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L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss is an ammonia-free, semi-permanent at-home hair dye that delivers glossy multi-tone colour and covers up grey hairs for up to 28 washes. The new applicator bottle and cream formula help give better control and a gloss-finish colouring conditioner enriched with royal jelly boosts shine after colour treatment. 

Available in 32 shades.


L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss


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So many shades!

I have used this hair dye for year and years. The shade names have changed over time, but I always opted for a shade with the word "chocolate" in it and was never disappointed. I have dark brown hair so I didn't want any drastic changes, I just wanted to add a little "something something". The rich brown with red undertones was beautiful and people always commented on how great my hair looked, saying it was healthy and shiny. It faded naturally too and didn't appear to damage my hair. It's affordable and you can usually get them on a decent sale if like me you have long hair and need two boxes. I never had any allergy issues or weird staining, although I always put moisturiser around my hairline to avoid the dye staining my skin. I like the gloves it comes with, they're not too big to be able to apply the product nicely throughout your hair. This is the only line of box dye kits I will ever buy.
Colour used: 1021 Very Light Pearl Blonde This is a beautiful colour to reinvigorate a tired blonde!  It's easy to use and brings back a beautiful shine to my lightened hair (natural medium blonde, lightened to light/very light blonde). It does wash out (of course), so don't expect staying power, but this is a lovely way to keep light hair looking glossy and gorgeous between big dye jobs.
This is a great product for great coverage. Unfortunately like most hair dye it has a strong unpleasant smell upon application. The conditioner after rinsing the hair is fantastic, it leaves the hair so soft shiny and nourished. I wouldn't recommend this product for touch ups, definitely for an overall colour.
One of my favourite at home colours to use. The crème formula makes application easy - no mess, and its very reasonably priced. It leaves hair soft and shiny with vibrant colour that lasts! The no ammonia is an added plus. The colour range is also great - but the browns are definitely warm/red toned FYI.  Would highly recommend!
These are the hair dyes my mum and I consistently used for at least 3-4 years running and my mum still uses them over a professional dye today. It's very easy to apply and the directions are easy to follow. The amount you get in one box is well enough to apply to shoulder length, perhaps an inch or two longer hair. I found that the colour applied and held onto the hair strand well and would last a good couple of months before I saw noticeable regrowth - this probably also depends on the colour you choose. After a while when I was growing my hair out, I could see the very obvious brassiness to my hair compared to my natural colouring on the roots and the faux colouring on the ends.  My mum still uses this and it works on her few grey hairs beautifully. We usually use the Black Cherry colour and it has a gorgeous effects because her greys really pick up that reddish shade and almost look like little highlights everywhere. Definitely would recommend especially as you can frequently find them half price. 
Castings by L’Oréal has been my go to home hair colouring for years. I have hair just past my shoulders and there is enough creme in one tube to colour it all. It’s easy to use and the the applicator makes dispensing a breeze. It leaves my hair smooth, shiny and feeling healthy and I love the range of reds available. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting a semi permanent solution they can do themselves.
Love this DIY hair colouring kit. I have light ash blonde natural hair and use the medium brown as I find it comes out nice and dark and then softens to the brown that I want. The desired colour lasts about a month and then starts to fade but still has a nice colour, though with red undertones that most browns have so I do need to keep putting hair dye in if I want to avoid a golden look. It's easy to use, comes with a comb applicator option, and the instructions are good and simple. My hair smells nice afterwards and is surprisingly soft. It comes with a conditioner for a few uses too. Great price especially when on sale at the supermarkets.
i love this product easy to apply and the colour last wel,it leaves my hair soft silky and a lovely shine lastsl for around 6 to 8 week when i do the regrowth and it great to buy when it on special,a much cheaper option than getting done at a salon
I have very dark brown, thick frizzy hair with some greys, and I have found that this product covers grey and lasts for 4-5 weeks on me before the greys show again.  The colour has lasted well on the non-grey areas and does not appear to have faded. I wash my hair 4 times a week, so that makes it about 16-20 shampoos. I suspect that if not for the greys, I would not need to re-colour for a couple of months. It is easy to apply, does not have any nasty ammonia smell and hair feels less dry than when using L'Oreal Excellence permanent hair colour. I will probably stick with this in the long run and try to re-colour more frequently as it is less harsh compared to the permanent product.
