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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Shampoo

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Shampoo is a shampoo infused with safflower oil that nourishes dry hair to restore softness. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Safflower Rich Infusion Shampoo


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Great product! The packaging is very convenient and the scent is amazing. I have tried other Botanicals Fresh Care products too and they all smell like heaven. I enjoyed the texture of this shampoo as it's creamy and comforting for people with dry or damaged hair, also great for wavy hair. It might be a little heavy for oily hair, in case of that I would suggest checking some other Botanicals Fresh Care lines. For me this shampoo lasts a bit longer than others because of the pump (1 pump is enough for shoulder length hair). Plus it’s large - 400ml. Love it! 
very steep shampoo for damaged hair. Well restores and nourishes. Free from silicone, paraben and colourant free. It's great.  Perfectly smells and amazing packaging. Hair pleasant to the touch, retain moisture and tasty smell. After each application, the hair looks even better. I recommend this shampoo and conditioner to those who  hair killed by lightning
I really liked this shampoo, used in conjunction with the matching conditioner I found it really nourishing for dry hair. I have very thick hair and with heat styling and straightening I was looking for something to combat the dryness that comes with using heat styling tools. I love l'oreal products and find them to be always high quality, this shampoo was no exception, it lathered up really well with a pleasant scent and really nice texture. I found it rinsed clear quite well and after using the matching conditioner my hair was left soft, shiny, silky and manageable. It felt hydrated and was easy to style with flyaways and frizz at a minimum so moisture must have been locked in. The pump is easy to use and stops mess, an added bonus, a great product I would buy again
I love that the product comes in a large size (400ml) size and has a pump which makes it easy to use. Its also lockable which is handy for travel. I am quite fussy with fragrances but this fragrance passes the test. Its a lovely likable scent. Most importantly my hair felt fresh and clean after using and ready for conditioning.
I really wanted to love this product, but It left my hair really dry after using. I liked the scent and the handy pump bottle it came in, so easy to use. I found I had to wash my hair twice with this shampoo just so my hair felt clean, it is also very hard to wash out.  The shampoo was the least favourite product in this line of hair care, I would not purchase this again or recommend to friends.
This shampoo is incredible quality and amazing value for money. I love the coconut scent, natural ingredients and moisturising benefits. I have extremely dry hair that is bleached at the mid lengths to ends and requires a lot of TLC, and Loreal Botanicals Safflower shampoo delivers! Just one or two pumps from the convenient (and generously-sized) lockable pump bottle is plenty to wash my hair, which reaches about 4 inches past my shoulders. It lathers well into a creamy foam and rinses cleanly, leaving my hair feeling soft. I could feel the moisturising effects even before using conditioner. It smells amazing and feels so nice to use. I absolutely love this shampoo and I am tempted to try the other varieties in the botanicals range just to see what they smell like!
The first thing I noticed about this shampoo was the exotic scent! It's really fresh and leaves your hair smelling divine for hours! Unfortunately I found the effectiveness of this product to be another story, it was quite a thin, runny consistency and was very hard to wash out. It didn't cleanse my hair and left a lot of product residue after a few uses. My hair was left dry and limp. I like the style and size of the pump pack (very easy to use with wet hands and quite economical) however I wouldn't buy this shampoo again.
This product performs well providing a thorough clean with little effort that rinses cleaning out of the hair without leaving any residue.  I have dry, thick, heavily colour treated hair and find many shampoos to be either too stripping or not effective enough - this one strikes a good balance between these two extremes. I found using the whole range provided good moisture to my hair.  The scent is mild and pleasant without being overly-perfumed - a bonus for people with sensitivities to scents. The pump-style packaging is excellent and helps to dispense a controlled amount of product.  While its great that it is both silicone and paraben free, it does lose some marks for having sulphates which hastens colour loss and fading.
I really love the scent of this range! its smells very organic and Fresh. The scent doesn't linger when the hair is dry which I like (so as not interfere with the scent of my perfume) it isn't overly soapy (I find some shampoo's are extremely soapy) and leaves the hair very smooth. The pump dispenser is also very handy for the shower with wet hands!
Familiar product Loreal with a natural approach a big tick from me. The slight orangy smell it's amazing and  it's refreshing. It soften my dry hair almost immediately after using this range for the past few weeks.The product its creamy and foams up easily which makes me easy to lather and rinse off. Love the huge bottle size which can last me for quite a fe months. The pump bottle it's great too for easy to dispense in the shower.  I find that my hair it's easier to manage now which makes it much easier on a busy day and I feel much more confident walking out feeling great. would recommend to use this with the whole range to get a even better result.
