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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Repairing Day Cream

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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Repairing Day Cream is an anti-ageing daily face moisturiser for women aged 50 and over. Specially formulated for dry skin types, the day cream features pro-calcium and royal jelly to help smooth wrinkles and repair and strengthen skin.


L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Repairing Day Cream


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I have used a few versions of the L’Oreal Age Perfect products so including the L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Intense Nutrition range in my skincare routine made perfect sense.    I am in my 60s and have mature, dry skin which is exactly what this day cream is designed for, and I like products that really nourish and hydrate my skin, improve my skin tone, and lift and firm my skin.  I also like products that in the long term help to minimize the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles.    The Rich Repairing Day Cream is packaged in a square, brown glass jar with gold writing and a gold and brown screw top lid. The jar contains 50ml of product.  As with all the L’Oreal products I have used, the writing on the bottles or jars is kept to a minimum while all the instructions and information is printed on the boxes in which the jars or bottles are packaged.    The day cream is butter coloured, creamy and quite thick for a day cream.  The sweet, floral fragrance is not too strong and does not linger.   The addition of Manuka honey and calcium B5 help to repair the skin barrier function, restore skin density and support skin tone.    When I apply the rich repairing day cream in a circular motion all over my face, the cream absorbs quite well even though it takes a bit more effort to work the day cream into my skin.  However, this becomes easier as the days go on.  It’s important to me that a day cream doesn’t impact on the foundation I am using and although I use a primer and wait for each product to dry before applying the next, I have found that a BB cream works better than a liquid foundation with this day cream.    My skin is looking radiant, plump and firm but I wouldn’t shout to the rooftops that my wrinkles have dissolved but maybe my skin is slightly de-crinkled and with continued use perhaps this will improve, but my skin definitely looks firm and healthy.   I think, because the Rich Repairing Day Cream is so thick, I will use this during the cooler months when my skin needs a richer moisturiser.  I have no hesitation in recommending this day cream to anyone with dry, mature skin.   
Fortunately I ws given this as a present. The fact that it doesn't have sunscreen didn't worry me, but thought that with the LÓreal name it would have been included in the day cream.  For ladies over 50 maybe,  for Australian ladies over 60  I would find it hard to recommend.  I have been using this cream for just over 3 months, and believe me there is no difference to my skin.  I live in Queensland and we have had very hot weather, and just about everywhere  you go and at home there is Air-Conditioning, which dries out your skin.  And in the heat, an oily feeling face is not want you need.  I really feel that it is time that cosmetic manufacturers adjust their products to the  climate.  Australian women living close to the tropics are not going to have the same skin as Europeans who experience cold and snow.  There a many cheaper products, some with SPF included, that work just as well. Left me unimpressed.