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L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Xpert is a mechanical brow pencil that helps define and fill-in eyebrows. The pencil has an angled tip that can be used to fill in brows, or the tip’s point can be used to define your brow shape. The pencil comes with a spoolie.

Available in three shades.


L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Xpert


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I really needed to become a Brow Artist Expert, my brows are sad, over plucked and thin which gives me a hard and tired look if not filled. To top it off as Ive aged my brows have become grey with wirey stick out hairs and almost invisible.  This lovely little crayon is great to look at in a nice silver tube with a crayon one end and a spoolie the other. I liked that the spoolie has a clear cap so you can clearly see which end you want to use. I chose the cool brunette shade and it is perfect for my colouring.  The crayon end is tapered and has a wind out function which allows you to control how much colour you want to apply and makes it so much easier to give natural feathery strokes. The tube feels great, tactile and easy to manage which is important with any cosmetic applicator. I am very happy with the overall result and my only wish would be to have a gel on the spoolie to set my brows. This is a very nice product with no strong chemical smell or irritation which is important around the sensitive eye area.
What a great brow product it was! I am going to miss it. Couldn't find it again in the shops, I am not sure whether it was discontunued or what. I had it in cool brunette and I must say it was one of the best colour match for my brows ever. I liked the fact that the spoolie was included. The angled tip made it easy to apply, the formula wasn't too waxy, easy to work with and pretty long lasting too. If I see it again I will definitely repurchase it. Brows done in 10 seconds.
I was surprised how much I enjoyed using the L’Oreal Paris Brow Artist Xpert, which was a bit of an impulse purchase! It is a great dupe for some of the higher end brow products. One of the best features is that it is a mechanical pencil which is very easy to use. It also means no sharpening and no product wastage. It also conveniently has a spoolie on the other end which works well for brushing through the brows to distribute the product evenly after filling them in. This also makes it super handy and perfect for travel! The formula of the product itself is also great quality. I didn’t experience any flaking or smudging during the day, and it was easy to apply. There is no pulling or tugging, and I use a light hand with gentle strokes to fill in the brows. The well designed triangular shaped tip makes it easy to define and sculpt out the brows with no-fuss. I use the shade Warm Brown which blends in beautifully with my natural brows.  Overall, it is a great product at a very affordable price point - it’s become one of my go-tos to quickly and easily groom my brows in the morning!
I like the fine tip of this eyebrow product.  It can be turned on it's side to use as a more thicker pencil as well.  I find that if I press lightly I can use it as a lighter shade of brown and if I press heavier it will come out much more pigmented.  The combing brush at the end of the pencil is indispensible for conveniently stroking through the brows which I've just put the colour onto.  The brush makes it look so natural and undetectible that I'm wearing brow product.  The product also lasts on my brows all day.   My best tip would be to add a little bit of clear brow gel over the top to them a shiny finish if you like that kind of finish.  The brow gel will also keep the brows in place for a lot longer.
This is my go to drugstore Brow product! It's easy to use, compact enough to fit in any makeup bag and a decent range of shades to ensure the right match for your brows. Also, any Brow product that includes a spoolie gets bonus points in my book! Worth the $$$
This is a great eyebrow pencil! The colour is great even for almost black eyebrows like myself. I find the colour is cool and does not throw any warmth at all, so that's a big plus! The texture is easy to use and the wind up pencil is great. There is also a spoolie on the other end and it is great for brushing out the brows. The packaging is also really great. Definitely a repurchase!