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L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper is a gel mascara that helps create natural-looking fuller brows. The tinted fibre gel and mascara brush groom and lift brow hairs and the waterproof formula dries matte.

Available in three shades, including translucent.


L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper


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Great brow gel

I bought this L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper when it was on sale. I decided to try a new brow gel since my regular one was out of stock. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It managed to lift my brows and give my super thin brows a fuller and thicker look. My eyebrows looked really full with this. It’s easy to apply and the gel applies really smoothly. I love this. I would recommend this L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper to anyone with thin brows. To remove just use your regular make up remover. This is not harsh on your brows at all.
These are pretty good eyebrow gels. The brush is small so you can be precise with application. It's pigmented so you only have to use a light hand. The clear one also does a great job at setting brows and plumping it up for a fuller appearance. After about a month of owning the tubes, they start to have a really strong alcohol smell which is a little offputting, but other than that I like it and have repurchased several times.
I love this product. I originally bought it as an alternative to the ever popular Benefit Gimme Brow as whole I loved what it did, I found the tiny tube to be probably 3X the price it should be for the amount of product you get.  Back to L’Oreal’s answer - I now buy this in the blonde shade every time it’s on special. It’s perfect for me as it works both to set/finish off your brows after filling them in but also works well on its own for days where you want to wear less makeup or if you’re in a rush. So much so, that I have found I have ditched all other brow products for day-to-day wear and only fill them in with other products if I’m going out at night or for special occasions! As other reviews have mentioned, this appears almost sparkly on the applicator. I will disagree with a previous reviewer and say that it does not dry completely matte. That being said, I’m glad it doesn’t because your natural brow hairs are not completely matte! Hair naturally reflects a little bit of light so this product not being completely matte, it actually one of its strengths.  The one and only downside is the small range of colours to choose from. That being said, I have found it works well for most people (my friend is white blonde, while I have brown hair with highlights and the blonde colour is perfect for both of us).  Give this a go! 
I really like this product. It is a staple in my makeup bag, especially when I am on the go. I purchased the transparent Brow Artist Plumper to keep my eyebrows tamed and in place. When using this product I never feel self-conscious or worry about the state of my brows. My brows look natural and feathery. As I have the transparent shade, it is hard to tell if my brows are 'plumper'. I've used this product for a while now and don't feel the need to go searching for a different one. However, price wise I may try to find an even cheaper alternative. Pros: -Convenient and in standard mascara packaging -Natural and feathery looking brows -Brows stay relatively in place Cons: -possible to find an even cheaper alternative at the same standard of quality
This is a great affordable brow gel that helps to reign in my brows and provides a little bit extra colour to give the illusion of more thicker brows. The brush is quite large so you have to be careful with how you apply it, a quick slap dash will most likely require you to do a quick clean up with a cotton tip as you’ll most likely get it on your skin not brows. I usually first go in with my brow pencil and then use this to brush my hairs into their final destination where they stay all day. On other days I have used this on its own and it’s nice and natural and coats my hairs quite well with colour but I still prefer to use the two products together. The product out of the tube looks shiny and almost metallic but when it is applied and dried it sets matte. I would say it is waterproof and I’ve never experienced it running down my face when sweating.
The Loreal Paris Brow Plumper is a great product for those lazy days where you just want to brush on and go! In comparison to other brow plumping products on the market, I wouldn't say this is the best as there does not appear to be 'brow fibers'. The effect that the 'Brow Plumper' has, is more of a gel like consistency, without much plumping effect. The only reason I've found this product to make my brows look bigger and more defined, is because of the pigment it adds to the areas of my brows that are uneven in hair colour. The spoolie applicator is a little too large (about the size of a standard mascara wand), especially for the people not so #blessed with naturally brows. Some cleanup with a cotton tip is required around the sides of the brows that is unavoidable with the brush. A size that is that would be perfect for brows would be the original brow fiber product by ModelCo which is about half the size of the Loreal one. In regards to longevity, this product does not budge, even after a day at the beach! On the whole, I can't say that I would repurchase this product, simply because there's so much competition these days, brands really have to lift their game for customers to repurchase.
This is my ultimate go-to brow gel! I usually put on the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade on first, then I'll lightly comb my brows with the L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper in clear. It has a thin consistency and smells a bit like glue at first but dries down to a wonderful semi-matte finish. My brows are tamed and stay in place all day! I love that it comes in a generous mascara-sized tube. Not only do you get more product (one tube lasted me nearly 2 years!), but i find that the longer wand makes application a lot easier. Flick of the wrist and you're ready to go out the door.
