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L’Oréal Paris Flash Cat Eye is an eyeliner specifically designed to create the perfect cat-eye wing using the removable stencil cap. The liner is highly-pigmented with a luminous black finish and a long-lasting, waterproof formula. The eyeliner has a fine but flexible brush applicator that hugs the lash line for a more defined look.

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L’Oréal Paris Flash Cat Eye


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Better without the stencil

I was so excited about the stencil, hoping that I could finally master a beautiful cat-eye. It turns out that it was not much help for me though, I just could not get the lines even on both eyes... When I discarded the stencil, I did so much better. The liner itself was really thin making it easy to use but on the other hand, it was so unforgiving with any mistakes (good for confident make up artists). The colour of the liner was the blackest of black! I have sensitive eyes and I was happy to notice that it did not irritate the tender skin around my eyes. It was easily removable with makeup remover, no excessive rubbing was needed. The packaging is cool and stylish!
I was hoping I would love this product as i find it SO hard to come across a great liner. I found the actual pen a little too thick so it was hard to hold. I also found that the tip although very fine didnt offer the product the ability to come out of the tip well. I needed to go over and over the line to make it thick enough and black enough. Great fro someone for their personal makeup kit who may just be starting makeup as it is good to use so you wont make mistakes and will be easy to use.
Great eye liner from Loreal! One of the stand out eye liner with cat eye wing tool. I struggle to make a pretty cat-eye look dailies and this tools has help me a lot of time , especially when I’m in a hurry. The color is great and stay all day, doesn’t easily smudged too. Love using it as part of my make up routine!
The eyeliner is a nice texture and glides on easily.  It stays in place all day without smudging.  I am terrible at applying wing tips to my eyes so I thought the stencil might be helpful  Unfortunately I couldn't master the stencil.  I found it difficult to position and the shape didn't look right.
Quite pigmented and only needs one swipe for a deep black colour. It doesn’t smell strongly which is a plus and the thin tip gives me a nice controlled and precise line. The stencil is hit or miss for me as it doesn’t fit against the curve of my eyes but it’s a good starting point for beginners who can’t free hand it. I would recommend, only downfall is that it’s a bit difficult to remove.
This liner is just a dream come true - easy to apply, super waterproof and that wing attachment really takes it a mile further in awesomeness. I have always been a fan of liquid liners with thin brushes for the kind of precision they can provide but while using it, I always manage to get too much liquid on my lashes and make a mess. Felt tip liners are less messy but also less precise and not as smooth. This one has none of those cons. The brush is so beautiful, you can make thin to thick lines however you like with less than half the effort. The color is a beautiful dark black that isn't too harsh. The ink is quite thin in consistency but has such a beautiful flow that creates a smooth flawless line and dries up quickly. I had my doubts about the wing attachment but that works as well - it really makes creating a winged look super easy and much less confusing. This bold wings were totally out of my comfort zone but once tried, I realized how awesome it looks - dramatic but definitely not over the top. Definitely the kind of eyeliner that makes me want to let go off all others (except kohl for smokey eyes) and add to repurchase list.
This was a really easy to use eyeliner that gave me a really precise cats eye finish, a lovely flick of super pigmented colour. The eyeliner lasted really well all day without smudging which was great and even though it has staying power throughout the day it was super easy to remove with micellar water. I really didnt use the stencil that comes with it, I found it easier just to draw my line as the consistency isnt runny and I can get a more precise line that way with the wand applicator which is easy to use. Its priced really well and lasts for ages so its great value for money. Overall a great eyeliner and another loreal winner for me.
The Flash Cat Eye by Superliner is a super thin felt tip black eyeliner with one small difference... you get a template the conveniently slots into the lid of the eyeliner pen! When I first received this product I was a little sceptical however after trying out the wing stencil I was converted! I've tried other eyeliner stamps and templates but this seems just so easy. The stencil is bendy so you can easily bend it to mould to your face shape, then you simply colour in between the stencil shape and your done with your wing! Then I just used the thin felt tip to line just above my top eyelashes and I was out the door! I managed some pretty good wings in minimal time thanks to the Flash Cat Eye by Superliner. I wore the eyeliner for a good day and it didn't smudge at all... however I wouldn't go as far to say it is waterproof. I don't think you'd fair too well if you were caught in some heavy rain. Overall I definitely recommend and will totally be repurchasing!
The eyeliner itself is amazing. The tip is thin and easy to  manoeuvre into tricky places. The stencil is not the best as it takes quite some getting used to. I personally found it a lot easier to perfect my winged liner without the stencil. I also found the stencil would get dirty in my makeup bag and would sometimes leave a small mark of something that would require cleaning up.
