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L’Oréal Paris False Lash Wings Intenza

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L’Oréal Paris False Lash Wings Intenza is a mascara that helps create volumised and fanned out lashes. It contains neo-matte pigments and features a double winged brush design that separates, coats and adds volume to individual lashes.


L’Oréal Paris False Lash Wings Intenza


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The L’Oréal Paris False Lash Wings Intenza comes in packaging that matches it's name! It is a shiny silver, red and black case that really pops! The shape of the case is very easy to hold and use and I like that when you finish closing the lid there is a distinct click so that you know it won't dry out.  I do actually notice a bit of a stronger scent on this mascara than my other ones, however it is not unpleasant, just more noticeable when applying.  I find that the product is thicker than my other mascaras and the brush is double winged and so you can actually feel it coating your eyelashes. I do find because of this that my eyelashes tended to clump together a little, however if I turned the wand a different way I could separate them again. I also found this was a bit more of a matte finish than other mascaras I've used.  I do find that it does crumble a little after a few hours of wear if I've done two coats, however it comes off easily when I wipe it off. As it isn't waterproof the removal is quite easy and doesn't smudge as much as others I've used.  It does a good job of making my eyelashes look longer and darker and is great if you want a bit less volume. 
Mascara is one of those products you just have to try out yourself. I really loved this particular formula!  I have OK lashes but they are just a bit too light which makes them a little underwhelming without a good mascara. False Lash Butterfly Wings Intenza made my lashes long, thick and full. The volumising effect was excellent. I find the name a little ridiculous but I won't hold that against it! It comes in a red, silver and black tube which really caught my eye. The brush is unusual as it is double edged so you can apply a few coats of product with one dip of the wand making application super quick. It has a jet black, matte finish that is very flattering.  I used the non-waterproof formula but it lasted all day and didn't flake or smudge. It was also easy to remove with Micellar water at the end of the day. I would definitely buy this mascara again because it ticks all my boxes.
When I buy a new mascara I am looking for it to do several things. I want it to give the appearance of making lashes look longer and fuller, I don't want it to clump the lashes or have any of flaking fallout.   I generally really enjoy L’Oréal but I have mixed feelings about this mascara. What I really like about it is that it does make lashes appear somewhat longer and there isn’t any clumping so long as the brush is used correctly. Speaking of which, the brush itself can take some getting used to as it is a different style of wand to any others I have seen. But once you do figure it out it does allow for a better lengthening effect on the lashes.   However, I have found that the mascara doesn't give much fullness to the lashes and they can look a little sparse. Also, I have had some issues with flaking and fallout after the first 3-4 hours of wear.   Personally, I feel that there are benefits and negatives to this product. I do really like the brush itself and feel it does enhance the product but the formula for the mascara doesn't work that well in my opinion. I would recommend trying out a different L’Oréal mascara instead of this one as I feel that there others which perform better for the same price.