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L’Oréal Paris Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick

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L’Oréal Paris Infallible 2-Step is a long wear two-step lipstick with a priming applicator on one end, and lipstick on the other end. The lip primer is enriched with micro-fill fibres to smooth and prep lips, and the lip colour contains high intensity pigments and hyaluronic gel to help moisturise. 

Available in 22 shades.


L’Oréal Paris Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick


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I recently bought this product when it was on sale in the plum colour, and I absolutely love this product! It is really pigmented which can be hard to find with dark purples and colours, and it also is long lasting with you only having to reapply the balm in order for your lips to be hydrated. Definitely recommend this product and will be buying it again in the future, I am very impressed!
I bought one of these when it was on special for $15 and now I have it in nearly every colour, I absolutely love it. I can apply this before going out and not have to reapply at all and next morning it still looks pretty decent. It is drink/food proof, I cannot rave about this enough. If you haven't tried it, you are missing out and I would definitely recommend you go out and buy one (or two) 
I absolutely did not like this product. I bought it in a brown shade, and it definitely did not last all day. Rather, after applying the lip primer, the lipstick began to flake off and go all dry - and it was extremely noticeable. I threw this product out after the first use.
This is probably the best drugstore long-lasting lipstick. This stuff stays on, no question. I've gotten lots of compliments when i wear and I don't usually have to reapply the lipstick throughout the day, My only complaint is that it can settle into the lines in the lips and accentuate them (like a lot of liquid lipsticks do for me). So while i don't need to reapply the colour I do need to reapply the lip balm multiple times through out the day. But otherwise its great and would definitely recommend!
L’Oreal, you have such a fan in me, I have to tell you, you are awesome! I am finding it very difficult to allow myself to wear anythingelse but the Infallible 2-step lipstick and what makes it so much more difficult is that I nearly have all the shades! Infallible is elegant and slender and isfashioned in a black, square tube with one end being of the liquid lipstick colour and the other of the lip balm – there are arrows and numbers 1 and 2 toshow you what to do. The liquid lipstick colour is applied with the felt tip applicator and is very precise, so no need for a lipliner. Now, one rule of thumb when it comes to long-lasting colours is that you are to have no product of any kind on the lips before applying the colour, completely dry surface –whatever the colour comes in contact with, it attaches to that, so if it’s amoist surface the colour slip off pretty much. Allow the colour to dry, about 2minutes, you can feel the drying process take control and then it is time to apply the balm. The balm is all you need for the rest of the day to give comfort and shine to the lips. I wear my Infallible to work every day; so from early morning until it’s time to remove at night, which is easy enough with a waterproof make-up remover. From drinking to eating to talking etc, it’s not going anywhere, looks the same all day long. Some long-lasting formulas tend to flake off and feel gritty but not with L’Oreal’s Infallible, it’s like I have nothing on my lips, it’s that comfortable and if I feel that moisture is going,I apply more balm. The balm should always look clear in the tube, so if there is colour on it, it’s because the colour hasn’t had enough drying time on the lips. Hands down, best lip colour out!
I have 3 different colours of this product and have to say I'd like to buy more. Once the colour is applied it takes less than a minute to dry and set on your lips. I wore the colour featured above on my wedding day and the colour lasted through the night. You do need to reapply it on the inside of the lips where you have been eating. But when you do it isn't patchy and still matches the rest of the lip. Although the colour pot seems small it has lasted years. The moisture end provides relief instantly although reapplying is recommended.
I bought this product on sale and have been quite impressed with it. I have the same colour pictured and found that it is really easy to apply and isn't patchy or messy. It is a little uncomfortable while it's drying and you have to keep your mouth open so it doesn't stick but once that's done and you put the balm on you can't even feel it. I've heard others say that you need to apply the balm quite regularly, however I found that unless I was eating it lasted at least 3 hours between balm applications. The colour itself lasted all day. If you eat something oily it will come off however but it is easy to reapply and isn't too chunky with reapplication. I have variations of this sort of product from other brands where the balm comes as a seperate item. While I prefer this option as it means I have less to carry around, if you use the balm up before the colour it may be irritating. I also quite like the way this product looks, although it is a little bulky but as I said you are virtually carrying around two products in one. It is easily accessible and if the price point is too high it is also regularly on sale. All in all I enjoy this product and would purchase it again.