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L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Stayfresh Foundation

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L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Stayfresh Foundation is a long-wear hydrating liquid foundation that gives maximum coverage. It is formulated with hyaluron to help deliver hydration throughout wear. Offers SPF 18 sun protection.

Available in seven shades.


L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Stayfresh Foundation


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L'Oreal Paris Infallible Liquid Foundation is a fantastic foundation at an equally fantastic price point.  I have ageing dry/combination skin and find that this foundation does not sink into fine lines and pores (;ro tip: always use a good setting powder!) but rather provides a long lasting canvas that withstands the rigours of long shifts at work. I always seem to find my way back to this foundation after using other products - it seems to be like a gold standard for comparison for me when it comes to affordable, drug store brands.   I have tried applying with a beauty blender and stippling in with a kabuki brush.  Both provide good coverage - I find the brush is better during the day and the beauty blender for night time application.  With this foujdation I don't find much difference between using it with and without a primer but I think that's more a reference to my skin type than the product itself.   My only issue with this foundation is the lack of shade range.  Although I have found one that is a pretty good match for my skin, it's still note "quite right" and I'd love to see more options available - particularly in the lighter, golden shades.  Hopefully this will happen in the future. If you can find a good shade that suits you please do give this foundation a go.  I think you (and your purse) might be pleasantly surprised!
Best drugstore foundation. I love Loreal, especially this foundation. I have been using this beauty for a long time and don’t plan to stop anytime soon, i am oily so some days when it’s hot it doesn’t last as long but during winter I won’t use anything else.  If you haven’t used this, please give it a shot because you won’t be disappointed. 
Not for the oily skin. And this is the only reason why igive 3 stars. The formula is fantastic, it glides on smoothly and effortlessly. When I originally applied this, I thought, YES this is going to be the ONE. Unfortunately, my skin started to show oiliness. I found that I had to blot my face 3-4 times a day which I don’t find a necessity during my working week. For those of you who have beautiful skin (I envy you haha),this formula would be amazing. Once I primed, the product glided on like a treat. The coverage is buildable, but I only applied one layer. The one layer Iapplied was natural and flawless. I truly can see how a lot of women will choose this product over other high end products. I just simply have decided it’s not for the oily skinned. Therefore the product does deserve a 5/5 stars.
One of my favourite foundations because it lasts so well during the day and doesn't rub off easily at all.  It's great for going shopping for clothes because it doesn't smear off like most other foundations I've used.  It's also great because it has a very wearable colour range and there is one that suits my skin colour really well so that it looks natural on me too.  It has a good medium coverage.  The pump-top is a good quality one and that makes it easy to dispense just the right amount that I desire to use. It's not scented and smooths on easily onto the skin.  I don't feel the need to even have to use a primer with this because of it's smooth formula and built-in long-lastability.   I have a few bigger pores on my cheeks near my nose and this formula helps to disguise them and my pigmentation is also disguised well.   I think lots of different age groups would appreciate this quality formula foundation and it does live up to it's name 'infallible'.  I have combination oily skin and have some dry skin and ageing skin issues too.  This foundation formula copes well with all my skin types hence I could recommend this to all different skin types.  
I was surprised at how well this foundation worked to make my skin look smoother and even toned. It is easier for me to dot it onto my face and then blend with my fingers. If I have time, I also use a brush to blend and help hide any blemishes and dark spots. This foundation makes my skin look more eventoned and hides any marks and blemishes. It doesn't clog my pores or make my fine lines appear more prominent. It gives about medium coverage on my skin, if I apply it too thickly, it can look cakey. I remove it easily with a cleanser or makeup remover wipes. This foundation does last the entire day for me, but towards the end of the day, my face can look a little oily and then I touch up with pressed powder at that time.  Pros: -easy to apply and blend, doesn't irritate or dry out skin Cons: -transfers onto my hands  Tips: -use a primer as a base and then apply this foundation for more staying power and for a flawless finish Recommendations: -this is a good medium coverage foundation which smoothens out uneven skin tone and makes my face look soft and dewy