I used to use this product very regularly about 10-12 years ago in Ebony Black. I have dark brown hair and just loved the true black colour this gave my hair. I applied it once every 3 months and it instantly made my hair so shiny, thicker and much more full of life. The application is extremely easy - the consistency is smooth and easy to spread around the hair, it is thick enough so doesn't splash everywhere, and the applicator tip is very handy. For the price, the amounts of the dye itself and conditioner are very generous and even though I had thick, past-the-shoulder-length hair, I only ever needed to buy one pack. The conditioner that comes with this is fabulous and I love the smell. I stopped using it after a couple of years when I went to the hairdressers to dye my hair a medium ash brown. The product was deposited to heavily into the hair shaft that the colour wouldn't lift at all and I had to wait a year to grow my hair out plus have it cut significantly shorter in order to go lighter. Be careful of using this if you're going darker as even though it's semi-permanent, it will not wash out completely and you may have problems in the future if you are looking to go lighter.  I now use it about once a year when I feel my hair needs a bit of a boost. But I only use it in lighter colours and use it more as a toner rather than to change the colour of my hair. PROS A beautiful colour range - there's something for everyone Leaves hair very soft and thick No ammonia so no heavy chemical smell CONS Darker colours to not wash out completely - beware if you're looking for a temporary colour change as it may deposit colour that will be hard to remove REPURCHASE? Yes, as after trial and error I know how to use it to get the results I want.
I adore this semi permanent hair colour from L'Oréal, this casting cream gloss totally covers my greys and is actually really hydrating, it leaves my hair really soft and shiny after use and the colour is high intensity and really lasts for ages. This colour is easy to use for a professional finish, the instructions are easy and with no ammonia it has no offensive smell. Use the gloves provided and an old shir, I keep one just for hair colouring, apply the product, massage in, put on an old shower cap to prevent drips , leave 20 minutes and rinse out, condition rinse and style as normal. I use ebony black on my super dark hair and it is an intense rich colour that leaves a super shine that I always receive comments on. This product is great value for money, at under $18.00 it is much cheaper than a salon colour and as it's so easy a great way to save money, enriched with royal jelly the professional colour and shine is divine, I love it and highly recommend it. Pros Easy to use Great intense colour and high shine No ammonia so no nasty scent Great value Cons You do have to contain drips and mess while colour is developing , I use a shower cap so this is really quite easy to do.
This semi permanent hair colour from L'Oreal was for years my favourite. I used golden blonde for making sun kissed highlights. For years no one knew I used hair dye to lighten my hair!  This dye will last differently on everyone. On me, it never fades, so I thought this is not "semi" permanent dye, but regular. And it was my first and best choice of boxed at home hair dyes. Why? Firstly: no nasty scent! While colouring or after colouring, nothing! It is ammonia free and has no toxic nasties known to be usual suspect allergens. Doesnot dry the hair out. Leaves hair with really beautiful shine and multidimensional tones. I have brown hair with copper undertones. And when using light golden blonde from L'Oreal Casting colours, it shifts my highlights couple of shades up to perfect sun kissed look!  Overall I keep repurchasing  as this colour is so gentle on my hair.
L'Oreal Casting Crème Gloss is my favourite at home hair colour. It leaves my hair soft and super shiny with a gradual colour fade so regrowth is never a problem. The colour always comes out way darker than expected so I have learnt to leave it on for a little less than the specified time. The no ammonia is an added plus. The colour range is also great so if I feel like changing the brown tones slightly I can. The crème formula makes application easy with little mess and the price point is great also. Would highly recommend!
I love this product as it covers the greys and it isn't harsh on the scalp when being applied like alot of the other box colours. The aroma isn't to harsh but still would recommend doing it in a well ventilated room. I also recommend always using the gloves supplied as not to stain your hands and wrap an old towel around your clothing as not to stain them. If you do get colour on your skin use nail polish remover or moisturiser on a cotton ball. The colour coverage is great and lasts nearly 30 washes. I recommend for the best colour result leaving it on for 15 to 20 minutes. For a semi permanent this is a quiet good brand.
