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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo is a dry shampoo that is enriched with green, blue and white clay to absorb excess oil from the roots and give hair a fresh boost of volume.

Infused with three types of detoxifying clays, this L’Oréal dry shampoo can refresh hair between washes and lift roots for extra oomph.
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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo


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Worst dry shampoo I've tried

I love dry shampoo's as my hair gets oily so this is my one day refresh inbetween washes but I was highly disappointed with it. The bottle is a good compact size to take on travel that is not too big or too small either but for everyday use is a tad too small. No matter what I did and how far away I kept the spray it left grey/white sections on my hair which is frustrating as my hair is dark. It also did not take away any of the oiliness at all. I think it made my hair look dirty and unwashed instead of clean and fresh and I felt yuck wearing it.
Like the rest of the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay range (which I really like), this dry shampoo comes in a beautiful turquoise coloured spray bottle which has a slim design. Because all the other products in this range are excellent, I have quite a high expectation for this dry shampoo as well. Unfortunately, I can't say I like this dry shampoo at all. I usually wash my hair daily. In order to test out the effectiveness of this dry shampoo, I purposely skipped washing my hair every now and then to see how this dry shampoo performs compared to the other dry shampoos I have (which I use mainly for hair styling purpose). A dry shampoo that does not leave white marks on my (brown) hair is very important to me. While this dry shampoo passed this test, it has absolutely failed to absorb any excess oil in my root area. I simply did not see any difference to my hair after using this dry shampoo - my hair might have even looked a bit "shinier" after using this spray. This dry shampoo also didn't give me any more texture like some of the other dry shampoos can. When I ran my fingers through my hair, I could feel that there was some "grittiness" in the hair so there was something there, but whatever that was in my hair didn't really do what a dry shampoo is supposed to do. I am not so sure whom this product has been designed for - perhaps it just doesn't work for me but it may work for others. However based on my experience I am unable to recommend this product to others.
I had high hopes for this dry shampoo but was very disappointed. It claims to be for oily hair but I found it to do very little in the way of absorbing oil or making my hair look cleaner, in fact I think it actually made my hair look greasier! I usually use Batiste dry shampoo, which can leave a bit of a powdery gritty residue on my hair, but it really absorbs any oil and continues to do so through out the day. However every time I use this dry shampoo my hair looks more greasy at the end of the day than if I hadn't used anything at all. It does smell nice, is light weight and doesn't leave any powdery residue.  So if you have brunette hair that isn't oily but just needs a little scent/freshen up, you might like this. But it is a no from me.
This dry shampoo is fantastic. It smells incredible, and the scent lasts all day. It definitely gives you volume and makes your hair look and feel cleaner. Another great thing about this product is it leaves no white residue, that gets on your clothes or can make your hair look matte. I definitely would buy this product again.
This is an excellent dry shampoo product by L'Oréal. The packaging is of a high standard and is very pretty as usual by L'Oréal. In application of this shampoo, the texture is light and not too 'clay-like' as the product name hints. Distribution through the hair is effortless and result is bouncing, voluminous and oil free hair that is easy to touch.
This dry shampoo is just like any other, it comes in a spray can and it's a saviour for days you don't have time to wash and dry your hair. This smells much nicer than other dry shampoos though. It smells like the beach and reminds me of summer. Having black roots, I often struggle with dry shampoos as they leave a tint and sometimes looks like dust on my hair. I wish this came in a tinted version for dark hair. To use it; i sprayed some to my roots, left for a couple of minutes and then brushed it out. I noticed it gave my hair some volume and it got rid of my oily roots. I did find that I wanted to wash my hair that night as I didn't like the residue/texture it left my hair after using it. I would purchase if it came in darker shades and only use it if I was planning to wash my hair that night anyway.
This is a great quality dry shampoo. Lo'real products always deliver and I got great results from using this. It makes a great blow dry last that extra day, it absorbs oil brilliantly and gives lift and volume. This does not leave a powdery residue which is a huge bonus and as I have dark hair I was pleasantly surprised that i could not detect any white powder left behind. so easy to use, just spray on roots and hair, leave two minutes and brush out for brilliant results, clean looking hair that is easy to style. Loving the addition of clay to absorb oil, so effective, it also smells nice, so clean and fresh. This is a great product to extend a shampoo and to give lift and volume, I highly recommend it
