Lancôme Trésor In love

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Lancôme Trésor In love is a romantic fragrance with floral notes of rose and bright jasmine, cobined with nectarine and cedar wood. 


Lancôme Trésor In love


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I have loved the original Tresor scent and Tresor In Love is just that but with an extra little twist to it. Just like the original it is a very sweet and heady scent. It has a gorgeous mix of floral and fruity notes and whenever I use it I just feel as if I am wrapped up in a seductive summer night somewhere on the Italian coast. It is definitely more of a nighttime fragrance for me as I think it is a little too heavy for the day. It has a great lasting power and will last for hours and hours on my skin. Perfect scent for that special date night!
so beautiful, I love this  scent. I have been wearing the original tresor for years, its a firm favourite, this take on the original is so pretty and feminine and I adore it. this is a real treat for a perfume junkie like me, the lovely floral scent of rose and jasmine is so elegant and the nectarine is fresh, with cedarwood giving a musky undertone. The bottle is classy, love the little black ribbon, so elegant, the scent lasts well, its sweet without being overpowering. i highly recommend this fragrance, so gorgeous
I have a little miniature bottle of this and it is just so adorable. It is a perfect replica of the larger bottle - just tiny. The little black ribbon rose attached to the neck of the bottle is very classy and eye-catching.  The first application of Tresor In Love is really quite fun and appealing. I can catch the barest whiff of the original Tresor here with the peach note. But there are a few other nice juicy smells here too - nectarine is what I pick up on most.  Then it dries down into something soft and powdery. It's still a bit sweet but it's a floral sweetness which is not too sickly. It is most likely the rose. I enjoy the cedar wood and musk base too. My main problem with this is that it does not seem to last too long. A few hours maybe. This still has a place in my fragrance wardrobe. It's my favourite for when I want to feel girly, sweet and frivolous!
Very, very nice scent...definitely is very romantic and fresh with the floral notes. It is quite a mature scent however, so I would recommend this product to anyone who is slightly older.