Me? No Lady!, I wait until the last moment to dye it as i find the whole thing a huge nightmare but , would differently recommend this its easy to use and i found the colour lasts longer than most, and its a colour that i would highly recommend
I have used L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss semi-permanent colour several times in the past in shades Iced Truffle and Medium Brown. However as I am over 50 years old and starting to notice significantly more grey and white strands in the front and sides of my hair, I now prefer to use the shade Iced Cocoa; which is a richer, darker brown shade. The L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss hair colouring kit is a quick, easy and fuss-free at home hair colour kit, that comes in a decent range of colours to choose from. I usually find the entire process of product preparation to colouring takes no longer than 45 minutes for me. The Developer Crème and Crème Colourant in the kit are really quick and easy to mix. The precision tip applicator included in the box makes the application process less messy and of course allows you to precisely apply the colour to the areas that need most coverage. Unfortunately I have a few grey and white strands popping up here and there, so I prefer to leave the colour on for at least 20 minutes, and I find this helps cover the majority of grey strands very well. However if you just want to retouch up your hair colour or don’t have many white strands than the product would work in as little as 15 minutes. The hair colour rinses off easily and I strongly recommend using the Nutri-Shine Conditioner included in the box, as this really helps add extra shine, radiance and softness to the hair. I have naturally frizzy, curly hair so I leave the conditioner on for a couple of extra minutes to add that  added nourishment that my hair needs. The product claims to contain Royal Jelly extract to protect and nourish hair fibers during the colouring process, and I have to say my hair does feel softer and shiner after I colour it with the Casting Crème Gloss. As this hair colour is semi-permanent for me it lasts about 6-8 weeks before I need to colour my hair again.  Overall I am very pleased with L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss, mainly because it is ammonia-free, gentle and doesn’t irritate or burn my scalp. There is no overpowering or strong hair dye odour, which is one of the main benefits of this product. Overall the product provides decent grey coverage and very natural looking colour. The product is relatively cheap and very easy to use at home, and the best part is that the whole process takes less than 1 hour. I recommend this hair colour kit to anyone who wants a quick and convenient at-home hair colour that is quite gentle and non-irritating. Of course if you have a lot of grey hairs or want longer lasting colour then a permanent hair colour would be a better choice.
Let me just start by saying I love L'Oreal products and the Casting Creme Gloss is definitely one of the best hair dyes if you're looking for semi-permanent colour. I used this in blue black for nearly three years before I decided to go blonde and it is amazing, the smell is great, it doesn't damage your hair and my hair always looked shiny from it. I would highly recommend this product ladies
This is a terrific product if you're looking for a non-permanent colouring option that skips the ammonia. I've purchased this many times over the years, and most recently coloured my hair last month in a fabulous, rich chocolate shade. No matter whichever shade you choose, you'll find the colour result will be very true to what shows on the box.  The colour comes with detailed instructions and a stock standard kit i.e. gloves, developer, colour and conditioner, and the product is applied via a standard nozzle bottle. While not 'drip-proof',  it goes on well, and really doesn't drip (too much).  The scent is strong but is also minus ammonia, so shouldn't be too irritating to most people. I have long hair so purchased two bottles for optimal coverage, finding I had really good results.   After colouring, I have found my hair to be very shiny & full of gorgeous colour.  This also does a fantastic job at covering those pesky grey hairs, and keeping them at bay for around 6 weeks.  Depending on your hair length, the included hair conditioner should have some left over for use as an intense conditioning treatment a week or so post colouring.  This conditioner does smell a bit like the hair colour, but I find it quite pleasant. I will continue to purchase this, I love how it's gentle for my hair, while also giving great grey coverage and a shiny head of hair every time.  Highly recommended.
