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L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Maker


L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Maker is a dual-ended eyebrow crayon and soft kabuki brush. The cream-to-powder formula fills in brows and adds volume, while the kabuki brush helps blend for a natural finish.


L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Maker


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I have fairly full brows, and because of this I have always tended to steer clear of any tinted brow products as I didn't want to draw further attention to them. However, I recently decided on jump on board with the full natural-brow trend, and have been experimenting with a number of different brow products since. I have tried numerous pencils, powders, and pomades (drug store and high end), and haven't been impressed with any of them. However, since trying this eyebrow crayon from L'Oreal I find I now can't go a day without filling my brows in I love the look so much. The crayon comes in three shades: (04) dark brunette, (02) light brunette, and (01) blonde. I have fair neutral-cool toned skin so opted for the shade 'light brunette', however I feel that it would be suited to all skin tones as it does not look overly warm or ashy. The dark brunette shade is super dark, so I would only recommend that to people with black/dark brown hair who like the bold brow look, and the blonde is the best option for light hair colours although I feel it might be a little dark for light blondes.. My favourite thing about this brow crayon is that it is self sufficient, as it includes a kabuki brush for blending the product once applied. All the components work well together and it is so compact that it takes up hardly any space in a makeup bag (it has actually become a handbag essential for me).  In regard to the product, it is super pigmented, buildable, and easily blended with the included kabuki brush. You only need to press lightly to see good colour payoff, and once you blend it gives a soft natural finish to the brows (I would say somewhere between a powder and pomade finish). The longevity of the crayon is good, easily lasting throughout the day/night, and I have not noticed any significant smudging or unwanted transference. I have sensitive skin and haven't have any irritation since using this product. The only negative of this product is the lack of colours available. You have a generic light/medium/dark shade, but no variance in regard to tone. I cannot see light blondes or redheads being suited to the shades available, so hopefully L'Oreal decide to expand the range as the product really is beautiful. The convenience and performance of this brow crayon makes it a makeup bag essential for me. I picked mine up at Priceline for about $15, so I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable, natural, and easy to use brow holy grail. (PS: the product also works amazingly well as a eyeliner/eye shadow. I fill in my brows, swipe a little above my lashes, blend out, and boom, that's my makeup done for the day. I cannot believe how much this product has sped up my makeup routine!)