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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rich Re-Densifying Night Cream

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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rich Re-Densifying Night Cream is a nourishing night-time moisturiser for very mature skin that works to tighten and re-densify sagging skin. The formula is enriched with neo-calcium to repair the skin’s barrier, leaving fragile skin strengthened and repaired.


L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rich Re-Densifying Night Cream


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Good moisture boost.

Rich and thick cream which absorbs easily and leaves no residue. Has a nice fragrance. Provided a great moisture boost to my dry, end of summer, skin and will be good going forward into the winter months. At 52 I'm a little younger than the target age of this range but I use it as it provides good wrinkle prevention and moisturisation.
There is one thing my skin really enjoys and that is L’Oreal moisturisers and serums so it was quite easy for me to choose to use the Age Perfect Golden Age range. I used the Rich Re-Densifying Night Cream in conjunction with the Rosy Day Cream and the matching Serum.    The night cream is contained in a beautiful gold, square, glass jar with a shiny gold screw-on lid.  The white cream has a delightful floral fragrance, and the cream has quite a thick consistency. I use the matching Serum under the night cream.    This night cream is very rich but it spreads so easily and evenly over my skin leaving it feeling soft, nourished and deeply hydrated.  The night cream absorbs well, and it doesn’t feel at all heavy or greasy.  When I apply the cream my face looks plumper and firmer.    What I particularly like is that the plumpness and firmness is still evident in the morning.  I then shower and apply the Serum and the Rosy Day Cream to keep my skin looking plump, smooth, firm and nourished.    And, of course, when skin looks plump and firm the wrinkles are less noticeable because they seem to be slightly smoothed out.  This cream doesn’t create miracles but it does create softness and firmness so I give the L’Oreal Age Perfect Golden Age Rich Re-Densifying Night Cream my tick of approval.    
A lovely night cream that should be used in conjunction with the day cream for the best results. The packaging for the night cream is in a lovely pot , it looks glamorous , expensive and elegant. I don't mind a pot as you can see exactly how much product there is and its easy to get out. I always use a cotton tip or plastic spatula for hygiene reasons. The consistency of the cream is very thick and firm and I was worried that it would not absorb and just sit on the skin. I applied a small amount following the instructions and the cream was lightly scented and left a nice sheen on my skin. I did notice a slight tingle feeling as I have very sensitive skin. It did not feel super moisturising or greasy but I had more of a tightening feel.  I used the cream all over my neck and décolletage as well as I have quite a bit of sun damage in those areas. The thickness and texture of the cream suggests it could be used just as a mask in hot weather or alternated with a richer cream for those who prefer a night cream with a more moisturising feel. Now the results - I can see a notable difference in the texture of my skin. My skin looks fresher and my pores are finer. I also feel that my age spots have faded significantly. I will always have wrinkles, I am also happy to look my age but feel since using this cream I look fresher and my skin has a much better texture.
Although this cream is for age 60 and above, I feel that as I am 59 I am nearly there.  The packaging of this product is a small but generous gold jar (definitely keeping).  The white cream looks and feels thick but on application it goes on lightly and just glides onto my dry skin perfectly.  No overpowering fragrance, just a subtle scent.  Taking a small amount I just massage into my face and neck using circular motions.  I like this process as I give myself a mini massage. Once applied my skin felt completely velvet and soft on touch.  Just after the first night application, the next morning my skin looked so refreshed and radiant.  With further use, my skin feels really nourished and there is definitely tightness to the face.   I didn't find this cream greasy or have any stickiness when my head hit the pillow.  This is a fabulous cream for the mature ladies and results can be seen after the first application. 
I loved the 'richness' of this cream and felt that my skin was IMMEDIATLEY hydrated on application. I noticed that it still had a hydrated appearance the next morning. I have really enjoyed being a part of this trial and would like to thank you so much for allowing me to take part. I have used many products over the years.....most of them are still half full.....however, these products have definitely come the closest to what I have been  searching for, and at such an affordable price I will definitely keep using it. My skin is definitely plumper and more hydrated than it was before starting the trial only a week ago ! 
Found this product a little greasy to apply but in saying that it immediately was absorbed into the skin.  When a relative  who uses expensive products says your skin is looking good you take  the compliment on board and keep using the products.
This  cream looks thick but applies easily It's not at all greasy Have only been using for a week but my skin feels much softer and more hydrated in the morning Will continue using hopefuuly with even better results over time.
Loved this night cream and how my skin looked and felt in the morning.
A great night cream. I use a small spatula to apply the cream and it absorbs quite quickly. Worked well during a tropical break when your skin is punished with humid climate outside and air conditioning at night.  Friends have remarked my skin looks great and healthy looking.  I loved being part of the trial and will keep using the three products.
Product is soft and luxurious to apply.  Skin looked better hydrated in the morning. 
My skin showed a great improvement in the mornings since trying this product.
this is a lovely product.  Put on after shower for full absorption and skin feels soft and smells lovely. Does not leave any residue and go to bed feeling beautiful. Works well for me and am.very happy with product.
Although I found this cream to be a bit stiff when applying, it did seem to keep my skin moist throughout the night and still felt soft and hydrated in the morning. Using these three products together, over the last few weeks has certainly kept my skin feeling great and probably would continue with this regime. A lovely product.
I am impressed with the quality and concept at such an affordable price that comes with the new Golden Age products from L'Oréal Paris. The packaging of the complimentary products is perfect. Rose Gold at any time is beautiful and classy and that is exactly how these items feel. I am incredibly impressed with the amount of information that is contained on the box. As well as a full ingredients listing there is a description of the concept and results expected. The jars are gorgeous with an inner lid and an outer lid that closes beautifully. The lovely rose gold jars are easy to hold and it is simple to take up a small amount of product. The fragrance is subtle and lovely and the cream is rich without being greasy. I thought the concept of "emollient oils to help restoration of the surface skin barrier to protect and nourish the skin" to be excellent. Continued use will, I'm sure, promote softer, smoother and more refined skin with a healthy glow. Thank you sincerely, Beauty Crew and L'Oréal for the opportunity to trial these products.
Cream was easy to apply and felt good while it was on.  Not at all greasy.  Skin looked and felt good still by the morning.  There was nothing about the cream that I didn't like.  Will use it as a daily routine.
I dislike the stiffness of this cream.  It is quite hard to apply and pulls at the skin.  Once absorbed it felt ok, and there was a visible difference to my skin each morning.  Overall the three products delivered what they promised.  I'd highly recommend the regime to others.
The Golden Age night cream is beautifully packaged and the jar is easily manipulated for its application. It has a very pretty fragrance and I found its texture light and comforting each night.. It is absorbed readily and my skin felt soft and hydrated every morning. This is a product I have been searching for. A magic non greasy cream that I can apply every night even in summer. I love this product range and am so happy to have trialled it. I will continue to purchase all three products and recommend them to my mature friends.
I loved this night cream, it smooths on easily and left my skin feeling beautifully soft, even in the morning my face was still felt soft. I have noticed that my skin seems to be smoother overall and my pores are almost non-existant. I have a lovely glow and have not been using foundation everyday, (as I usually do) I will be buying this cream again.
I feel I have gained the maximum benefit and result with the night cream by using the re activating serum and rosy day cream in conjunction with the night cream. I have seen and felt a definite improvement with the texture of my skin since using all three products.
This felt thick ,but went on easy and used in conjuction with other two  products, Ive been happy with all three and feel skin is much improved, and happy to have found them,