Oh I had fun with the Flash Cat Eye Superliner! But lets start from the beginning: I love the concept of having a stencil added to the liner, in theory it should help making a beautiful cat eye. So I started with reading the instructions on the liner (convenient!), pulled the stencil away from the liner and placed it against the edge of my eye and filled the wing with the liner. I ended up with two pretty cat eyes, but unfortunately not on the same level. So, for few weeks now, I have been practising using the stencil and actually placing it on the same height (kind of getting the hang of it now). The liner itself is really thin, which makes it easy to use, but it doesn't forgive mistakes and therefore a confident hand is needed in applying. With all my above mentioned mishaps, I can say that the good thing is that it comes off really easy with make up remover. I will still continue using it, because practice makes perfect and I am confident I will master the cat eye one day.
This is one of my favourite eyeliner that I have used. The brush tip makes it so easy to draw nice thin lines which is good because I don't like my eyeliner too thick. I didn't use the stencil because I didn't like the shape and it seemed like it would be awkward. If you need some help drawing a line I would recommend using just the straight edge of the stencil rather than the actual cut out section. The lasting power was great. It did not smudge at all.
The packaging is light and the pen was easy to use. The stencil however I was not a fan of as it made it more difficult to draw on the liner and was too rigid in shape. The formula lasted in my eyes for about 4 hours before it started smudging and running into my eyes but I have oily eye lids so that's a contributing factor. Overall, I liked the idea but it was time consuming and wasn't very effective.
100% smudge proof, sweat proof, water proof ! Easy to remove, not difficult at all. This product goes on smooth and bold. It was easy to apply and i didn't have to use the stencil on the cap. The brush was fine and easily went on the lash line. I will definitely buy this again.
This is a super pigmented and easy to apply liquid liner. I struggled with the applicator stencil, so found it a lot easier to apply it free-hand. I do have eyes that are a little oily so found that this product travelled a little bit on my eyelids.  For those that don't have that problem - this is a great liquid liner.
By itself, I love the liner. It glides on easily, dries quickly and leaves a nice crisp line. however I did find the stencil a little gimmicky and hard to use - maybe I just have excessive eyelids but I found when using the stencil the line didnt go on straight and I got a better result just pulling my eyelid taut and using the liner on its own. Would repurchase again just for the liner, but give the stencil a miss!
I have tried quite a few liquid liners and this one worked really well. The tip is super flexible and thin so you don’t accidentally go too thick on the first line. I like to keep my liquid liner pretty thin so it worked well for me in that regard. It stays on all night too. Love it.
L’Oréal Paris Flash Cat Eye eyeliner comes in a sleek packing with stencil cap. The formula is thick, highly pigmented and provides full coverage. It applies smoothly and I only need one swipe for a complete look. It also dries within few second without transferring. I love the application tip of this liner as it can be used for thin and thick liner. I have also tried stencil for perfect liner and it works well. Although I am good in liner application but still stencil works as a time saver for me.   L’Oréal Paris Flash Cat Eye eyeliner last for the whole day on my eyes without smudging, fading or transferring. I need to remove it with makeup remover at the end of the day.   Overall, I really like Loreal cat eye eyeliner, it is great drugstore product and I highly recommend it for everyone.
I really liked this eyeliner for it's pigment and consistency. It performs like most high end liners, but in a much easier to apply way.  I found it easy to get a neat, crisp top lid line with this product, and it was the perfect jet black. It is a good sharp line, and it would certainly be easier to use than most liners for newbies as you don't have to worry about controlling the amount of product on the brush.  I liked the idea of the stencil/guide on the lid, but for whatever reason, I just could not get it to work for me. This might be because I've been a winged liner pro for the last decade and didn't really need it, or it may be because my eyes just weren't the right shape. So I found it to a be a little gimmicky.  But other than that, Aa good product. 
I haven't even tried to do eyeliner in years because I've been so put off by my lack of skill haha but this eyeliner was surprisingly easy to apply. I definitely didn't nail it first time, but after a few applications with the stencil I had the nicest eyeliner application I've had in years. The liner itself was quite good. No complaints really but nothing overly amazing. I've had liners which are a blacker black and just a more comfy feeling on the eye, but I think this holds up pretty well for the low price point. Definitely worth a try!
I am a fan of this eye liner, pen is a good thickness for easy handling when applying. I also liked the smoothness of the liner and high pigmentation. The cat eye stencil took a couple of attempts to get used to and place in the right spot to my liking. My hands get a little shaky free drawing so I did enjoy how it assisted with creating an even cat eye shape on each side. Definitely a great tool to assist beginners with experimenting too!  Without the stencil the liner glided on and contributed to creating lovely definition. It also dries quickly so there was no smudging when I was finishing the application. Removing was quite easy and came off with micellar cleansing milk. I will keep using and consider purchasing again.