I am the biggest dunce when it comes to doing my own hair. I pretty much use shampoo, conditioner and then let it air dry. I don't really use any styling products or blow dry it, and I only get to the salon a couple of times a year. Perhaps as payback for feeling neglected, my locks have developed a very pronounced grey streak in amongst the medium brown. It is so noticeable that my sister added it to a drawing of me on a birthday card she made for our mum, and my cousin sometimes asks me how it is, as though it has a personality of it's own. I do like a slightly darker shade of hair colour and of course I wanted to cover the grey so I took the recommendation from a friend and gave this product a try.  I have one of those brush applicators that hairdressers use, and you can pick them up from pretty much anywhere that sells hair colour. I think the brush really helps to spread the hair colour where you want it, and prevent it from getting on your skin. I also have a mixing bowl but with the bottle applicator this comes with, I don't need that.  The first time, I was scared, I admit that, but I have to say that this was really easy to use and I have continued to use this exclusively for the last few years. The instructions are easy to follow, it comes with everything you need (definitely get the brush though), and you finish off with a really nice conditioner that I keep using until it is all gone. I find the colour that I use doesn't fade too much, but I am just enhancing my natural colour, not changing it dramatically, and the grey streak goes into hibernation. My hair always looks and feels great after colouring it, and I am convinced that the colour gives it added body as I have quite fine hair. Also worth noting is that I have a very small bathroom and I am able to use this without making a mess or getting any splashes on the walls or floor. I probably touch up, concentrating on the roots, every couple of months, so I find this very affordable as well as simple to use. I have never had an issue with sections of hair being missed but I am quite careful with the application. I think as long as you set aside enough time and don't rush, especially the first time if you are new to home hair colouring, you will get a great result. Here are some of my tips for first timers. 1) Wear a old shirt that doesn't matter if it gets stained (it will), don't bother wrapping a towel around yourself of your arms will be too restricted. 2) Place an old, dark towel over the sink and counter top so you can lay things down and the surfaces are protected. 3) Put the conditioner in the shower before you start. 4) Follow the directions to mix up the colour and put on the gloves, and have a comb or brush handy and also your applicator brush. 5) Brush your hair back away from your face and use the applicator brush to apply colour all around your hairline, being as neat as you can and trying not to get any on your skin. Go behind your ears as well. As the rest of your hair is colour free, it doesn't matter if it falls around your face and ears at this point.  6) Part your hair in the middle and apply a stripe of product, then brush onto each side of the parting with the applicator brush. Use the tip of the brush to create a new section and continue the process all down one side, and then the other side, as far down as you can go (ear level). I usually take this to the middle of the back of my head, as far as my arm can comfortable reach.  7) Use the tip of the bottle to apply hair colour to the roots at the back of your head and behind your ears. Now all the roots should be pretty evenly coated.  8) Squirt colour into your hand and run it through the lengths in sections. Don't forget to apply a handful of colour to the very back/underneath, the back of your neck.  9) Use all the colour, just keep adding more and more til it's all gone, and work it through really well. Give yourself a nice head massage. 10) Cover your head with a disposable shower cap or gladwrap your hair onto the top of your head. 11) Rinse your brush and anything else that got colour on it, including your skin. Throw out the gloves and applicator bottle. 12) Don't be tempted to wait much longer than the time it says in the instructions. Set a timer if you need. 13) Rinse, shampoo, condition with the conditioner included. Use a dark towel as there might be some colour transfer. 14) Blow dry (this is one time I always blow dry) and check how well you did with the coverage. 15) As long as you take your time and make sure you really thoroughly cover the roots, you will love your new look!  
I've been using Loreal Casting since my University days ( 15 years ago).  Although the product has changed slightly it's for the better. It's new and improved being a creme.  I have long thick hair that knots easily, and have always had great coverage with Loreal casting.  My colours of  choice are either chocolate or darkest brown depending on summer or winter.  The instructions are easy to read, and a major plus of this hair colour is no ammonia and no smell.  The gloves fit easily and I apply it myself in my bathroom that is all white and I have never had an issue with stains on my basin, benches or floor.  I find the product  absorbs well into my hair. I thoroughly massage the product and then apply a clip.  It develops to a beautiful even colour in 20 mins. It's easy to wash off and the treatment colour lock conditioner is very smoothing, making my hair silky and soft.  I don't have any regrowth but normally reapply 8 - 10 weeks making it very affordable to colour at home.   It's a salon quality product that you can achieve great results in your bathroom.