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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Toning Lotion

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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Toning Lotion is a daily toner for women aged 50 and over. Enriched with magnesium and vitamin C, the toner helps fortify and de-crinkle mature skin after cleansing, leaving it looking rejuvenated.


L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Toning Lotion


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For those of us with more mature skin, finding a toner that's not going to strip our delicate skin of all the natural oils can be a nightmare.  L'Oreal has really outdone themselves with their Age Perfect range. It's fantastic to see a skin care brand that doesn't overlook the older woman.  The Age Perfect Toning Lotion is seriously awesome.  It smells amazing and you get a wonderful 200 ml for a brilliant price.  I wait for the skincare sales at Priceline and grab a few of these at a time.  The bottle is a slim line clear plastic which is brilliant if you are travelling.  Easy to pack due to the shape and not a worry if you are working on weight limits for flights. L'oreal say that this Toner contains magnesium, which I find very interesting, as I am aware that magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin and is a mineral that often is very underrated.  Included is also Vitamin C which again is wonderful for the skin. During Summer its a great idea to keep your toner in the fridge so that its extra calming and refreshing on the skin.  A great way to either start or end the day.
I use the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Toning Lotion after cleansing my skin every morning and evening to firm and freshen my skin.  I particularly like the way my skin seems to awaken when I apply the lotion after my morning shower, and how the wrinkles seem to fill out.    The lotion feels really refreshing on my skin and my skin immediately feels soothed.  This lotion is enriched with magnesium and vitamin C and has a slight floral scent.  It’s a gentle toning lotion that doesn’t dry out my mature skin.    I usually wait for the toner to dry before applying my serum and moisturiser.  I actually tipped a bottle of this lotion into a mist spray bottle and sometimes on a hot day spray this lotion over the top of my moisturiser before applying my primer and makeup.  This keeps my makeup looking fresh and dewy all day.  If I’m not wearing makeup I use the lotion as a spritzer to cool my skin on a hot day.    The lotion is packaged in a plastic bottle with a gold flip-top lid.  It has a reasonably small hole which makes it easy to dispense the lotion onto cotton pads without any waste.  There is 200ml of product which is a great size.  This is such a great product, particularly for the price, because it leaves my skin feeling so fresh, clean and hydrated.  
I love using toners to freshen and clean my skin throughout the day. This L'Oréal toner has a clean fresh scent which feels refreshing and calming to use any time. I love using anti-ageing products and this is a pleasure to use. It calms and soothes my skin while cleaning it and giving it a natural boost of freshness. This toner seems to brighten my skin making it look fresh and clean. It also removes dirt and oil from my skin leaving my skin with a natural softness and glow. I do tend to overuse my toners because I use them throughout the day whenever  I want that clean and fresh feeling, but even though I have used this toner throughout the day, it doesn't dry my skin or leave it irritated.  Pros: Affordable  Leaves skin feeling soft and clean Cons: None Tip: Use especially on hot summer days to freshen and cleanse the skin
Love love love this toner, perfect for more mature skin it is perfect for after cleansing to totally remove all traces of grime, oil and dirt to reveal super smooth clear skin that looks brighter and more youthful. This toner diminishes the appearance of pores and I love it's soothing hydrating properties, it's not drying like a lot of toners. This feels really nice on skin, cooling and soothing and always leaves my skin feeling super clean which I love. The addition of vitamin c is great for skin rejuvenation and for fine lines if I use this daily I definitely see an improvement in my skin, at under $15.00 this is a real bargain and so easy to use, magic for more mature skin, I love it and would highly recommend it
This is a great product, after cleansing use this to give your skin a really fresh clean feel. It gives you a feeling that you have really cleaned you skin. A great product for older skin. Definitely recommend. Cheers Wendy