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L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara

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L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara is a lightweight curling and volumising mascara with a memory formula that ensures lashes stay curled all day. The mascara wand has short bristles to grip and curl lashes, while the long bristles coat lashes from root to tip for added volume. 

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L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara


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Incentivized Review

Oodles of volume

I preferred this once it dried out a little bit as I'm not a fan of a wet mascara. It flaked a little bit, but nothing too excessive. It was definitely more volumising than lengthening on my lashes and it had a strong black colour. It was easy to remove with my regular cleansing oil and didn't sting my eyes during removal. It's not my favourite L'Oreal mascara, but if volume is what you're looking for then you'll get alone well with this.
Incentivized Review

Pretty Good!

This mascara was pretty good! It gave wonderful length and hold and lasted all day with minimal crumbling. It made my lashes really voluminous and didn't make them clump together. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because there was some tiny clumps (but they went away when I swiped over them) and also because its a super wet formula so if I applied too much it would 'undo' the curl that I got from my lash curler. But,both of these problems could be solved. If I just use it for a while longer it'll naturally dry out a little and be the perfect consistency (this happens with a lot of mascaras)
I am Fussy when it comes to mascaras but I also don’t want to pay an arm and a leg , with no guarantees it will be good enough to not smudge or fade throughout the day ,on  me. LOreal was on sale at my local Chemist Warehouse so I went on the hunt for what new mascara LOreal was offering, and grabbed Bambi Eyes.  Whilst not really giving me long and luscious , fake looking lashes , this is still a winner for me. My almost non existent lashes look dark and somewhat long and the colour is a dark black. Smudging under my eyes ,which is usually typically with other mascaras , is minimal, so this is a winner for me, It would be great if there is a waterproof version too.
I love L’Oreal Paris products and the bambino’s eyes mascara was a winner for me. The sleek silver packaging makes you stand up and take notice, so cool and luxe. The formula is nice and smooth, not liquify and sloppy but not dry either. The brush is a little stiff, but this makes it easy to pick up just enough product. This mascara gave me long lush lashes with no clumping or smudging. It curled my lashes beautifully and lasted all day. The black pigment is high quality and luxe and I love how long it makes my lashes look. I removed it easily with my usual makeup remover also. I often use max factor 2000 calorie mascara but will be buying bambino’s kashes again, it a great price and gives me long curled lashes. A winner, u would recommend this product.
Finally, a L'oreal mascara that is up my alley. The last few years I was pretty disappointed with their releases, but bambi eye mascara ticks almost all my boxes.  The sleek silver packaging is on spot, the wand silicone, but rather stiff. It does not pick up too much of a product which is great, as I do not have to wipe the excess off .The formula is not as dry as I would like but although liquidy, it is still pretty thick. This and a pretty good wand make this mascara a great option for someone who want long, accentuated lashes but also the volume and separation at the same time. Moreover, it is long lasting, will not flake or smudge and is easily removed with any make up remover. I like it.
Generally, I am a mascara hater. I find them messy to apply, irritate my eyes, and flake or crumble throughout the day. Fortunately, these did none of those things. My lashes looked super long and defined without the clumpy or spidery look, I found they stayed curled well, and most importantly, was very easy to apply and the effect lasted all day. I will absolutely continue to use this.
I love the L’Oréal Paris bambi eyes mascara. I love the way it volumises my eyelashes but doesn’t make them look clumpy.  It gives my eyelashes a full and fluttery look. I also love how black it makes my eyelashes look. The brush is easy to use and get all of your lashes . 
Stunning sleek packaging. The oval shaped plastic brush is fantastic for application. The formula is on the wetter side but applies nicely. My lashes look thicker, longer and darker in just one coat- FANTASTIC! Outshines the higher-end products I have used.  Can't wait to continue using this product
This is a really good mascara. It is buildable and really does give that false lash effect. If you keep building it up in will clump but that is only with multiple layers, not just two or three. I will absolutely repurchase. This is my new favourite mascara and perfect for a night out.
