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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lip Paint is a long-lasting and highly pigmented lip colour that leaves lips coated all day without bleeding, smudging or drying out. The formula is available in matte and lacquer finishes.

Available in 10 shades.

"The perfect addition to your handbag for a lip that's bold and striking, without that dry, cracked feeling."
Carli Alman
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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lip Paint


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I got a dark, maroon colour lip matte and the colour payoff was not good. When I first tried it on the back of my hand I marvelled at the colour but on my lips I had to apply about 3 layers in the middle to make it consistent. The formula was ok, not the best I've tried though. Pros: Formula is wearable Cons: Pigment is lacking, need 3 layers for consistency
I really enjoyed this product! When it comes to my lips I love experimenting with colours and so when I saw apocalypse red I was star struck so straight away I had to get it! First thing I want to talk about is the smell! Oh my gosh I love the smell! It's delicious I could practically eat it... if it wasn't makeup! Then there's the smooth consistency of it, it's like heaven being applied to your lips, it's not at all drying and is actually hydrating! Then there is the pigment of it! It's stunning! When I first used it I was given the most vibrant yet deep red... it's very seductive and perfect for a date night! You also don't have to worry about constantly reapplying it as it lasts forever! The range of colours makes it hard to pick just a favourite so you don't have to worry about not having any options! I'd 100% buy it again!
All of the shades are so lovely and the formula applies rather smoothly. They're long lasting which is plus so you don't have to keep reapplying throughout the day, however i'd suggest to just reapply after eating as some of the product comes off. So overall I would recommend this product.
Loved the applicator on this one and the colour range is really great. You really need to layer it up to get a strong colour. It does transfer and with drinking and eating, it does fade off and need reapplying. After a few hours it did start to dry out my lips, starting to feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't really reach for it again unless just wearing it for a few hours.
I'm a huge fan of lip paints, lip stains, etc so I was keen to test this out. I was fortunate enough to test out Maybelline's Lip Jolts as part of the ReviewCrew so I was interested in comparing the two. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with L'Oreal's version. The product is incredibly pigmented, and I prefer the doe foot applicator of the Lip Paints over Maybelline's Lip Jolts, but it was so incredibly drying that I had to remove it after a few hours because my lips were actually starting to peel. because of this, I'm unable to comment as to how long lasting they were. Such a shame as the range of colours are beautiful and provide a much wider variety than its Maybelline counterpart. Won't be purchasing again.
I am a true lipstick junkie and love trying all brands and colours. I loved this lip paint, I am a big fan of l'oreal products and this did not disappoint. The applicator makes the product so easy to use, it glides on smoothly and has a lovely pigment that does not dry lips out. The colour lasted really well, even after a coffee. The little tube is quite handy and does not create mess, perfect for a handbag and the colour range is divine and I thought the matte quality was flattering, I would recommend this product
L'Oreal has released its own version of the lip paint trend that's oh so popular at the moment. I love the packaging of the product - great size to pop into your handbag during the day, or your clutch at night. The applicator is easy to use and dispenses the right amount of product. The lip paints do have quite a strong smell, but I found it to be very pleasant so I didn't mind at all! In terms of the product itself, it went on quite smooth, although I did find it to be rather thin compared to several other lip paints I've used in the past, so I did have to apply a couple of layers to get the pigmentation that I wanted. That being said, the application was easy and unlike some matte products this one stayed moist and never felt dry or patchy.   
I found the formula to be incredibly drying on the lips. The colours are beautiful though, so it's such a shame. The product wasn't long wearing for me and transferred on to cups and smudged throughout the day. The packaging also isn't the greatest, the product came out of the tube in big clumps
First things to say is the smell is AMAZING, I felt like applying those kids lipsticks with strawberry smell. It's really easy to apply, and the best part is you don't feel your lips super dry but you still get the matte finishing. I had to apply the lipstick sometimes during the day because it comes off easy but that was not a problem for me. Overall I like it, the colours are beautiful and I would buy the product in the future.
Loved the design of the lipstick. I really liked those colours . Doesn't need to worry about licking.  Shade 307 Withering purple gives a nice berry tint after one application. The 2nd layer gives a bright purple finish. Overall the product is very comfortable to wear all day and the shades are flattering. Will definitely continue using!.
