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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis

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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis is a liquid gel nail polish with high-concentrate pigments and an in-built top coat for a rich colour. The specially designed brush helps deliver an even dose of polish for a one-stroke application. 

Available in 34 shades.


L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis


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It seems like haven't been using the same product as other review writes, because didn't like this polish at all. I was using nr 216 Milkshake in LA and I have nothing good to say about it, expect that the color was beautiful. But the polish itself not at all, brush was just horrible, it is too wide to apply the polish correctly and the polish was too thick. After applying, it took only few days for the polish to start cracking...
I have this in a gorgeous blue shade 621 Paris Avenues First I love how these come in a 5ml size - I always waste polish in bigger sizes, never using the same colours enough to use even half a bottle.  5mls of polish is plenty. This polish has a superb formula & a brush design that is the best I have ever used. It's a thick brush that grabs an ideal amount of polish, enabling me to paint each nail with just 2 or 3 strokes. The polish is quite a thick formula, with no signs of streaking upon application. 2 coats is all I need for a finish that is opaque, streak-free and picture-perfect. I do apply a good quality base coat and top coat, with the result that my polish lasts for days without chipping. It really has impressive lasting power. This is an excellent quality formula & overall product, and I will definitely be buying more shades!  Highly recommended.
I love the size of the bottle (and the price). I usually end up throwing away nail polish that has split or dried out, but this smaller bottle means I can use it all before it fails. The brush is smaller than average so easier to use. I have this in several shades, my favourite- today- is the blue tones.
I have this L'oreal nail polish in a peachy shade that I wear in the warmer months. It has a creme formula and its easy to apply onto my nails. Its got good pigments as wo coats is all it takes to get the peachy shade I'm after. It dries to a beautiful glossy finish without any streaks or bubbles. The built in brush is sturdy and easy to work with.  My mani lasts me a good 3-4 days after which I slowly start to see some chipping. This is usual for a nail polish for me so I'm not surprised. The creme formula is easy to remove as well and doesn't stain or turn my nails yellow.  I love the design of this bottle. Its small enough to slip into my handbag when I'm travelling overnight. The nail polish has never spilled so the packaging is sturdy. For someone who likes to experiment with different colours and textures and follow trends this is a good quality nail polish at an affordable price. I will definitely snag up a few other colours when I'm at the pharmacy.  Price  Pigments  Two coats gives desired colour  No streaks or bubbling  Lasts  Affordable 
A pretty good nail polish in a reasonable price. There are a lot of beautiful shades to choose from ( for example 612- an amazing green or 101 everyday nude pink). What I love about them is their size, 5 ml. Perfect when you want a lot of shades or if you intend finishing the bottle. They are very pigmented, two layers give an opaque effect, pretty long lasting and they have a nice wide brush for an easy application.