Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose

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Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose is a sexy, sweet and playful fragrance with notes of candied rose, blackcurrant, jasmine, peony, pink pepper, raspberry, cedar essence, vanilla and musk.


Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose


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Fragrance is one of my favourite categories of beauty. Just a spray or two is all I need to complete my entire beauty look, day or night, natural or bold makeup, whatever look I'm in the mood for that day, when I add my favourite perfume, I'm done and ready to go out in the world and face whatever the day has in store for me. I have bottles and bottles of different perfumes from different brands, some floral and girly, some oriental, dark and spicy and some fresh and fruity, lined up on my dressing table, like coloured glass soldiers ready to serve my beauty needs. Lancome is a favourite brand of mine for skin care and makeup, but I was yet to try their perfume, of which I had heard many great things about. I then came across this Tresor in love at my local Priceline, half price, and I was sold from the minute I spied the gorgeous dark purple bottle that housed the most enticing fruity, dark, and floral, rose scented perfume. It was floral and girly, yet dark and oriental, and struck my girly yet also darkly feminine side, which is the whole power and magic of every perfume, the memories, feelings and emotion it brings out in a different way in each person. I used it the next day for an interview I had, and the vanillary, rose scented smell lingered all day long and put me in the best mood, it really gave me a fresh and bouncy confidence, and put an extra little spring in my step. It is great for day, for night, for formal occasions, for interviews, basically any situation you face any day, this perfume will work for you. It lasts all day and night long, with only the tiniest amount needed, so even though I've used it most days now for a few months, it's not even half empty. The purple, seductively shaped glass bottle puts a smile on my face every time I look at it and each little spray on my wrists, neck and other pulse points gives me continued feelings of happiness, joy, confidence and power. The price tag of $115 is so worth it as the bottle lasts simply ages and I just love the rose and vanilla and oriental scent, and trust me, even the most anti-feminine, non girly girl out there will love it at first whiff. Lancome, you've done it again with Tresor in love perfume. One glance, one sniff and I was under its heady spell. Powerful, confidence, and style, that is the beautiful thing about perfume.
The sweetness of the high notes with the musky base note is just divine to me. It improves when worn for an hour or so when each of the notes have a chance to shine. I tend to wear it more in cooler weather because it can be a little overpowering if not reigned in.
At first I must admit I was not too keen on smelling this fragrance until I smelt it one day on my sister. It's an intoxicating fragrance that lasts really well. I've since been swayed
A beautiful smelling perfume with sweet floral notes. lasts really well on the skin. It is definitely one of my favourites- I find myself reaching for this all the time