This is a very reliable brow product - I have it in all the colours - including the clear.  It's so very easy to use and I find that when I'm in a hurry, this is the brow product I grab because I know it's easy to apply and I'm confident it will look good even with just a quick 'once over'.  The formula adds colour and thickness but also is a stayer!  It keeps my brows in place all day and I don't have to think about it after I've applied it.   The blonde colour is great as a close match to my own brows - but it also adds warmth to my natural brow colour.  This is the one I use most but I also use the clear one for days when I just want to look really natural but still 'tamed'.  For days/nights when I want to look a bit glam I like to use the dark colour as it makes my brows stand out more and emphasises the scanty narrow bits more on the outside area of my brows.  I sometimes combine two colours - depending on my mood! I love that I can wear this to the beach or anywhere and know that my brows will look and stay groomed and neat.  The wand with it's mascara-like brush makes it easy to whisk the brow hair into line and give them the exact shape I want them to have.  I can apply two or more coats of this for brows that look a lot thicker than I really have!  This product lasts a very long time and travels well for holidays.  I can highly recommend this product.  I use it heaps & heaps!
This product is only ok. I've used equivalent items from benefit and essence and reach for them overt this every time.  It has tiny fibres which are supposed to plump your brow.  I have dark brown hair but found the brown too strong. The formula goes on more wet them other equivalent products, which I didn't like.  Wand was ok, bit bigger in comparison to the benefit gimme brow wand.  It did help keep my brows in place.  Also there are only 3 colours which will new limiting for a lot of people.
At first I loved the product, but as I got to use it more and more it turned into love/hate relationship - some days it helped me to create perfect brows, other times - a complete disaster! - I think the shades selection is a bit poor and as many affordable brow products this brow gels look on the orange side... PLEASE L'OREAL MORE SHADES! - It is too easy to apply too much of the product, so you do need to wipe the brush as much as possible on the side of the tube before starting your application! - Once the product sets (which happens quick!) it is very difficult to remove any excess or correct a mistake (like going outside of your brow) - it just crumbles! + If you managed to apply just the right amount of product it lasts all day without smudging or sliding - I do appreciate that! So overall I am not going to repurchase this brow gel, unless there are more subtle shades introduced int the future, that are worth spending some extra time on!
I now have faith again in brow products from the drugstore because of this product . The best brow mascara you can get on the market! Already on my third tube of this stuff. The tiny brush is great for catching all of your brow hair and filling them in,giving colour and make them look fuller. When I have this product on my brows stay put for the day, The other week I applied it at the morning and it survived absolutely everything running to work,waiting tables,sweat and fried food until midnight. AMAZING ! Everyone can find their colour in the wide colour range, the packaging is nice and compact and the most important part you can totally see the difference if you don't put it on. It would look like a completely 2 different brows on 2 different persons. So easy to use and brows looks fuller and more natural then ever. 5 STAR / HG product !
This has to be one of the best brow products on the market! It provides colour, thickens the brows AND holds them in place. The brush is the perfect size which allows for precise application and the formula has great staying power. My brows are light in colour and the shade light/medium is perfect (not too warm!). I've just bought my second tube (the first one lasted a year!), and will continue to purchase this product.  A+
I have just started using this product to fill in my brows and I absolutely love it. I was a bit worried at first as there were only 3 colours to choose and I have very dark brows but the darker shade suited fine. The brush makes my brows look fuller, neater and keeps any pesky strays in place (it's waterproof & dries matte).  It's now part of my everyday makeup routine as it's so easy to use and looks so natural. My favourite part is that I can choose how full I want my brows to look by the number of coats I use.
This is my holy grail eye brow mascara! It is beautifully pigmented, the fibres fill in your brows perfectly and it is so easy to manoeuvre! This product also will last you all day without any smearing or smudging! I would honestly recommend this to anyone, its amazing!
I have rather sparse brows and I need to fill them in otherwise they look patchy and thin. The Loreal Brow Artist plumper is so good! I love the convenience of using this product which makes my brows look fuller and also keep my unruly brows in shape. The brow product is housed in a tube similar to mascara but the brush is tiny, which allows you to brush the fibres directly onto your brows making them look thicker and fuller in an instant. It's fantastic that's it's also waterproof, I go to the gym regularly and even after a heavy workout, my perfectly groomed brows haven't sweated off, it doesn't budge until you remove it. This is a holy grail brow product for me,I  just love it, it transforms my patchy thin brows so easily and the tiny brush gives me control of how much product is applied. A must try product for any brow enthusiast.