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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Conditioning Balm

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Conditioning Balm is a conditioner infused with omega-rich camelina oil to relax unruly strands by smoothing and taming frizz. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Conditioning Balm


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Have been using this product for over a week now. It makes my fine hair feel soft and fuller without weighing it down. Other fine hair products  make my gair look flat, Botanicals does the opposite. The fragrance is beautifully fresh, and the pump action nozel makes it easier to use. I will definitely purchase again.
Totally in love with this balm conditioner, it is just sublime!  Use the matching shampoo first for best results then apply a small amount of this lovely, thick balm then pop on a shower cap and let it work its magic.  It has the most heavenly smell, very sweet, nutty and slightly floral and I love the scent it leaves on my hair.  After 5 minutes (or longer if you have the time) rinse carefully in warm water (as it's quite thick, rinse well) and your hair will be soft, manageable and most importantly frizz-free but still very light and bouncy.  It doesn't coat the hair or weigh it down like some frizz products can, and it's free of nasties like sulphates and silicones which means your hair is naturally smoothed by nourishing oils and plant extracts rather than that silicone slick feeling.  Really great range and really great results, love it!
This product smells amazing! Definitely only need to use very small amounts of these products. After i began using these products my hair became frizz free it was amazing. After straightening ky hair it helped it to stay strain for even longer. I do lobe this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has trouble controllong frizzy hair.
Really loved this conditioner, I was surprised at how well it worked on my frizzy unruly hair! I'm not fan of the packaging (even though it  is made from recyclable materials which is impressive) It just doesn't stand out or offer much to look at. The fragrance isn't amazing but since it is light and not overpowering it didn't bother me too much. Will definitely be looking for and purchasing this product in store...
I used the L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Conditioning Balm after the shampoo and I liked the easy application packaging as well as the smell. I did think it made a difference to the dryness and frizziness of my hair, but most likely because I was using all the products in the range. It was a definite positive that I did not have to use that much of it at a time. I would recommend it.
I liked this products i have dry, frizzy, coloured hair only need a small amount and found it went a long way in my medium to long hair. would rather it the same size as the shampoo and with the pump as well just for function. I really liked the smell and didn't find it over powering as all. I will keep on using it see how i go at the moment its is helping with the frizz and making it feel soft without feeling oily.
I wanted to love this range as it's great to see bigger brands putting out botanical options. I found this conditioner on the too-heavy side - the irony of course is that a frizz-fighting product is likely to be heavier in texture/feeling, but for me this seem to make my hair heavy, without noticably reducing frizz. I suspect the camelina ingredient may also be an irritant for me as all the products left my scalp feeling itcy. I had not used any products with camelina before. I think this would work better on very fine, light, frizzy hair - my hair I think is too thick and so it got weighed down.
The conditioners packaging was average , just your everyday tube style, which I don't mind. The 'look' of the packaging I found to be a little ho-hum - but this says noting of the product inside obviously. . The conditioner itself did a beautiful job at leaving my hair soft and felling nice. The smell, again , like with the shampoo , was a bit over powering and not so fabulous in the smell-stakes to be completely honest. Overall though this conditioner was right up there with some of the better ones I have ever used.
I have dry and frizzy curly hair so I'm always looking for really good conditioners that will help to control the frizz but put moisture back into my hair as well. This conditioner or "balm" as they are calling it comes in quite a small 200ml tube but lacks any instructions so you just have to guess it's for in the shower. At half the size of the shampoo which I use a lot less of, I would probably use 3 or 4 of these tubes to one bottle of the shampoo which makes the value seem not very good at the price to me. The conditioning balm is easy to apply to the hair and I always apply conditioner by finger combing through my hair to also get rid of some of the knots at the same time. It is a very thick formula with a slight floral scent that I didn't find to strong. Unfortunately for me I haven't found it to have much impact on my hair, it hasn't helped with the frizz and it is not as hydrating as I would want from a conditioner. I would not repurchase this product.
This conditioner is so lovely and thick..i love the scent, i find it to be subtle and not overwhelming at all.  I found ot helps.to control my wavy and frizzy hair. I even used it on my daughters long wavy and knotty hair.  Worked a treat.  I left it in for about 3 mins and love how easy it washed out and how ot left my hair feeling so soft and luxious..
