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L’Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Effects

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L’Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Effects is a lightening hair colour kit for brunette hair. The formula contains no ammonia bleach and is intended to give an all over lightening effect.

Available in two shades.


L’Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Effects


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I'm not an experienced user of hair products, but I've used this kit twice and achieved a great white-blonde colour both times. I naturally have brown hair. My fine hair was just as soft as usual after using this product, after proper conditioning with normal conditioner. The bright blonde look held up well and gave me good results when dyeing.
I used this product when it was on special. I usually go for the the Schwarzkopf Nordic range but I like to try new products and love the Colorista semi fashion colour range. Unfortunately, the risk did not pay off. The Colorista dried out my hair and the lightening was not consistent resulting in a slight ‘banding’ of colour. I would not use this again or recommend it.
Unfortunately this product didn't work for me. I have dark brown hair with lighter tones throughout. I didn't notice any lightening of my hair at all. However I did note that the box bleach did not have the usual strong odor that bleach does and it didn't leave my hair brittle. Wouldn't reccomend this product for those with darker hair but can't say it wouldn't work for lighter hair!
Very happy with this. If you've ever dealt with box colors you know that they are a few shades off and you should always consider previously dyed hair and condition.  First I have to say that this smells nothing like a bleach kit. It honestly smells so fruity that I thought after mixing it my kids had gotten into the fruit loops or something then realized wait no that's my hair dye . So as far as smell goes it's awesome. The directions with the box suggest a strand test I can't stress this enough. Now coloristsa has 3 products to mix before it is mixed developed and can be put on I used a 1/4 tsp plastic measuring spoon (don't use metal as it will oxidize the dye further )  There's is 1 bottle developer creme  1 tube lightning creme 1 envelope bleaching powder You must mix equal parts of these for a strand test but do not mix all of it or you'll need another box as hair dye goes bad after it sits for 60 mins or more  The last product is a anti brass conditioner And 1 pair of gloves.  I also recommend getting a clear shower cap or saran wrap Developing time is 30 -60 mins for my strand test I cut a small piece of hair off keeping it together with a rubber band and then dyed it checking it at 30 but ultimately leaving it in until 60. Golden rule always respect developing time don't wash it out too soon and don't leave it longer than recommended.  originally I had very dark chocolate almost black hair and I dyed it red it has washed out to a deep wine color which I'm not unhappy with but I'm trying to achieve blonde. Scary with a box I know anyway. I wanted to see if I could get away with doing this without color oops , it did however lighten my hair quite a bit so much in fact it was the red I had originally aimed for however I did have to use color oops and will in a week be reusing the coloristsa to get the blonde I'm going for however if you have a dark blue and want to brighten it this product was very gentle while providing signifent lightning results had my hair been my original natural hair before the red I think it would of came put to very light brown blonde. If you have light brown hair this could easily make you blonde. I really recommend it.
I love my skin care and makeup, for letting me embrace my creative side and experiment with different looks, depending on my mood that day, but I love home hair dye kits even more for that reason. It truly lets out my inner artist that otherwise doesn't exist in my everyday life. They are much better quality these days, affordable, and very hard to get wrong, and my favourite brand out of all the options is definitely Loreal Paris, so I am so excited when they released this new colourista version in bleached blonde. I had been thinking of bleaching my normally dark hair for a while now, but was unsure if I wanted to spend a fortune at the hairdresser and didn't think that a home dye kit would give quite the same professional result, but when I saw this Loreal colourista one, that said it could bleach even dark brown hair, for under $25, well I was sold. That Sunday morning, I eagerly opened the box, carefully read the instructions and mixed up the formula and carefully but thoroughly applied all throughout my hair, pinned it up, and waited the recommended time. Then it was a simple matter of stepping under my shower, rinsing thoroughly until the water ran clear, shampoo and condition with the provided colour care conditioner, rinse and wrap my hair up in my hair turban. I rubbed my locks dry gently, combed through and looked at the end result. There was a definite and obvious bleached colour to my once dark hair, and it was glossy, soft, and radiant, like every other Loreal dye I've ever used. I am still super happy with the result, although my dark roots are starting to show now, so it's time for a re application. I am loving being a bleached blonde, and I loved this colourista dye kit, it was affordable, super easy, and not drying on my hair at all, which is a pleasant surprise for a bleach product. If you have dark hair and want to go over to the light side, but don't want to spend a lot of time, money or effort, then this is the hair dye kit for you. Try it once, you won't look back and you will look and feel so worth it.
I love dying my hair so was very happy to get the chance to trial this for the ReviewCrew.   My hair hasn't actually been dyed for a while so was basically back to medium brown with light brown ends when I received this. I was initially quite sceptical at the claims it would turn my hair the white blonde on the packaging as I have tried many products that claim similar and have been left with very brassy,orange toned hair.  Knowing this-I purchased a light brown hair dye to fix my hair in advance should it occur with this bleach.  I found the instructions were easy to follow and I loved the added tip of not dying right at the roots but a few cms down.  I followed the instructions exactly (though I left the bleach in a little longer than it said too). The scent wasnt harsh or overpowering and chemical like most similar products I've used. My hair when washed and dried wasnt actually as bad as I was expecting.  The lighter brown shades of my hair did go a very pretty blonde shade (though not as light as the packet models shade) and the dark brown...well it had some brassy tones but it mostly just stayed brown. I actually got compliments on my hair the day after use asking what brand I had used as my hair looked so silky and soft apparently.  Was happy to point them to this product.  The bleach did not make my hair blonde but it also didnt ruin it,make it dry or make it a crazy orange shade. I'm actually quite happy with my new color even if it isnt the blonde shade pictured.  I think for darker hair you will need to dye 2 or 3 times to achieve the blonde shade on the packet. All in all, I am happy with the color and I would buy this product again .