Overall, I was really impressed with the Infallible Lip Paints! I'm not usually a wearer of matte lip products, I prefer something a little lighter. But this product wore really nicely on the lips and didn't feel heavy or uncomfortable. When first applied, these do have more of a satin finish but you just need to blot gently with a tissue to achieve a matte effect. These are quite long-wearing - I found that when they wore down, they left a really nice and even stain on the lips (which I love!). Of the colours that I tried, my top picks were Red Actually (a beautiful vibrant red) and Apocalypse Red (a darker vampier red). I only need one coat to get these opaque on the lips.  The applicator for these is great, so it made the product easy to apply - especially for someone who isn't super confident applying lip products directly from the tube (usually prefer fingers or a brush). The only thing I didn't love was the scent. The smell is quite sickly sweet when first opened but didn't last long once applied. Would definitely recommend these to those looking for a long-lasting bold lip colour!
Trialing  this product I found that the packaging was nice what you get from most matte liquid lipsticks, when using the  matte lip glosses they went on easily and smelt delicious. The colour was buildable but I wouldn't say it was perfect. Lasted 2-3 hours would be less with oily foods ect. The texture reminds me of the NYX matte liquid lipsticks. eouldny say I love it but wouldn't say I hate it , the reds are beautiful.
I was pleasantly surprised by this product! Firstly, all three shades are gorgeous! The packaging is great and compact. The wand makes it easy to apply on the lips. All three were very pigmented and had a decent lasting time on the lips. I think if you are new to liquid lipsticks and don't want to spend the money on a high end brand this is the perfect option. Do I think these are as great as their higher end competitors? No. But I still think its a great product and I will definitely be looking in store for other colours to add to my collection!
I was so excited to use these products and was bitterly disappointed in the performance and application.  Lets start with the shades I recieved: #207 Withering Purple (matte bright purple) #204 Red Actually (matte bright pink based red) and #205 Apocalypse Red (matte dark red with a purple undertone) I actually like all of the shades however i found them all very hard to wear. A soft pink, mauve or nude would have been nice to try, The application is not something to be desired. The wand applicator is a large fluffy doe-foot with a small lip that is meant to hold product on the wand (it doesn't really). the wand is actually too large in my opinion, it made it very difficult to get a nice precise application particularly to the cupids bow. They all apply very streaky and is hard to build up as the applicator seems to remove just as much as it applies. I feel like if you wanted a really bold application you would need to put a lip liner underneath.  The finish is meant to be matte but i find that none of them dry down to anywhere near what i would consider matte. They all have a glossy finish with a stain that i guess you could call matte.... kinda.  ok finally lets talk about the feel and the wear time. They have a very mousse like texture that feels almost tacky (not sticky like a lip gloss but not drying like a matte liquid lipstick - kinda in between). I personally do not like the feel of them on the lips and they did not last very long at all. They wore off very quickly (about 1.5-2hrs) and didn't live up to eating or drinking - even through a straw.  Personally this is not a product I would buy or recommend. I feel there are so many products that have the same claims as this and perform ALOT better for the same price. Pass on this guy.
Pigmentation is good and it is long lasting.  Got plenty of complements on my lipstick whenever I wore these.  I did find them slightly drying but not unexpected from a matte liquid lipstick and definitely nothing that a decent lip balm can't handle.  Overall good product. Would re-purchase.
L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lip Paints are described as 'long-lasting, highly pigmented and does not bleed, smudge or dry out'. I tested three of these Lip Paints in the colours '204-Red Actually', '207-Wuthering Purple' and '205-Apocalypse Red'. 204 is a great bright red which should suit a wide range of skin tones as it does not have any orange undertones. 205 is a deep berry red, more of a purplish red. Finally I tried 207, which is a bright, vibrant purple shade. I tested these lip paints several times and found all of the shades to be vibrant and pigmented. They did require two coats to get a full coat as the first was more of a stain and you don't get the full colour. I was happy that none of the shades were patchy at all even the berry shade, which can be a hard colour to get right.  The formula of the lip paints is lovely, smooth and creamy. The only issue I had was the scent. There is a strong almost cherry scent, however I found that it did pass after a while. Now in regards to the claims it made in being long-lasting, for a matte lipstick it did not last as long as others. This may be primarily due to the fact that it is not a full matte lipstick and is instead more of a velvet finish. It never fully dried as you would expect with other liquid lipsticks, however this had the benefit of being extremely hydrating and non-drying on the lips. The lip paints felt very light and comfortable and even though they may not last as long as expected, I did like them due to the wear. When used without a lip liner there was bleeding around the edges, but this was not the case if worn with one. So I would definitely recommend wearing with a good lip liner. When worn during eating and drinking, it did not last. There was still some stain left on the lips but it definitely needed reapplying.  Overall, I do reccommend these lip paints. I found the colours to be pigmented, the formula to be comfortable and non-drying. The only warning I would give is to not expect these to be fully matte and long-lasting as other matte lip paints may be. If you are happy to reapply as you would a normal lipstick, then these are definitely worth a look.
