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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Shine Addiction Lipstick

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L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Shine Addiction Lipstick is a high-shine finish lipstick designed for an easy “one swipe” application. The hydrating formula contains ultra-radiant oils and holographic pearls to provide a glossy finish while vivid pigments provide bold colour payoff.

Available in 16 shades.


L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Shine Addiction Lipstick


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Very pigmented, moisturising and comfortable

I was very impressed with how pigmented this lipstick is. It's so creamy and glossy, yet deposits a lot of colour. It was very comfortable in my dry lips, and the colour was still mostly there after eating and wiping my lips with a tissue - just without the gloss. This is very unlike other glossy lipsticks I've tried in the past which tend to me lower pigment and does not have much lasting power. Recommended for those who like pigmented lipsticks and are looking for a glossy finish.
I absolutely adore this lipstick. The colour selection is vast and the packaging is very futuristic and appealing. The product had a smooth application and didn't feel heavy like some other rich lippies I've tried in the past. It coats my lips wonderfully and left a really nice fragrance. Sparkling Rose was the shade I picked and it was a beautiful light pinky/peaching colour and was very natural looking. I was surprised at how well it lasted and faded off evenly which is super important to me. At a great price point, this lipstick has everything I look for. Highly recommended!
I couldn't wait till Color Riche Shine Addication would be available in Australia. I had seen the raving reviews of this product in Europe and just couldn't wait to test it out. Much as I like matte and long wear lip products, from time to time I want to rock a shine and want my lips to feel comfortable. This lipstick is just like that. We get a product in a see through plastic packaging, I think I quite like it, especially because we can see the real shade of the lipstick through the lid. The scent is different from the traditional Color Riche range, but still very subtle and pleasant, more fruity this time. The formula and application is amazing, the lipstick is creamy and buttery, spreads like a dream on the lips, one layer is just enough for the touch of colour and a wonderful shine. I only bought one shade 642 #MLBB ( a nude shade, extact my lips but better shade), but I am going to come back for more. The finish is sheer. The longevity is not impressive, but since the lipstick is so pleasant to use I don't reapplying it at all. The shine will complement the tan in a lovely way. I guess this is a perfect lipstick for everyday, when we don't have enough time for "drawing" the lips.
I tried three shades - Only in Paris, Hot IRL and Isanesation. The packaging instantly sold me -  contemporary and chic. My favourite shade was Hot IRL- it suited my skin tone nicely (fair with a pink-ish undertone), it wasn't too overstated and it gave me lots of late nineties-cool-girl feels. Across the board, the lippies were great. They delivered on the hydration (a must in winter) and had a super glossy, but not tacky finish. I usually prefer a matte finish lipstick, because I am a lazy girl and dislike re-applying but I found no real need to if paired with a corresponding lipliner (red, pinky-nude and transparent). Will definitely buy this product and recommend to my friends.
I got to try 3 shades of the L’Oréal  Colour Riche Glossy lipsticks. I loved the shine of the lipsticks and for a glossy lipstick they stayed on for a long time. They made my dry lips feel very well hydrated and nourished. I am overall very happy with the lipsticks however next time I would purchase colours better suited to my complexion.
love these lipsticks they are so easy to apply and just glide like satin and just look beautiful on, I tried 3 shades and loved them all, The packaging is so cute and easy to see in a makeup bag without removing caps to see color, With an occasional touch up there wonderful and I fully recommend ☆☆☆☆
I trialed threeshades of the lip sticks - Hot IRL (Brown tone), Only in Paris (Pink tone), Isanesation(red tone). My favorite is Isanesation it’s a lovely shade of red with a glossyfinish which did not stick to everything in sight – i.e. my hair, clothes. Happywith that!! It did not dry out my lips like other lipsticks can do and stayedon for a night out of drinking, eating and chatting with friends. Hot IRL didnot suit my skin tone – think it would be more suitable for darker / tannedskin tones. Only in Paris is more suitable for day wear – perfect to wear towork or a brunch event. Overall I’d recommend this lipstick and would recommendwith Isanesation for a night out on the town.
Thanks beauty crew for the opportunity to try these amazing lipsticks.  They were all beautiful.  Nice tip wear great colours and hard a brilliant shine.  I love how long they last and I would definitely recommend trying this product and I will be purchasing this product in the future.  Thankyou