Great conditioner! I have coarse, wavy hair and I loved this conditioner. You only have to use a small amount and it goes far. My hair feels so soft and much more manageable. I will purchase this in the future and I love that this product has no silicones, parabens or colourants. As with the shampoo, I'm not a big fan of the packaging but other then that this conditioner is perfect!
My hair is curly and tending to be fine, so it definitelygets frizzy.   I really love the packaging – with the tube being the samecolour as old-school apothecary bottles – I think it suits the natural natureof the product.   The first time I used it I thought the scent was quitepleasant but was worried it was a tad overpowering.  I didn’t need to worry, because the scent ismore subtle after a short time and hair smells lovely afterwards.  I had comments on the lovely scent, and oncemy daughters smelt it they begged me to use it in their hair (one has thick wavyhair and one has thinner curly hair).  Weall loved how it felt (great consistency) – not watery or gluggy. It alsowashed out easily and definitely made hair feel smoother.   I need to also say that one of my daughters gets a dry scalpand we have tried numerous shampoos and conditioners – so far this one has beengreat at reducing her dryness (and associated itching) so it has been agodsend.   My only concern is that I don’t think the size of the tubeis the right proportion to the shampoo bottle – I will definitely run out ofthe conditioner before I run out of shampoo.   I totally recommend it and will be buying it in the future.
Loved the packaging of this product more than the actual function. I have dry frizzy hair and after two weeks of continuous use, I couldn't say I really saw any difference in condition of hair.  Has a beautiful scent to it, very fresh and subtle once hair dries. A really nice thick and creamy consistancy, easy to apply and washes out nicely. Did find that I had to wash my hair every second day as it got quite oily at roots and rest of hair felt heavy.
As with the shampoo, I found the scent of this conditioner to be extremely strong to the point of off-putting. In terms of results, I found it to be comparable to other anti-frizz conditioners and as such, would not repurchase as the results did not outweigh the overpowering scent for me.
Perfect for quick and easy frizz taming on the go without fussy around. I used a pea sized amount which tamed the frizz and gave that just styled look for my shoulder length hair; a little goes a long way. Smells great and doesn't look oily. Lacking instructions but that seems to be the norm for this range.
The packaging is nice but it's an upside down tube with a flip top lid, not a huge fan of those. The scent compliments the shampoo, it's a clean soft scent that smells lovely but won't overpower your perfume. The conditioner is very thick and rich, I only needed a very small amount. I didn't have to leave it in for 3 minutes , I just distributed through my hair, washed my body then rinsed it all out. My hair definitely has reduced in frizz without feeling costed. Will definitely use again
L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual Conditioning Balm  comes in an easy to use tube packing. It has pleasant smell which really feels good in shower. The conditioner has a thick cream like consistency which I like. It stays perfectly on my hair with out dripping. I only need a small amount for my medium length hair.  I love its formula, It is very easy to remove and it does not feel sticky or greasy at all.  This conditioner instantly makes my hair silky and shiny with less frizzy hair. It is very gentle on my hair and does not strip my hair colour. I am using it for  the last few weeks and I notice that regular use can bring significant changes. This conditioner makes my hair soft, silky and almost frizz free. I also feel that L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Camelina Smooth Ritual products including this conditioner really improved the texture of my hair.They are smooth, easy to manage and even my hair colour looks vibrant. Overall , I like this conditioner, it is great for my dull, dry and frizzy hair. It love the fact that the formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.  I highly recommend it for those who have dry, dull and frizzy hair.
After using the L'Oréal Smooth Ritual shampoo and conditioner range for a few weeks I did notice my was was less frizzy. The conditioner has a beautiful floral fragrance and a nice thick texture and adds a nice natural looking shine. The range is more suited to normal or dry hair.
This conditioner is wonderful!  You don't need to leave it in for any great period of time as it is a bit heavy if left in for too long.  I found that in combination with the other products in the range gave it optimal results!  My daughter has wavy, fuzzy hair like mine and it also worked great on her hair also!  I highly recommend this product for a smooth and tameable mane.
I don't have the kind of hair you can wash and wear, but sometimes I just can't be bothered straightening it. I used the balm the morning after washing my hair when I'd just dried it off with the blow dryer. The balm smoothed all the frizz without making it greasy or leaving a film and although I didn't wear it out (my hair is not wavy and unruly than curly) I was able to tie it into a neat ponytail without all the usual flyaway sand fluff. This balm is awesome for those lazy days!