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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Strength Source Strength Potion

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Strength Source Strength Potion is a leave-in hair treatment that protects fragile hair from root to tip. It is infused with coriander seed oil, which is rich in omega 6. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Strength Source Strength Potion


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My hair is thin, curly and if I don't take care of it it's very frizzy/prone to split ends. I usually use quality products from brands like Aveda to maintain the frizz etc. I recently decided to try this little potion because I could see that the ingredients were good and I've always wanted to strengthen my fragile hair. I've only used it several times and wow! For this price, I'm very pleased that my hair is way less frizzy and yes, it certainly feels stronger! I even went outside on a cold, wet day and my hair didn't turn into a frizz ball. I definitely recommend this for fragile hair.
The packaging in the whole range is fantastic! I however didn't have much luck with this product. It didn't feel like there was any difference in my hair using the couple drops recommended. On a positive, it didn't leave my hair oily or with any residue. I have thin hair but very dry ends. The product itself is watery and lightweight.
I liked the whole range but did find this confusing in how to use it. The good thing about this product was that it is light and non greasy on my hair and it did leave the hair feeling smooth and frizz free. I like the scent of this range also
this product is really amazing!!!  i really have noticed a different in the strength and smoothness of my hair and it really is an amazing potion as promises.  I think the packaging is really lovely and looks very sophisticated! this is a product i will definitely recommend to my friends
The coriander scent of this potion is absolutely amazing. It's very light on your hair and doesn't weigh it down, I applied it to wet hair before styling and left my hair soft and shiny and smelling fantastic. It is a very watery consistency and you do need quite a few drops to cover your hair but I kept it to just my ends.
I've been using this on my second-day hair, it's been good as a refresher but not great. Like previous reviews it is a leave in conditioner  and a little goes a long way and the packaging is nice. Very liquid formula so the dropper is a nice to have.
I think I've found my new holy grail hair care range! I have been using the entire range for a fortnight now, and my hair has never looked nor felt better.  After two weeks, my bleached hair has definitely improved in condition - it is stronger, shinier and softer, with less breakage. The strength potion is a leave in treatment that I apply to towel dried hair, mostly before letting my hair air dry, but occasionally before heat styling. The potion is a thin, almost watery serum, that is easily dispensed from the very cute dropper bottle, that I apply throughout my hair, including at my roots, unlike regular hair serums. I love that it is light and doesn't weigh down my hair at all, or make my roots greasy. It does seem to have helped strengthen my hair, as I have noticed a lot less breakage and hair fall. I was a bit wary about the fragrance - coriander is not something I usually associate with haircare - but was pleasantly surprised. The scent is a lovely earthy herbal, but in no way overwhelming, and leaves your hair smelling clean and fresh all day long. This is a great replacement for the far more expensive salon brands I have previously used - a better price and, most importantly, better results!
I kindly recieved the strength potion to trial from L'Oréal and beauty crew. This serum type product is designed to be used in the ends of your hair to help nourish. I have used this in damp hair after shampoo and conditioner and also on dry hair for maintenance. After smoothing through my ends at times I also smooth a drop over my roots which helps eliminate some frizz. Overall I have been really impressed with the entire L'Oréal Botanicals Range, my hair looks and feels really healthy.
I really like the old-school design of the bottle and dropper to apply the product - it's very apothecary in style. A little goes a long way and made my hair very smooth. It's too early to tell if my hair was strengthened, but I will continue to use this, as it smells nice and feels goo.
The strength potion is probably my favorite product in the range. I love leave in treatments and it's a generous size. It comes in a dropper bottle but given you have to try and get as much drops as you can especially if you have long hair for me, I think it is more ideal if it comes in a spray bottle. I think the dropper style is more like a novelty and not ideal for this wonderful product. The packaging is the only issue I have with this potion. I have never used any hair or body treatment with Coriander and I found it very interesting while trialing this range. The potion has a nice strong scent which I love as it leaves my hair really fragrant all day long. I can smell my hair from morning till night and I love how refreshing it smells. I also think that this potion made my hair look and feel shinier and healthier. I'll definitely recommend this product!
Okay I won't lie at first I had my doubts about this product as I usually only use morrocon oil on the ends of my hair but I was excited to give it a go.  First impressions were the smell of the product, it had such a nice aroma to it. The texture is light and it goes on so nicely on towel dried hair. After I blow dried my hair you couldn't even notice or feel that there was anything in the ends of my hair but wow it was so soft and well my hair smelt great!! I will continue to use this product and will defiantly be recommending it to friends and family.
I also really loved this product. I have found some leave in products to be a bit heavy in my hair weighing it down, this was not the case with the Coriander serum. The dropper is great as it does not distribute too much product onto your hands. I found I only needed around 5 drops in the ends of my hair to make is soft and frizz free. I'll definitely buy this product again
This potion is my favourite product from this particular line. I have fine, fragile hair, and this entire range just makes my hair feel like I'm giving it a bit of extra attention and TLC. This particular product is like the cherry on top! After washing and conditioning my hair, I apply a few drops (I found around 10 were ideal for my hair) to my palm, rub it and work it through my strands. It's like the grand finale, giving my hair an extra element of care and protection with this leave in treatment. As with conditioner and mask, this product is not greasy at all, which I LOVE. The scent is earthy and subtle. 5 out of 5 for this product.
