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L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Normal Strength

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L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Normal Strength Hold is a hairspray that adds natural hold to hairstyles. The micro-diffuser spray nozzle helps deliver an ultra-fine mist that is lightweight and soft to touch. 

Price above is for 75mL. Also available in 400mL.


L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Normal Strength


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I love Elnett, as I trainee hairdresser some 30 years ago this was the hairspray we used in the salon.  It affordable, holds the good old fashioned set for a couple of days and then easily brushes out.  My Nan introduced me to Elnett and using this reminds me off her all the time.  Personally I don't like hair spray too much as it can make you hair look solid but there is one exception and this is it I always have a can in my bathroom for those occasions where I want a bit of hold.
This hairspray is a legendary product for a very good reason, it's simply genius. Normally I'm not a fan of hair styling products, as the majority of them make my hair stiff, dry, oily and just impossible to do anything with, they also never did what they say they will, for me anyway. It was pure chance that I even looked at this, let alone bought it, but I had a job interview and needed to look professionally presentable, from head to toe, so I warily bought this as it was definitely the cheapest option by far. I sprayed my freshly washed hair with it in the morning, brushed it through, then when my hair was up in a perfect doughnut bun, I added a last mist of it to hold it in place. One word, wow! It is truly a brilliant hairspray. It was very affordable, it smelled nice, it was light yet held every hair in place, on what was a very hot, humid Sydney day, and it didn't make my hair stiff, crunchy, oily or lank. I may not have got that particular job, but I knew I, or at least my hair, looked hands down amazing. I will continue to use and buy this product and I cannot recommend it highly enough or praise about it to everyone I meet who will listen. Loreal, I am worth it yet again thanks to you.
This hairspray is not only really affordable but also good quality that I can't fault. The spray nozzle delivers a fine and even mist of product that smooths frizz, providing a reasonable amount of hold to keep your hairstyle in place for hours. What I love about this product is that unlike some other hairsprays it doesn't leave hair with that horrible crispy, sticky feeling. Instead, hair is left feeling soft and flexible, and looking natural and shiny. It also works well in humidity. At the end of the day this hairspray is very easy to brush out and doesn't leave flaky white bits. The little cans of this hairspray are convenient to carry around, fitting perfectly in your bag. For people who want more volume in their hair I recommend flipping your hair upside down and spraying this product.
This product is lovely. Its not sticky, its silky and has a beautiful fragrance.
What a cult product! This should be in every woman's cupboard. My hair never gets that crunchy residue no matter how much I spray it yet still holds styles. I can brush my hair right through this without it getting stuck in the comb so it's great if I want to achieve water waves/ brushed out curls.