The main problem is that this product has high alcohol and this caused my hair to dry. After first couple of washes my hair felt amazing and smelled even better but but the end of the week I was already noticing my hair was drier (i have thin, dry bleached hair)
This product really took me by surprise. I initially didn't even realise it was L'Oreal because of the lovely 'earthy' packaging which I really enjoyed. It looks really premium and fits the 'paraben and silicon' free description - which is another must for my hair products.  I really noticed the delicious scent first off - it was fragrant and fresh. A few pumps of the shampoo certainly went a long way, it sudded up really well and went on smoothly. I used this in partnership with the mask, conditioning balm and nourishing ointment. The whole routine has done wonders for my dry, damaged hair which is usually dull and sometimes oily at the roots. I felt that this really balanced out the oily roots and the dry ends. My hair feels really soft and I'm loving the smell which lasts for days!
Loved the smell, a little goes a long way as it's a thick shampoo it will definitely last a long time. Made my hair feel nice nourished not as dry as before use, and brushed easily after washing. I also think it helped my frizzy bits. I would highly recommend this to a friend.
I tried this product for over a week now and I am not really a fan. I found the scent a bit unpleasant and the shampoo took a lot of rinsing to wash it out of my hair. I liked the pump dispenser but I would not purchase this shampoo.
L'Oreal is a brand that has been kicking around for ages, but people may be more familiar with their makeup than their hair care, as we are often stimulated by a number of their ads. However, their hair care products have certainly been on the market for a long time, and this latest release has really taken me by surprise, in a good way. Their new Botanicals range is free of silicone and parabens, for those who are concerned, and there are four different collections targeted to treat different things. The Safflower range is for dry hair, and I could tell from the first time I used it that I would be finishing the whole thing! The shampoo comes in a dark brown pump bottle, which makes getting the product out quite easily. The shampoo itself is a creamy white, and it lathers up relatively well. I like that it leaves the hair feeling cleansed without being dry, and ready for conditioner! The scent is quite subtle, and not overwhelming at all. Overall, a very pleasant shampoo to use!
I was honestly amazed with this product within the first few seconds of lathering.. and it wasn't just because the shampoo smells so good! My hair felt moisturised after rinsing without leaving behind any heavy product residue (I actually did a double rinse just to make sure), and retained that moisture with volume perfectly until next wash, which was 3 days, but I definitely believe It would last longer. I also loved the pump dispenser bottle that locks shut for travel convenience.. BONUS!!
Thank you Beauty Crew and L'oreal for the opportunity to trial this product. I will start by saying this is an amazing shampoo. The packaging is stylish and attractive. Also it is a generous 400mL bottle and I only need one pump every morning. I wash my hair daily and I think this bottle is going to last me a good 4 or 5 months!! I particularly like the convenient pump packaging. At the same time the bottle has a slight transparency so that I can see exactly how much product is left and plan for repurchase. GENIUS!  The shampoo lathers beautifully and I only need the tiniest amount for my scalp and roots. It is creamy (instead of clear) and it smells strongly of coconut. I have to admit I am not a big fan of coconut scent in beauty products but it is just a personal preference. The active botanicals/ingredients are Safflower and coconut oil. I had not heard of Safflower before. I googled it and I am pleased to see that it has strengthening properties for both scalp and hair. The shampoo cleanses really well and yet does not leave my hair stringy. I always follow with the matching conditioner after every use. I feel that this shampoo really cleanses without heaviness or residue, yet very moisturising for my dry and dehydrated hair. I have no itchiness and no dandruff during the trial period. If I had to make one comment, perhaps formulate the shampoo without SLS/SLES so that it goes with the theme of paraben/silicone free. Despite that, I really like this shampoo and will keep using after finishing the trial period.
Having dry hair through repeated heat styling and colouring I am a harsh critic when it comes to shampoo but this product has well and truly earned the 5 star rating!  I am trying hard to come up with some constructive criticism but I honestly can't.  Firstly the packaging is superb, looks so pretty but it very functional with the economical 400ml pump pack.  The scent is gorgeous, a sweet, nutty, creamy scent which I just adore but in no way is it overpowering.  It is a thick, opalescent gel and you only need the smallest amount to achieve a rich lather.  It cleanses beautifully, even gym-dirty hair is no problem but it cleanses without stripping or leaving me with that dreaded "squeaky clean" feeling (meaning lots of tangles and frizz to deal with later!).  After rinsing my hair feels soft and silky and most importantly manageable!  After following with the matching conditioner or masque my hair is light, shiny and the manageability is astounding - no tangles or frizz, just sleek, soft hair that smells delicious!  Such a lovely shampoo that will be in high rotation in my routine.
This was my first time using this product, and I've been using it for about two weeks now and I love it! The shampoo really eliminated oil on my scalp without drying my hair. I have dehydrated hair and this product really hydrated and helped smooth fly-away strands. It also smells beautiful and the texture is really nice. This was the first time I have not used my blonde / purple shampoo and the combination of the botanicals range and not using my usual shampoo completely changed my hair. It feels healthier and smells better than ever before.