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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Conditioner

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Conditioner is a hydrating conditioner for sensitive scalps and delicate hair. It contains lavender essential oil, soya and coconut oil to detangle and nourish fine, fragile hair. The formula is free from sulphates, silicones, parabens and colourants. The packaging is made with 100 per cent recyclable PET to reduce environmental impact.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Conditioner


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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender conditioner was a product i was keen to try after having loved the mask version of this product for many reasons.....not least because of that amazing scent and the packaging.It is great that the beauty industry is giving back ,after long since taking from the planet,so the fact that the packaging here is made with 100 per cent recyclable PET to reduce environmental impact was a big plus for m (and the planet.But what is the actual conditioner itself like ? Similar to the mask,this is quite a rich,nourishing formula that feels very creamy in texture,but doesn't weight hair down in any way (the mask did a little,but i didn't mind that to be honest),and it feels amazing both when applying AND after rinsing (hair felt soft / silky / cared for and was extremely easy to wet comb,thanks to the inclusion of lavender essential oil, soya and coconut oil that de-tangles and nourishes fine, fragile hair).But what about that scent ? Wll,as with the mask,if you hate fragrance / lavender forget about this,BUT if soothing / calming aromatherapy scents are for you....then you will adore this. At around $18 for 200ml,this will be some beautiful "me time" at the end of a rough day for many weeks of daily use. TIP:Use this before bed....the scent will soothe your soul and care for your hair
Loved the conditioner.  Didn't feel thick and heavy on my hair after I rinsed it out.  Again the scent was wonderful.  I did have trouble with the flip lid.  I couldn't open it.  I had to use both thumbs to push it open.  May have just been a faulty lid or the kids dropped it.
I use heat tools on my hair every single day, so a good conditioner is important to me - and the L'Oreal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Lavender conditioner did not disappoint!   After applying the conditioner in the shower and leaving it on for two minutes, my hair felt so silky and beautifully soft - there was that great feeling where you run your fingers straight through your hair under the water without catching on any knots! I was really happy that there were no silicones in the formula, so there will be no product buildup to worry about. I loved the lavender scent so much that I used quite a generous amount, and I could still smell it after straightening my hair, which felt amazing! 
As with the other products the fragrance was divine.  I wish the conditioner had the same pump pack as the shampoo.  It was easy to use and just gliding through my hair.  No tangling.  Again it left my hair feeling lovely and soft once dry.  I would highly recommend all of these products.
The product smelt great and gave my hair a real boost.  My hair was a little dry before using but after felt very soft and healthy.  Would be great if it was in a pump bottle like the shampoo as the squeeze pack was harder to use in the shower.
Left my hair beautifully soft and delicately scented when I left it on for longer the knots just fell out - dreamy!  I have fine hair that knots and tangles so anything that tames this mane is appreciated!  My favourite of the three products!  It also looks gorgeous in my bathroom.
I like the texture of this conditioner, and it spreads easily. I also felt a cooling effect the same as I did with the shampoo which was nice. Unfortunately this formula isn't right for my (short, naturally curly) hair as it smoothed and took the body out of it more than I needed, but in my daughter's hair which is curly but long, it created a beautiful shape to the curl after air drying. Also love the smell that lingers from the product. Really nice overall, pity it's not suited to my hair.
This conditioner was just what was needed after using the same shampoo. It was light enough for full head usage without leaving my hair feeling over conditioned, and the scent complimented the shampoo perfectly. I love the environmentally conscience packaging and product ingredients. I would consider using this with other shampoos as I really loved its texture, effect and scent.
Packaging: The combination of the brown and purple is a very pretty and modern and the tube was good. I normally prefer pump packs for my shampoo and conditioner however having the tube made it easier to distinguish between the two products. Fragrance: The fragrance was fresh & clean and the lavender wasn't too overpowering. It has a lovely scent, during and after I had washed my hair. Consistency: The conditioner had a nice consistency wasn't too thick or heavy. As i comb my conditioner through in the shower, there was no tangling and left my hair feeling soft and less frizzy. I noticed less fallout after using this product and the shampoo after two weeks. Result: I alternated the L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Lavender Conditioner was easy to use, has a lovely fresh fragrance and is a product I can highly recommend. I normally do not use supermarket shampoos and conditioners but will definitely be continuing to use this product and will purchase it again. My hair feels great after using it
The conditioner was really nice and again free from silicones, parabens and colourants, vegan-friendly and I liked that the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.  I liked the consistency of the conditioner and my hair was a lot softer after using this product, the smell is lovely and relaxing.  I would like to see this bottle in a pump bottle as well for ease of use, and maybe a bigger bottle for the conditioner and smaller for the shampoo.  Overall I really liked the conditioner for my hair type and would purchase this product again. 