A reasonable everyday liquid foundation that gives medium coverage, and is not too expensive. I find this foundation definitely starts to set fairly quickly so you have make sure that you're blending it in one section at a time, otherwise your complexion can look streaky, uneven and cakey. I have combination to slightly oily skin so I don't find this foundation too matte for my skin type, however it may be too drying for other skin types and may not be suitable for drier more mature skin as it can settle into fine lines and make them look more obvious. I find that it is quite long-lasting and stays put for most of the day, with very few touch-ups required during the day. However I do find that my skin does start to look shiny and this foundation tends to slide off after about 8 hours, so it's definitely not as long-wearing as it claims to be! It feels comfortable and natural on my skin and it doesn't look or feel heavy, greasy or thick. It has more of a satin finish on my complexion and is therefore not completely matte which adds a healthy glow. It does however tend to emphasise my pores slightly and definitely oxidizes by the end of the day, so my complexion tends to look slightly orange! I definitely recommend using a hydrating moisturiser and a good primer before applying this foundation to help create a smoother, more natural application. I also find that it's a lot easier to apply with a good quality foundation brush or makeup sponge, as it can be slightly difficult to blend in hot, humid weather. Pros: Fairly inexpensive and affordable Provides long-lasting coverage and wear for most of the day Does not cause breakouts or acne Provides natural, medium coverage  Provides some UV protection Cons: Very limited and slightly unnatural looking range of shades (particularly if you have fair/light skin) Tends to sink into and emphasise pores, making them more visible Can oxidise and turn complexion slightly orange; especially if you have oily skin Slightly more satin than matte finish Dries quickly therefore need to blend and work quickly Repurchase: No   
Funny thing about this foundation: in summer this drove me up the wall because it would just go cakey between application and finishing my make up. Then it would slide off. I got very annoyed because I read/heard that it was a good foundation for those with drier skins (those YouTubers again). So I put it in the pile of things-that-don’t-work-but-I-don’t-want-to-toss-because-I-paid-for-them (I know, this is how hoarders are created). However, I tried it again just recently, in the dead of winter, and it actually goes on really well. What a surprise. It’s a creamy lotion consistency, and applies like a moisturiser. Not greasy and not drying with pretty good coverage. Like with most of my other foundations, I use fingers to apply this and it blends really easily. So, the verdict: will definitely use in winter, but won’t be trying to make it work in summer. I can’t really comment on the staying power. I would take anything that claims to stay on for over 8 hours with a grain of salt. I can’t really say that I would want anything on my skin for that long anyway.
Hydration foundation, L'Oreal Paris Infallible Liquid Foundation has so much to offer! Available in 7 shades which cater to most skin tones, this long wearing liquid foundation contains Hyaluronic fresh complex that hydrates skin to encourage flawless 24-hour wear with no touch ups required. Suitable for all skin types Infallible Liquid Foundation offers a shine-free finish making it ideal for those with oily skin. The lightweight liquid glides over the skin with ease and blends to create a natural, undetectable finish with the aid of a beauty sponge or foundation brush. Infallible Liquid Foundation feels comfortable on the skin and doesn't irritate. If you suffer from dry skin, you will be relieved to know this foundation will keep skin hydrated through wear thanks to hyper-glide oils. Its medium consistency offers sufficient coverage without appearing cakey. Infallible is excellent value for money and is readily accessible from pharmacies and department stores.
I am really happy I tried this foundation, it works really well for me and I have found it is one of the better drugstore foundation I have found recently.   This is a light-medium coverage foundation, with a slightly dewy finish to it. It has a smooth application and is easy to blend leaving you with glowing, healthy, natural looking skin. This product is great at evening out my skin tone, though if I need to cover any blemishes I have to apply a second coat and concealer. This is slightly buildable, to a medium coverage anyway, as it is not too heavy so I find it does not become cakey on my face. When you are applying the product there is a slight scent to it but nothing strong and it disappears immediately after application.   This foundation does give a slightly dewy finish but I feel it would be good for people with combo-oily skin as I found no shine or greasiness after wearing it throughout the day and it gives your skin a natural dewiness to it without looking oily. I did find that it did catch slightly on any dry areas on my skin, particularly around my nose, which from a distance wasn't noticeable but I could see it when looking in a mirror.   This product has a decent staying power and would last all day, for around 8-9 hours, however, it does oxidise slightly after a few hours. It also did not become patchy or flaky throughout the day at all.   I would definitely recommend this product as it is one of my favourites at the moment, especially for people with normal, combo or oily skin complexions as it will give a natural look throughout the day.
This is a great medium coverage foundation. I found that it lasted for a reasonable amount of time however the products packaging made it impossible to finish the product properly so I do feel there was a fair bit of product wastage. I was using this foundation while living in NT during the very hot months and the foundation stayed put on my skin all day long. I would buy this product again in the future.