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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadows

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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadows are single-coloured powder eyeshadows. They are designed with gel-inside technology that combines 40 per cent pigmented powder and 60 per cent gel to create an eyeshadow with smooth texture, blendability and long hold. 

Available in 10 matte and illuminating shades.


L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadows


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I bought a matte dark brown shade with grey-ish undertone, it is so smooth and buttery. I'm really impressed with the eyeshadow, it is really affordable and high quality. I wouldn't say it is the most pigmented but I can easily build up the pigmentation. The colour is also really versatile so I can use it for my brows, as an eyeshadow or even as a light-handed contour. I like that it is compact and has a transparent lid that shows the colour of the shadow so I can easily pick it out in my collection. It also has amazing lasting power! It mattifies my eyelid and fades lightly at the end of the day. I have also used it to set my eyeliner so that my eyeliner stays on the whole day without smudging. I really love the eyeshadow and I ended up purchasing a pastel-y pink coral colour so that I can use it as my blush too.
I am currently using this product at the moment, the colour I am using is Macaron Vanilla which acts as a great base or even as a lovely neutral colour by itself.  I really love the texture, it glides on easily and smoothly.  I like the shape of the product also, it small and compact and secure.  I think this is a great quality product to take you from day to night and I am interested in checking out the other shades in the range.
I was given one of these eyeshadows in 106 Breaking Nude, which is one of the Matte shades.  It's a brown, and as I'm a girl that loves colour, I just popped the single colour into my eyeshadow collection and there it sat.  I decided to give it a try one day, and now I really want to purchase more shades in more vibrant colours.  The Eyeshadow went on wonderfully and felt very creamy.  It had wonderful lasting power.  They come in lovely black compacts with a clear window lid, so you can see the colours easily.  The compacts are very slimline so a full collection of these would store easily.  I find that the eyeshadows have a lovely creamy feel, and are very buildable.  I experienced very little to no fallout during application. I'm really impressed with the product.  The packaging makes it very easy to pop them into a makeup bag.  Perfect to take along with you when you travel. I will without doubt add more to my collection.