L'Oréal Paris

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation Brush

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L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation Brush is a foundation brush for applying liquid foundation. It has soft, dense bristles and is ideal for blending to create a natural and even coverage.


L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation Brush


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This foundation brush does an amazing job when applying foundation and works nicely with a lot of the foundations that I own. The brush is soft and does not leave streaks and doesn’t absorb much foundation too. It is very durable and the bristles doesn’t have fall out even when I use it daily. Definitely a good purchase!
love the sift dense bristle on this brush, such high quality and it delivers an amazing result when applying my foundation. This brush is so easy to use and delivers the same result as a much more expensive brand so its great value. I find this brush blends my foundation really well to give a truly professional looking finish. I love the nice flat brush for spreading and even though its dense its really soft on my skin, great as I tend to have sensitive skin. This brush gives a great result with little effor and I would really highly recommend it, another winner from loreal, one of my favourite brands
This brush is soft with dense bristles, which made it ideal for blending my foundation to create a natural and even coverage and or finish. While also leaving my face streak free from the bristles. I also used it for a face mask which it worked well for also. It is such a good multi tool and also beneficial for the primer!
I am accustomed to using flat head brushes for my foundation application. However, the quality of this brush is great- soft and mailable. I found it great for under eye work, and for applying primer. I found this is also excellent for applying my face mask treatments with even consistency.
This brush is very soft, and does a good job with specific things. I did find it made my foundation streaky when I used it all over my face. I still prefer a flat top, dense bristled brush, but to sheer out edges or used with a light touch, this brush does a good job. I wouldn’t say it’s the best on the market but it’s not the worst.
Love this brush!! I am a beauty blender person but this brush made my foundation look so flawless as well without creating those streaky lines all over the face!! Also, this gives better coverage as sponges tend to soak up the product and this brush doesn't. I also loved how soft those bristles were. I was too tempted to try it using as my face mask brush as well.
Works so well with liquid foundation and the bristles are very soft and easy to work with as well as blend. Depending on how well you work with the brush you are able to have a streak free finish. It is also very easy to wash and clean! the quality is highly recommended.
I was thoroughly surprised how much I liked this brush! Usually brushes from drugstore brands aren’t the greatest but this! Wow! I will say I only use it to spread the product around my face then go over worn a beauty blender or round top foundation brush to smooth it out but I was very impressed with it!
I absolutely loved the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation Brush! It's super soft bristles felt luxurious across my skin and added a little pep to my morning. It's compact and easier to clean than a beauty blender meaning less breakouts. I normally use a Mac makeup brush but actually prefer this one due to the softness of the bristles.
Not a fan of this brush at all for foundation application. It leaves my face looking a streaky, unblended mess. It doesn’t soak up any product which is good so I just used it to get foundation on my face before using another product to blend and smooth. I think this would be better for applying face masks personally
I prefer a round flat brush to apply my foundation as it is easier to blend and buff. I felt like i was painting my face with this brush. No matter what i tried i felt the finished product looked streaky and i was not able to buff out any inperfections.
Oh, how could anything ever compare to the foundation applying magic that is right at (and is) our fingertips! I have used many foundation brushes, and up until now I had never found one that didn't leave unsightly streaks all over my face which ended up being blended with my fingers anyway.  This foundation brush holds product well and allows for easy application, without leaving streaks or making a hard time of trying to get a natural coverage. Unlike many brushes I have used, it doesn't soak up the product and leave you wondering where it went when you are left with nothing to show for your artistic efforts that's is makeup application.  I loved that this brush allowed me to "stipple" the product on some trouble areas to build coverage and hide scars and redness, whilst still allowing me to achieve the "I woke up like this" natural makeup look.  Love!! 
I never use flat brushes as I don’t really like them and was quite sceptical about this one as well, but I was really impressed! I apply the foundation with it and then use a beauty blender to blend it in and the combo of the two gives a perfect finish!
I've never used a foundation brush before so I don't have anything to compare to but I LOVE using this brush. So soft, so easy to use. It is perfect at blending and achieving full cover. I'm now a convert to brushes and look forward to further experimenting. 10/10
This brush was amazing. It felt super soft on my skin, yet it was crafted with hairs dense enough to pick up powders and deliver smoothly onto skin. The size & shape of it fit my facial contours perfectly, making it effortless to use! I was surprise to find such high-performing synthetic brush.
Brush is light to hold. Bristles are flat & very soft. When applying foundation the soft bristle made the make up apply in an even and natural finish. Makes the makeup dip in pores and lines evenly Aswell. Would definitely recommend this to friends and family. Price point is reasonable Aswell.
I don't usually use foundation brushes, but this brush is absolutely perfect! It is nice and compact so it will fit into my handbag, it is so soft and perfect that it leaves my foundation perfect. It is easily blendable and and doesn't soak up into the bristles. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a great foundation brush
I love how the bristle were soft and compact - My foundation was blended very nicely with this foundation brush - nil streak marks when I used this brush. The brush alone was smaller in length which fits perfectly in make up bag. Probably one of my favourite foundation brush after the kabuki brush.
L'orèals foundation brush was the perfect size to fit my my handbag or when traveling. It had soft bristles and evenly applied my foundation without any problems or bristles falling out. It left afew streaks on my nose but this was easily blended out. Great value compact brush.
I'm normally not a fan of using brushes to apply my foundations but this one is so soft, a fantastic size and surprisingly a fantastic quality. It blends liquid foundation effectively without the streakiness that occurs with other brushes. I used it to apply the L'Oreal lumising primer and pro-flow foundation and simply cannot fault it.