Just like the shampoo this conditioner also has a lovely lavender scent. It comes in a beautiful squeezable bottle and I really liked the packaging.This conditioner lathers well  and a little goes a long way. It left my hair feeling healthy,soft and manageable. I would definitely purchase again as I was happy with the results.
I used this in conjunction with Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Lavender Shampoo. You dont need to use much conditioner as it is quite thick, after drying my hair felt clean and my hair is nice and shiny. Love the look of the tube. I will definitely keep buying this as it is keeping my hair shiny and and smelling wonderful.
I have super fine but curly hair, so trying to find a shampoo and conditioner that will give it a good clean without weighing my curls down is pretty hard to do. I love the shampoo, but using it in conjunction with this conditioner made my hair feel amazing afterwards. The smell is definitely one of the highlights as I love anything lavender scented, but the fact it didn't weigh my hair down and reduced the frizziness is what would really have me back to repurchase.   I used quite a bit of product, but I usually do when it comes to conditioner as I suffer from a lot of hair loss when washing my hair and need to use a lot of conditioner to lessen the knots and subsequent chance of losing hair after washing it and combing it.  I was really impressed with how my hair felt afterwards, and would definitely recommend this product (along with the shampoo and masque - I love the masque!)
I have straight, fine hair so find it challenging using hair products and often struggle to find conditioners that don't leave my hair weighed down feeling more oily after I have washed it.  It was such a relief to discover the Botanicals Fresh Care Lavender Soothing Therapy Conditioning Balm was an exception to this rule. My hair felt fantastic after using this (along with the shampoo range!). It gleamed with a natural shiny glow and to top it off it smells beautiful with the lavender aroma! Love it!  Along with the delicious lavender scent, this conditioner leaves my hair shining.
I received three products in the L'Oreal Paris Botanical Fresh Care Lavender Soothing Therapy range as part of a trial a few weeks ago and must admit that I'm not a fan of this range. First of all, the fragrance is too strong and lingers for days. The packaging was good and the conditioner was quite thick and creamy, you don't need to use too much. Unfortunately this range didn't seem to suit my hair that well and even after using the conditioner, my hair felt rough whilst wet. Once dried it did feel ok and wasn't weighed down by the conditioner. Given the price point, it's not something I would purchase as my hair wasn't amazing after using it.
I loved that this conditioner has a thick consistency like its nourishing your hair, but doesnt weigh down my fine straight hair. Once again the smell was amazing, and my hair did feel nourished. My only one concern was that it actually made my hair frizzier even though it was soft to the touch.
The scent is the first thing I noticed about this conditioner. The second is the fact that I didn't feel like I needed to use a huge amount of it after shampooing. Often my hair feels like straw after shampooing and I feel like I need to drown my hair in conditioner to bring the moisture back. This conditioner hydrates the hair enough without weighing it down. My fine hair felt soft and not at all frizzy. There was definitely a nice shine and I felt the volume was increased after a few weeks of use.
This conditioner left me surprised.  Many products for fine hair leave a heavy residue weighing hair down leaving it lank the next day. Not the Botanicals Lavender conditioner!  My hair has become softer and shiner as a result of the trial.  Where it has been over processed there appears to be  healthy strands.  Hair has responded well and I am incredibly pleased to recommend it to others to try.
i didnt like this product from l"oreal it was much like its partner the shampoo it didnt smell that great and the packaging isnt that appealing its not something i would buy although after useing the shampoo and conditioner together my scalp felt clean but thats it.im not a fan off this product.
Amazing conditioner for fine and limp hair. Somehow this conditioner is thick and rich, but doesn’t make my hair greasy or leave it feeling weighed down. It is lovely and nourishing, leaving my hair feeling soft and fresh. The packaging is very chic and elegant, and the squeeze tube is easy to use, dispensing the product well. The only downfall, for me personally, is the scent. I am not a fan of the lavender smell, however luckily it isn’t overpowering and once rinsed out, the hair smells pleasant.