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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Khôl

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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Khôl is a soft pencil eyeliner that helps deliver long-lasting, intense colour. The khôl is a combination of oil and wax that goes on smoothly and is easy to remove. Smudge-proof, crease-resistant, long-lasting and ophthalmologist-tested. 

Available in two shades.


L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Khôl


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This eyeliner is great for drawing fine lines with precision and it is perfect for my waterline. It glides on easily over my skin and doesn't stretch or pull my eyes. The best aspect about this liner is that it's very easy to remove at the end of the day. It comes off with my cleanser and I simply rinse it off in the shower. I also give my eyes a final clean by soaking a cotton pad in Bioderma micellar water to ensure I remove every last trace of my eyeliner.  I'm always searching for my favourite eye liner and this one comes quite close. It is easy to apply and also allows me to create a variety of looks, including winged and a smokey eye where I lightly smudge it onto my lids.  This liner didn't cause any irritation to my eyes and didn't make my eyes itchy or feel dry. I find that some liners can "run" and this liner stays in one place.  Pros: applies smoothly, affordable, non irritating Cons: can smudge by the end of the day Recommendation: use this easy to use eyeliner as a daily wear liner and see how well it works. I think it is suitable for any user who wants a fine eyeliner for creating a variety of looks. 
I am super impressed with this eyeliner! This product is fairly affordable, and worth every cent you pay as it will last and last for months.The colour is very intense and well pigmented meaning I dont need to layer it on too thickly for it to show well. I find I can create so many diverse looks with this liner as it draws on so smoothly always creating a lovely, precise look. I find many pencil eyeliners can draw on very thick and look undefined, where as this liner will always look sharp. I love how this eyeliner will last all day long, it seems with withstand smudging even when i accidentally rub my eyes! As someone who is conscious of my little eye wrinkles, I gaurentee this product wont smudge into them, emphasising there appearance, so it's great for all ages. A little tip is watch out for sweating/tears as will definitely cause this product to start to smear, however using a setting spray can help the liner be a little bit more waterproof. I think this a terrific and easily wearable liner that has a bold and vibrant colour that will really make your eyes pop. This eyeliner just feels like it is top class qaulity, it will always glide on perfectly, and is free from clumps and powdery bits. When it's time to come off, this eyeliner removes really easily, and just about any makeup remover will get it off which is always a huge bonus. So for anyone looking for an affordable yet great wearing eyeliner that will last all day and night , this product is for you!