Anyone with fragile hair- liaten up: This product really did as it suggested it would- my hair felt stronger and I definitely noticed less "malting". The strength potion comes in a great size, with a dropper style applicator which gives it a very apocathery feel. However, i felt that the potion was a little too fluid for this style of application, and a spray may have been a better choice. That said, the strength potion was very light-weight which didn't feel like it made my hair feel greasy or heavy. The packaging is wrapped in a gorgeous brown-green colour scheme, which gives a soothing aethesthetic. One down side to this range is there is no directions for their use- iS it to be used on dry hair or towel-dried? For use after blow drying? I chose to use it o towel-dried hair as a leave in treatment, leaving the hair smooth and somehow relaxed, and as mentioned, there was a noticeable improvement in strength. It's also nice to know you aren't soaking your hair in more chemicals- added bonus.
This comes in a plastic bottle with a dropper. The packaging is sturdy and looks like something you would see in a salon. The coriander scent is refreshing and not overpowering. I used a few drops for my long hair (down to belly button). I usually use an argan oil and I found this too runny. It was lightweight but I just didn't get the same outcome as I would have if I had used the oil. The bottle is a generous size but I don't think I would repurchase it again.
I really enjoyed the L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Coriander Strength Source Strength range and Loved the concept of the Potion... as mentioned in my other reviews of the products in the range, LOVE LOVE LOVE the basis of this range, the concept, the smell the lux packaging, the quality and ingredients, HOWEVER as mentioned in my review for the MASK in the range, I had no idea how to use this product! I wanted to like it I wanted to use it correctly, but there wasn't ANY instructions on the product? I am very confused as to how this is the case and feel it is a massive oversight! I'm just lost and don't feel like I can properly review this product without knowing what I was really doing, and it does seem what I had assumed to do was infact seemingly incorrect as I used it on my hair when it was dried... and it seems that a lot of the other reviews mention that they used it in towel dried hair. I would purchase other products in the range again but unfortunately would have to say I wouldn't purchase this again unless the packaging was updated to include directions of use. 99% there, but let the overall product down, due to therefore being misused
This smells great and comes in lovely packaging like the rest of the coriander range. The reason why I am rating ut lower than everything else in the range is because it feels like I am just putting a watery, milky (cloudy) looking liquid in my hair. I am not sure how else to describe it apart from it really doesn't feel any different. The potion itself doesn't feel at all oily, it has a 'nothing' feel. Ok, it feels like freshly scented herbal water. Perhaps I am just ignorant when it comes to hair 'potions' and am used to leave in treatments that have an oil or cream base. I can't get over the watery consistency and for me, my hair honestly feels no different after using this potion.
I was most intrigued by this product from the whole range. I must say I immediately like the name : Strength Potion. Just like a magic potion. I am a fan of leave -in treatments, they are fuss free and make the hair look good. The Strength Potion looks exactly like a serum, the bottle is dark brown and has a serum-like dropper which suggests we should use only a little amount of the product, " a few drops" the producer recommends. the packaging mentions that the bottle is made from 100% recycled materials which is great news as it always make me feel good knowing I am using something that is recycled and can be recycled too. I believe that L'oreal Botanicals is a range that will become very popular because of the environment friendly message. About the Strength Potion though: the formula is watery and milky in colour. It feels extremely lightweight and it doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all. It smells amazing again ( herbal, spicy smell, very refreshing) however the very scent does not linger for too long on the hair). After using the potion the hair feels less frizzy, easier to style and I swear I can see my hair becoming stronger. The hair looks and feels nourished. I believe this product is best for those who can't be bother with masques but want some extra care for their fragile hair. I think this is the very first hair serum I have ever used and I must say I like it a lot. I recommend the whole range, especially for those who want to switch to more natural based haircare, silicone and paraben free. All these little steps count.
The product packaging and design is beautiful, and like the rest of the range, it smells amazing. But I didn't notice much change in my hair after adding the serum. It definitely didn't make my hair greasy or "heavy", but I don't feel that it added much to my hair either. I could probably go without this product, but if you do feel like that extra little bit of treatment, it may be the thing to try.
The Strength Potion is a standout in the range and acts as a leave in conditioner. It is a very light, liquid serum and does not weigh hair down.  It comes in an easy to use bottle with a dropper applicator. I apply 5 drops to towel dried hair (my hair is mid length) and I focus application on the lengths and ends. I then comb through and blowdry as per normal. Using this product as the last step in the Coriander Botanicals range, makes a huge difference to the way my hair looks and feels. This leaves my hair noticeably more smooth, shiny and frizz free and with regular use has improved the condition of my hair!