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L’Oréal Paris False Lash Butterfly Wings

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L’Oréal Paris False Lash Butterfly Wings is a mascara that helps create volumised and fanned out lashes. The formula contains cocoon fibres, each 1.2mm in length that wrap around lashes to give it a fluttery, thick effect. An asymmetrical brush lifts and separates lashes. 

Also available in a waterproof formula.


L’Oréal Paris False Lash Butterfly Wings


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Worst mascara ever used

I love mascara this is my all type fave beauty product so I couldn't wait to try this one but it is the worst mascara I have ever tried! The wand always gets too much mascara on it and because of the winged shaped tip it is hard to wipe off any excess when removing the wand from the tube. It made my lashes clump and stick together and felt horrible. Would not use again.
This is a great mascara! I have long, but straight lashes and they tend to clump together with most mascaras I have used before. But this mascara distributes product evenly and coating every single lash - even the hard to reach lashes! I apply 2-3 coats of mascara and I get the length and certainly more thickness and most importantly, no clumps! I also get beautiful fanned out lashes, which is what the product advertises, so a big win! What I didn't get though was a lot of curl. And this is what I really look for in a mascara. I already have the length but my lashes are quite straight and I don't use an eyelash curler so what I love are mascaras that can curl my lashes to some extent. So this mascara is perfect for those who have short, sparse and somewhat curly lashes for the best result. But apart from the curling factor, I do really like this mascara for its other great features. The mascara doesn't clump or flake and and is easily removed with a water-soluble makeup remover. Overall, I do like this mascara and I will continue to use it but I think I need to invest in an eyelash curler for perfect lashes.
I have researched and tried countless mascaras with many failing the grade. I’ve got very underwhelming lashes – short, straight and sparse. I was using growth serums for a time which made them grow like crazy, but now I don’t use them anymore and find my lashes are worse than what they were before. Now they are so thin they aren’t noticeable unless coated with mascara, and as they are so thin most mascaras just clump with way too much product as I don’t have enough lashes, or wands aren’t fine enough to coat each lash properly. I’ve got the waterproof version of this and bought it specifically for summer. It is one of the best mascaras I’ve used to date. Firstly the consistency is perfect for my thin lashes. Not to heavy or thick, yet not too liquid-y. In relation to other mascaras, this leans more to wet than dry (works well for me,but those who try to avoid wet formulas may not find much joy here). Secondly, I love the wand –it’s got a really unique double-sided curved wand - with thicker, closer-set bristles on one side, then a fanned out sparser set on the other. I can reach EVERY SINGLE lash with this wand. I love the fanned side that lets me get mascara on the tiniest corner lashes. Thirdly, I get amazing separation with this mascara. It makes my eyelashes look extra long and the black is a really nice dark true black. I’ve worn this to the beach, I’ve sweated, I’ve swum in salt water and it stays put. No fall-out, no smudgy panda-eyes, nothing. If I had to be picky, the packaging is way too chunky. Not sure what’s up with mascaras these days all needing to be massive in size. I mean, the actual tube with product is quite thin, but then companies go and wrap a big clumpy bit of plastic on the outside. It just ends up taking up precious space in the makeup bag.    PROS Great length and separation Waterproof version is actually waterproof CONS Waterproof version is difficult to remove. Don’t use every day as it is quite drying. TIPS Remove by rubbing coconut or almond oil over the lashes, then using a cotton pad to gently remove. I find this is great for removing everything, plus adds back some much needed moisture to the lashes.
The shiny tube is kind of huge compared to other mascara bottles but I guess the product inside matters to me more. The wand is very intelligently crafted, it has longer brushes on the end of the wand to make sure it picks up the lashes at the corner of your eyes that is usually hard to pick up by other mascaras. It is so easy to apply because of the way the wand is designed, it does not clump and the more you apply the fibres kinda give you a lengthening effect on your lashes without the clump. It is super black and gives me the feel of a false lashes. I have got lots of compliment when I have got this on. Since it is waterproof, it successfully holds the curls all day even on my Asian eyes. The only cons I can think of is that the tiny fibres tend to fall on your cheeks or under your eyes when you are applying which can be removed gently with a make up finishing powder brush.
Your're lashes will surely flutter with this butterfly mascara. Great smooth application and is suitable for both top and bottom lashes.