Thanks BC & L'Oreal for the opportunity to trial this lipstick range. Like others on the trial, I received 3 x lipsticks in red, pink & brown colourways. Packaging is attractive, with the lipsticks housed in a stylish clear tube with a gold trim. I love the lid design, it locks on properly - no loose lids & damaged lipstick tips with this great design. The lipsticks are an absolute delight to wear. All colours I have trialled are very flattering - I would never have normally considered the brown shade for myself but it looks fantastic on. With the 3 shades, I have one that suits all occasions & all are office appropriate too. The texture is smooth and creamy, feeling moisturising & very comfortable to wear. Such a nice change from often drying matte lipsticks.  The lipsticks also have a subtle aroma. Each colour has a lovely shine that is flattering & not too glossy. I am in my mid 50's, and can wear these lipsticks as easily as any other age group.  Wear time is as you'd expect with a lipstick of this nature, needing to be re-applied after eating & drinking.  I will be in the shops looking for more shades of this delightful lipstick.  Highly recommended.
I really like the metallic finish of the 3 shades I tried.  There was a lot of shine and moisture, however the colour did not stay on the lips for very long.  Felt comfortable to wear with. a slight fruity scent.  I would probably repurchase if on sale.  Great for summer.
I sampled three shades of this product and loved!  Hot IRL, Only In Paris and Insanesation are all complimentary to my skin tone, moisturising, long wearing and supple.  They didn't feather or smudge, but nor were they too drying.  For me this lipstick hits the right note in terms of texture and wearability.  Would repurchase.  Thanks, Beauty Crew!
These lipsticks felt really nice to wear - hydrating and I liked the colors. If you don't like a scent in your lipsticks then these are not for you as I found the smell strong but wearable. The longevity was non-existent for me and wore off straight after drinking or eating so I found I was constantly checking and thinking about my lippy which was annoying for me. Overall, these were nice to wear and came in nice colours but unfortunately would wear away too quickly for me.
Loved the lipstick cases, looks more like an expensive brand.  The colours did not suit my skin tone at all and so unfortunately did not feel like wearing either colour for very long or outside the house but they were very easy to use and glided on smoothly and are a nice gloss lipstick to wear and lasted for quite sometime.  I would be very interested in trying out other colours in the range.
I recently tried the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Shine Addiction Lipstick and was delighted. The word addiction in the name of the product is well selected as it is a product I could become addicted to!  The lipstick glided on beautifully and in comparison to other lipsticks, I found it quite moisturising. The scent was fresh and pleasant. I really liked the packaging around the lipstick. Light in the handbag, whilst looking luxurious. The colors available look great on. It will be repeat purchase product for me and I would definately recommend to family and friends. 
The lipstick is smooth to put on, smell great and left my lips hydrated and soft. I’m not one to usually put on glossy lipsticks, I’m more of a matte girl but I have to say they are great to wear. Although they feel and look like more of a gloss than a lipstick but that wouldn’t stop me from buying more colors.
I truely loved wearing this product! It was a beautifully smooth formula that didn’t dry out my lips too much or get too sticky and shift during the day. The colour was perfect and not too overdone and meant that I could easily wear it out to lunch or just to work. Would highly recommend!
Love these lipsticks. The ultra mattes are really creamy and pigmented, and bonus; they last. Packaged nicely and they have a nice aroma. My lips weren’t dry.  It was creamy and glided nicely onto my lips. I only needed to touch it up once during the day. I highly recommend this for anyone that loves a gloss feel lipstick. 
These lipsticks had excellent colour stay ability, and whilst wearing made my lips feel hydrated and glossy, without being like a lipgloss. The brown and red shade were most suited for my medium-shade skin, and the pink just a bit too light. The only issue with these lipsticks is that after use they are very drying, and the colour stains your lips.
I have sampled many a lipstick in my 50+ years, and would happily recommend this one.  Felt beautiful to wear, and whilst not long lasting, I was happy to reapply every 3-4hours and loved the texture and taste.  The colours were divine, and provided additional options when I layered one colour over another.  Highly recommend
I love these lipsticks! When I first saw the colours in the tubes I was quite dubious, but to my surprise I liked all three, and I have finally found a red I feel happy with! They were very easy to apply, and my lips felt comfortable and hydrated all day. Although the gloss faded quite quickly when eating and drinking, the pigmentation lasted longer, and I have never found a gloss which survives that anyway. It is great to get the glossy shine with no stickiness, a definite plus on a windy day with long hair! I will certainly be checking out the other colours in the range, but these three are definite winners for me.