Shade 204 red actually is the perfect bright red! As a daily user of bright lipstick I am always after a new long wear lipstick. The curved applicator wand allows precise application and is easy to use. One layer gives a sheer finish, while the 2nd layer gives a highly pigmented colour. After applying my lips felt smooth and comfortable and remained like this for a few hours. The product did not become drying or flake like a lot of long wear lipsticks do.  The finish is not exactly matte but gives a nice slightly glossy finish. While the colour has staying power for most of the day it is not transfer resistant. I touched up after eating and the colour gradually faded nicely, no peeling it flaking. Shade 307 Withering purple gives a nice berry tint after one application. The 2nd layer gives a bright purple finish. Overall the product is very comfortable to wear all day and the shades are flattering. Will definitely continue using!
I received in this product as part of the Reviewcrew and was lucky enough to receive it in 3 colours: Apocalypse Red - a raspberry, cherry sort of red, Red Actually- A vibrant, bright red and Wuthering Purple- a bright almost neon purple. My favourite out of these three was Apocalypse Red, I’ve got a real thing for cherry reds, they’re my favourite type of red, anything with more of an orange tone to it like Red Actually doesn’t really suit me. The purple I was pretty unsure about to begin with, I’m not really the kind of person to wear super bright out there lip colours. It actually wasn’t as purple as I expected it to be, I felt it had a slight pink tinge to it on my lips but I ended up giving it to a friend who has the confidence to wear these colours frequently.  The consistency of each of the products was nice enough. It seemed to have separated a little and became kind of oily when it had been in the post but I gave it a decent shake and it became smooth. The matte texture was good without being super drying, the main issue was I felt like it didn’t dry completely and I’d probably be a bit concerned with smudging it. Proper pigmentation needed at least two coats. I didn’t really understand the point of having the product in a squeeze tube, it seemed a bit impractical. On one hand I may have done it up a bit too tight and it felt kind of flimsy as I tried to get it open but on the other hand I guess it would be helpful to get the last of the product out of the tube. That being said I rarely ever get to the end of a product, I may have about 7 favourite lipsticks that are practically the same colour, oops. The brush was a nice decent size, it was easy to apply with a simply swipe and it looks as though it’s good quality made to last. My one tip for this product would be to give the product a good shake before you use it, this will optimise the colour payout and let it go on a lot smoother.  I would recommend this product to friends, it comes in a great variety of different colours, whether you be the person to wear super bright colours or if you’re a fan of nudes, there’s a colour out there for you. Plus, if you can pick these up in a half price sale you’ll be getting a great bargain!
First of all I love the colours! They shades are beautiful and the colours are really vibrant. The packaging is really fun and I imagine that the tube style will make it a lot easier to pick up product as it starts to run out. Performance wise I don't think it can be compared with some of the fabulous liquid lipsticks on the market. It's definitely more comfortable than some out there but I think that's because it has more of a satin finish rather than drying down to a complete matte. This does help with wearability but it's still not quite there in terms of advertised finish. The biggest problem that I found was that it does bleed a little and does that slight feathering thing that some red toned lipsticks do (may not be the case with some of the other colours). Overall it's not a bad lipstick and I'll use it again, but it doesn't compete with all the other liquid lipsticks out there.
As a long time user of Loreal's True Match foundation I was excited to try the latest product in their make up range. The colours are gorgeous and adapt well to different skin tones - I had some friends try it. When applying, it goes on smoothly and readily with a nice angled applicator. Unfortunately, I was a tad disappointed with the matte appearance or lack there of. It does wonders in moisturising your lips but at the expense of the matte appearance. It's still a great product for it's colour consistency and vibrancy but the formula may need to be redeveloped if it is going to compete with other matte lip colours on the market.