It didnt work too well on my dark brown hair, kind of turned a little copper with a light brown/orange result. I probably would not purchase this product again, my hair did feel a little dry afterwards. Though the effect did last longer than expected. I think this would be more suited to lighter hair colours
I recently bleached my dark brown hair with this and it turned a light coppery colour, rather than the platinum blonde on the packet. I was a little disappointed, but my hair was very dark to begin with and I know a lot of people with dark hair find it goes orange with the first round of bleach. If I want it to go fully blonde I will probably need to strip the colour more with a lightening product. The mixing process was quite messy and it was difficult to get the mixer out of the tube. The application process was pretty easy though and I was really impressed by how nice my hair felt the next day. I was worried my hair might be crunchy and fragile, but it felt quite silky. Despite the fact the colour didn’t turn out as the packet suggested it did do a good job of getting rid of most of the pigment – it just turned out somewhat brassy. I will continue to use the toning conditioner and see if that makes it blonder.
How much fun is this product? I absolutely love playing with my hair, and this is an economic way of doing so. I don't think it lightened my hair (I'm brunette) as much as I expected, but I noticed a change in the shade of my hair, which helped add a little bit of style. It didn't dry my hair out either, which is great. If you're tired of your own look, and don't want to spend a fortune in a salon, then this is fun, effective and worth it
For me this product didn't really work to well as I have quite dark hair and the parts that i bleached ended up a tad orange, however i love the concept and think that someone with lighter hair would love this product!! I would not personally buy again, only because it didn't work with my dark hair but i would recommend to friends!
I found this kit to be very user friendly which was great! The instructions were easy to follow as well which was appreciated! It didn't lighten my hair an extreme amount but I wasn't bothered since I wasn't needing my dark brown hair to lighten that much anyway. I was really surprised that my hair somehow felt softer after using this as well. Pretty happy with the product all round.
I have porous dark brown hair and this product did the job of lightening it! It did go a brassy colour because I have red undertones in my hair. It didn't leave my hair too dry or strawlike which I liked. My friends and colleagues noticed my hair lighter. I think it would work best on medium brown hair.
I recently tried out this product and I am rather happy with it.  My hair is dark brown and it managed to lighten it to a dark/medium blonde, there was a bit of brassiness to it but I coated my hair in the conditioner that comes with it and it toned it down. I have used a fair few different box bleaches before and can definitely say this was the nicest one to use, instructions are easy to follow, the smell isn't too intense and my hair actually felt nice afterwards. 
I was given the ombre colorista range to try and lighten my quite dark brunette hair. it was very handy in that it contained all the items you needed to do it right away including gloves and brush to paint it on. it also suggests to do a patch test first to see if there are any issues with reactions. Then you just paint it on mid way or to wherever you want the ombre part to start. and just keep it in for a while to wait until it penetrates the hair enough. It was pretty easy to apply. I don't think it had a very strong lightening effect on my hair like it showed on the box. that was probably a good thing given i was sceptical about applying it since it says its permanent. It did lighten it a bit and was used as a base to use the other hair coloured products. Its an ok product but still need to go to the salon to get the professional look and colour
I've been given the ombre packet of Colorista. I liked the packaging and instructions are straightforward for application however, the results were disappointing on my dark brown hair. It ended up with orange/light brown colour which I didn't like and made the ends of my hair dry. Conclusion, wouldn't purchase this product again.
I was lucky enough to receive the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Effects to trial from Beauty crew. I have pretty dark hair and just did parts of my hair so it was more subtle. My hair was lightened but as I expected it was kind of brassy. My hair doesnt seem too damaged now which is the only good part I guess. I followed with  L’Oréal wash out colour  to trial that afterwood. But since washing that colour out I have since started using a toner to try and lighten the brassiness over my hair. Overall, if I were to recommend a bleach which wasnt too damaging I would recommend this product, however I wouldn't purchase it for myself.
I trialled this product for Beauty Crew and I found that this product did not work very well on my dark brown (close to black hair). It did not make my hair white where I used it, more of an orange yellow colour. I'm sure this would work better on those with lighter coloured hair. I probably wouldn't purchase this again because my natural hair colour is very dark.
Love this product! Didn't damage my hair and is as good as a salon job! Would definitely recommend it to my freienda and family. Also didn't turn out yellow like other products have in the past. Very satisfied L'Oréal is one of my favourite brands now
Instead of the bleach I was given the Colorista ombre to lighten my brunette hair which makes it a good base for using the colorista washout and coloured sprays.  It contains the lightening cream, developer cream, bleaching powder, conditioning shampoo, brush and gloves.  You mix the contents in the bottle and then squeeze the mixture onto the brush that was given in the package.  The brush is then combed from the mid lengths to the bottom of the hair for that natural, ombre look.  It seemed relatively easy to do but it was hard to tell how the colours would turn out.  I was scared that the brush would make the colours look streaky and not even.  Being a dark brunette it did lighten my hair a bit but not as much as I had anticipated.  The ombre look was alright but it didn't look that professional.  I think if you want to try out the look without spending too much money at the hair salon than this is a good starting point.
Didnt work too well on dark brown hair, turned a little orange and ended up with a light brown/orange result. Overall probably would not purchase this product again, not sure if it was damaging to my hair or not as my hair feels a little dry now. 3 out of 5.