  I was pleased to see that my skin was left feeling extremely soft and silky.  There was no greasiness or tacky residue.  I only use a BB cream during the day (but always with a serum and moisturiser) and I found the Multi-Lift day cream worked well with my BB cream. There was no pilling or patchiness.  To be honest, I didn’t use the Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream long enough to reap the benefits of long term use, which is a real shame because my skin definitely reacted well to this cream.   However, I have since used a whole jar of another Lancome day cream which my skin loved so I believe the Lancome products work well for me. 
Renergie Multi-Lift is a beautifully-packaged anti-ageing day cream from my favourite skincare brand Lancome. I have tried several of the Lancome lines, such as Genefique and Energie de Vie and my skin has absolutely improved in texture, clarity and suppleness. Renergie Multi-Lift is a day cream I have tried more recently with equally effective results. If anything, as a medium-weight cream Renergie has even greater anti-ageing properties. It absorbs easily into my skin, but was heavy enough to provide a barrier against skin stressors and impurities. I followed Lancome's advice and massaged in a serum first, before applying the cream and it increased the benefits of the cream - my skin was so much plumper and smoother. I often receive compliments on my skin and complexion at work, which is a wonderful boost! This is a luxurious product, and appealed to all my senses at first use. It has a distinctive but delicate scent, which seems to cause no reaction, and certainly adds to the feeling of luxury. It is a soft pink colour, and the cream feels smooth and rich, but definitely not greasy. The packaging is quite stunning with the contrasts of deep purple, white and silver.  It certainly comes at a luxury price also, at just over $150, but this seems like a good investment for a product that has such good results and only requires a small amount to be effective!
This is a luxurious day cream that comes aesthetically presented which makes it all the more appealing to use. This cream comes in a heavy glass jar which is a pleasure to look at and looks great in my bathroom shelf. It's a good size to hold and a treat every time I use it! The cream itself is a light pink colour and very light and creamy to touch. The scent is a deep musk fragrance which is slightly strong when first using, but eventually fades away and doesn't linger. I use my fingers to apply this cream since it's in a jar and I simply scoop out what I need.  This cream is incredibly rich and medium thick so a little bit is enough for day time use. I also noticed that I didn't need a serum underneath because this cream is moisturising enough for me.  After applying this day cream, my skin feels soft and plump. There is no dryness and my skin looks natural and fresh. It also doesn't feel heavy or oily.  This is a cream I've been able to wear and go out of the house without wearing anything else on my face. It's that pleasant and nice to use on my skin. Pros: Gives a smooth radiance to my skin Cons: None Tip:  Apply to face, and also to neck and décolletage for improving skin texture and elasticity. Purchase when Lancôme has GWP offer to get most value for your money. 
The Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Lift Day Cream is a pretty pricey but very luxurious day cream.   The Lancome day cream is designed to help your skin and make it smoother, firmer, softer and your complex brighter. Before I first used the cream I had pretty high expectations given the price. Having used this cream on and off over the past couple of years, I can say I do love the results.    This cream comes in a purple glass jar and it looks stylish on my vanity.   There is a strong floral scent, but I like this scent, and find that the scent disappears quickly once applied to the skin. The cream itself is pale pink, and the texture is simply soft and luxurious, and very fluffy when applied to the skin.   Lancome recommends that when you apply the cream to start from your chin and then massage upwards slowly and gently.   The cream sinks in to the skin quickly, and leaves my skin always feeling very soft, smooth and hydrated all day. Compared to some of my other moisturisers, this Lancome cream really does feel like a bit of luxury for my skin. With repeated use of time, this cream has helped with fine lines on my face.   Overall, this is a skincare product that although is really on the expensive one that I consider a good investment or lovely way to treat yourself.   My best tip is if you are considering purchasing this Lancôme day cream to wait for a good Lancôme gift with purchase offer.   Pros: - feels very luxurious on your skin, a great pamper treat. - brightens, smoothes and softens skin. - helps with fine lines.   Cons: - expensive  
This moisturiser is a total treat, so silky and luxurious. This cream is a high end product that really delivers so I am happy to pay the price for it and would recommend it to others. I am a long time Lancôme fan and this decadent cream lives up to this French brands reputation of excellence. There are no negatives to this product. Easy to use, a white plastic protector lid lifts up, just apply, massage in and my skin always feels super hydrated after use. The actual cream is divine, super silky and soft, a beautiful baby pink with a scent to die for. This cream sinks in immediately and does not feel at all greasy and leaves no oily residue, just tighter smoother more youthful looking skin. My skin feels better, it diminishes fine lines and I swear my complexion is brighter. I adore the classy purple and silver container, so pretty it immediately feels like a treat and I love the addition of spf to protect my skin from sun damage and free radicals. Directions on how to use are on the packaging but really it's so easy. I would buy this again for the excellent results it delivers and would totally recommend it
From a young age I have always been one of those big-time moisturiser lovers, protect-your-skin-at-all-costs and a save-my-skin-from-old-age junkies and my first time ever using a Lancome product! I will try any moisturiser on the market no matter what price it retails for – as long as it delivers. Such a luxurious product from the packaging to the formula; the silver packaging provides information on the outside of the box in tiny writing and different languages and inside the box is a leaflet of information in many languages and tiny writing once again; the website is also useful for the massage application technique to gets the best from this product and it is really relaxing. I have really good eyesight and I struggled to read the box and pamphlet, so going to the website was heaps easier to read about the product. Being a higher-end product I assumed there would be a spatula but too my disappointment there was no spatula...interesting…a cotton bud it is! The adorable ombre-like, purple glass jar looks so special, too beautiful to open just like how we eat with our eyes when it comes to food, which is how I am when it comes to product packaging! On opening the lid of the jar there is a white, plastic protector with a little tab that makes it so easy to lift up every time you need to use the product. The scent hits you instantly even before you see that the cream is a pretty pale pink, the floral scent is pretty enough to be an actual perfume in a bottle! The texture of the cream is luxurious, very silky and when applied to the face that silky texture is so delicate and light yet superbly moisturising. You need not much product, a little goes a long way and if you are sensitive to fragrance this may be a bit strong, though the scent doesn't linger forever. I am very sensitive to scent and I have a sensitive complexion but I had no reaction whatsoever, though it does give a lovely glow to my pale skin. I love a day cream with an SPF and even though it is a 15 my foundations help me out with the extra protection and glides on effortlessly over the moisturiser. My skin feels firm and looks more firm, lines are less obvious but ultimately it's the moisture I really need, so yes Multi-Lift does deliver for me.