I would be the first to admit that I rarely use dry shampoo because I’m not a fan of being left with white powdery looking roots after I use them or the weird smell that some of them have. There were no sign of snow in my hair after I had used it and it smells beautiful. The 150ml size can is the perfect size to pop in your bag or for travel. I am impressed and it looks like I am a fan of dry shampoo after all. The spray is light but it did soak up the excess oil on my hair. My hair had extra volume and I did get an extra day out of it before washing so I am happy with the end result. 
At the moment during winter, I am only washing my hair twice a week. It means my roots are getting oily by day three but the tips of my hair are ok. I love the colour of this L'Oréal Clay Dry Shampoo's packaging. The blue is such a pretty colour and the nozzle is really easy to use. I can spray the product evenly onto my roots and my hair.  I also love the fragrance of this dry shampoo. It smells really floral and feminine. Following the instructions, I leave the dry shampoo  for two minutes before brushing my hair. My roots are instantly lifted - no longer dull, oily and flat. It looks so fresh! This dry shampoo is the tool to give me the perfect braids! And I get compliments from my colleagues...little do they know about my dirty hair!! Thanks L'Oréal.
I usually wash my hair regularly so have never had a need for dry shampoo, however I did really like the fragrance and the extra volume. The spray added a lot of extra volume to my curls, so was great to add a little bit of extra life into my hair towards the end of the day.
Great dry shampoo! Leaves no residue or powdery look on the roots (I have blonde hair with some regrowth at the moment) feels really light in your hair once applied, fresh scent, the bottle is a great size, convienient to take with you in your gym bag and very easy to use.
The L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo smelt lovely and i loved that it left no white residue in my dark brown hair like many other dry shampoos have before. It was great at absorbing all the oils in my hair and gave me extra volume and texture to my normally thin and lifeless hair. I preferred this over my normal dry shampoo and will now be replacing it with this instead!
I don't normally use dry shampoo, but I thought I might as well give it a try! It smells really fresh and clean smelling and does not leave a white mark around your hair during use! I found it to be great and did not make my hair feel coarse or dry
Packaging was good but overall I still prefer the batiste. I don't feel like it absorbs much oil and leaves my hair feeling slightly gritty and dirty. Scent is pleasent and quickly disappeared with application. Fine mist got application but just didn't feel like it did the job.
I have to say out of the Range of the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay products this Dry Shampoo is my favourite by far! It is way Beyond any other Dry SHampoo I have every used!! From the fact it doesn't have that disgusting Dry Shampoo smell that stands out in a crowd to the horrible feel of a usual Dry Shampoo it just doesn't have it which is fantastic! YET it is just as effective if not more so than any other Dry Shampoo I have used in the past.I also love the size of the product which makes it great for on the go as it is not to big and bulky! Great for gym bag, in the car of just traveling in general BIG HIT!
I have thick hair which I hate washing as it takes forever to dry so this product is an absolute lifesaver! It doesn't leave any white powder residue on my black hair and I get another two days of not having to wash my hair. I absolutely love the scent also and would definitely repurchase!
I was lucky enough to trial the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo, though wasn't the biggest fan. I found I needed to use a lot of product to achieve the results which I was after. It left my hair feeling flat and lifeless and quite dry. I did like the fact it didn't leave any white marks in my hair. Leave in hair for a few minutes to soak in to achieve best results. 
Love this dry shampoo! Using this in conjunction with the clay dry shampoo and conditioner I wash able to extend the amount of time between washes. For someone with oily roots, I loved that the dry shampoo kept my hair looking and feeling clean.  I would recommend it to anyone with oily roots and will definitely be buying it again.
This dry shampoo smells good, but that's about it. Didn't do anything it promised to on the bottle, least of all soak up excess oiliness at the roots. It felt more like a texturising spray than a dry shampoo. Would not purchase again - you can get much better options!
I was disappointed with the dry shampoo, as someone with oily hair which it is designed for it actually wasn't as effective as some of the other brands out there. It reduced a very small amount of oil but not enough for my liking.  There are a few pluses though, the fragrance is lovely and fresh and it doesn't leave any white/grey residue on dark hair.