I really loved this mascara! It lengthened and volumised my lashes with one coat, and is buildable if you’re looking for a more dramatic look. My only complaint about this product is that it’s difficult to apply to the lower lash line because of the size of the wand. Other than that I love it and will be repurchasing once I have run out!
This mascara is ok. Although I really liked the brush shape I found it to be a little flimsy thus making it hard to apply, it did need multiple applications to achieve the look I like  I did however like that it did not smudge on my bottom lashes and lasted all day without flaking off onto my face. I will continue to use this mascara until empty however will probably not repurchase due to the brush.
I recently received this as a review crew reviewer and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I'm not usually a big fan of these types of wands but this mascara actually somehow made my lashes look jet black, long and voluptuous!! I was really happy with how natural the finish was, I have had other mascaras that do all those things but it can look unflattering. However this mascara worked wonders!
When I was offered to trial this product as part of the Beauty Crew Review Crew programme I jumped at the chance - after realising that it was extremely difficult to remove residue from my current mascara, I was keen to try out something else. I wasn't disappointed! I've found that the L'Oreal Bambi Eyes Mascara is a lot easier to remove so that was tick number one!  The product itself is a really flattering deep black colour. I find that it makes my lashes look bolder and thicker - I was even asked if I had extensions!  My only qualm concerns the price point. At over $25 this is more than I would pay for a drugstore mascara however Priceline and the like regularly have sales that would make this a lot more affordable for me. 
This is a good product, but not a rockstar. Good for a "no makeup" everyday look, not a big event product. Not particularly volumising, and definitely not a dramatic effect. Bit of a different wand which takes some getting used to ( or risk a big messy streak!!). Definitely not for the clumsier ones among us!
The wand on the brush is quit bulky which can make it a little harder to apply, but it is definitely worth it. With one coating it provides a very nice natural look, but after applying a couple you really get that false lash look. You definitely need to curl your lashes before using this one and I do notice that at the end of the day my lashes do start to look a little flat. Though it is definitely lengthening and adds a decent amount of volume. My only real complaint is that it can smudge and flake, however I do have oilier eyelids. Overall I would recommend this mascara as it makes the eyelashes look amazing with a couple of coats.
Overall this mascara was fairly average. Colour was good, kind of black/grey.  Mascara wand/brush was not what I'm used to and found then to short which meant it could hit your top lid as you had to go in pretty close. Prefer longer bristles.  I generally apply one layer and then wait for it to dry and apply another this helps the mascara last longer and keeps the length but when applying a second layer with this one it clumped my lashes really badly.  I think there is much better mascaras for that price range or lower!  It wasn't overly bad but it wasn't great ether. 
I fairly enjoyed this mascara, however only for light day to day make-up! My normal eyelashes are normally straight with no curl; this mascara holds the curls throughout the day. I love that I can achieve a slight cat eye effect, lengthening my other lashes.  One con of the mascara is at the end of my shifts, I’ve noticed that my mascara slightly runs. I feel like this mascara will be better once its dries out a little. 
This mascara was alright, but It wasn't my cup of tea. I myself like a mascara that gives a bit of volume without being too clumpy and this did not work for me. The brush was large and when I was applying it, I struggled to apply just the right amount of mascara. The formula was alright, but it ended up being too clumpy for me. It also smelt like sunscreen, which was not fun. It did, however, give a lot of volume, so if you desire a LOT of volume this mascara is for you.
Overall I liked using this mascara, but it wasn’t my favourite. It is quite a thick formula and a lot comes out on the brush so you have to wipe it on the container before applying. It lengthens the lashes well but it takes a couple of coats to get the desired volume. It works well but I don’t think I will be repurchasing this product.
Pretty good mascara, but nothing special actually! Doesn't really lengthen/volumise any more than your average product. Would continue using, but wouldn't repurchase. packaging is nice though - this mascara tends to smudge if i don't set under my eyes with powder but otherwise is not too bad.