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L’Oréal Paris Elnett Heat Protect Spray - Volume

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L’Oréal Paris Elnett Heat Protect Spray - Volume is a thermal protectant that helps keep hair smooth, shiny and healthy and adds volume and hold that lasts for days. Use before heat styling to help protect strands against damage and frizz from hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs.


L’Oréal Paris Elnett Heat Protect Spray - Volume


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Great product that really works. I found its best used on wet hair and brushed through. Leaves hair silky smooth and no fly aways, heat protection is a must when styling and its great to have a product that can do both. Doesn't weigh your hair down if you use the right amount and comes in a large bottle so lasts ages. I do find that there is a fine line when it comes to using the right amount and using too much product - when too much is used, you can definitely feel a kind of semi-sticky film over your hair. Once your used to how many sprays you need its an awesome product!!
I use heat styling tools pretty much most days. Hairdryer,hair straightener etc. So for me a heat protectant is a must. The L’Oréal Paris Elnett Heat Protect Spray is that in my bathroom.   It comes in a bottle with a spray nozzle, so its very easy to apply all over the hair. This spray has a nice scent. After blow drying my hair, this heat protect left it very soft and smooth with some added volume. It didn’t look greasy at all.   L’Oreal says that this heat protect will keep volume in your hair for three days. I found that it keep the volume in for about two days.After using this product I also need to wash my hair after about two days,otherwise I feel like I get too much product build up.   I have deducted as this heat protect can tend to my hair feeling like there is a lot of product build after a day.   I recommend this product if your looking for an affordable heat protectant that adds some volume.   Pros: - spray nozzle - affordable - adds volume. - doesn’t leave your hair sticky or crunchy.   Cons: - the product can build up in your hair.  
At first I was skeptical that it would be able to provide both heat protection and lock out fly aways and humidity but I was excited to give it a go.   I love the stylish look of the bottle and the locking button on the lid is a great safety mechanism for children.   How I used it.......   My hair is really curly and fine but there is a lot of it and I am constantly looking for products to tame it straight but still give me some amount of volume.   Since the product is heat activated I decided it was best to use it on wet hair. After washing and combing my hair I applied it into the roots and around my head by lifting up sections of hair and spraying. I then blow dried and styled my hair straight with a round brush to get some volume.   The result was a light and airy feel with no claggy or pasty feeling and my hair did not feel weighed down at all. It gave me just the right amount of volume from the roots and a little texture which I like.   As for its claim of "three days" volume I would have to say I only got two days out of it but I do toss a lot at night and my hair is really unruly soother people may find they get three.   Overall am really happy with this product and it exceeded my expectations. It is an enjoyable and easy to use product and it will certainly be replacing my regular mousse. 
This is an interesting product. I didn't like the feel of the product on my hair and felt it has a 'scrunchy' feel to it almost and I found that it was hard to brush hair after use. The best luck I had was using on wet hair and allowing to dry before using heat tools.
This product is excellent for all of us who love dancing. It is perfect for when creating a stylish up-do for that concert of yours. It works wonders to protect the hair and gives me the peace of mind that I know that I am not damaging my hair whilst using a hot straightener or curling iron.