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L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Matte Foundation is a long-wearing and lightweight matte foundation. The buildable foundation gives skin a matte appearance for up to 24 hours of wear without looking cakey or drying out the skin. It contains perlite technology to help absorb excess oil and water for waterproof, sweat-proof and steam-proof coverage. 

Available in nine shades.

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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation


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Need more range

I got this because it was on sale and I was looking for a new foundation. I have olive colour skin and this L’Oréal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation had only limited number of shade. Picked the one that had the closed shade to my skin colour and used it. I love how smoothe it applied and how flawless my skin looked. Such a gorgeous foundation. And it did stay for over 8 hours without making my skin oily. Really liked this foundation however I gave it three stars because I couldn’t wear it without mixing with a another foundation. They need to introduce more shades

Matte It Is!

They were not kidding when they said 24H-Matte for this foundation, can't say anything about 24 hours claim but I have worn it for up to 10 hours and it did not budge and was completely matte. I liked this foundation as its light-weight and still manages to cover quite well (medium coverage, which is buildable) and it stays put all day, I do have dry skin so I need to prep my skin well before using a matte foundation. Some foundation still highlighted the dryness on my face but this one does not cling to my dry patches nor does it highlight any dryness. The only con I noticed was the shade range, the shades were either too light or too dark to match me perfectly, so I chose a lighter one and bronzed it up so that it matches my skin tone.

Worth a try!

I really wanted to love this and for this to my every day foundation however it just missed the mark! I loved the consistency and texture of the product and really enjoyed using it. I found that it was a little less fuller coverage than I wanted however I do use a damp sponge so I do know this shears the foundation out slightly. The down side for me was that the colour choices were slightly off. I have quite light olive skin and found all shades more on the pink side. I could make it work with bronzer and darker powders. The other problem I had with this foundation is that it blocked my pores and got a lot of bumps on my fore head. As soon as I stopped wearing the foundation my congestion disappeared. I think for the right skin tone and texture the foundation would be great, it just was not the one for me! I think the price point it is worth trying to see if it works for you.

Perfect for oily t-zone but needs lighter shades

My absolute favourite foundation that I have been using for the past four years. I have an oily t-zone, and this foundation mattifies the skin on my face and makes it look so smooth, and it's not cakey (I use this with a damp beauty blender). However, the lightest shade isn't actually light enough for my skin, as I am very fair, so I use it when I have fake tan on, or with lightening drops (Australis sell one). I recommend this foundation to those who aren't very fair skinned and who have an oily face that want a perfect matte finish.
This foundation lives up to its name- infallible matte. That’s what it did for my oily t-zone - stayed matte & lasts long. Its nice how the foundation feels light like second skin when it settles & doesn’t cakes at all but I wouldn’t recommend this for dry & combination skin as my dry cheeks felt powdery dry with the pores popping more prominently.
The L'Oreal Pairs Infallible Matte Foundation is my go to foundation! I use it every day but can also make more full coverage if you apply it twice. It stays in place all day and doesn’t split on my nose like most other foundation. Honestly it’s a 10/10 for me!
L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation is super quick and easy to use I really like the finish of this one. However I do like a super full coverage and I would call this Medium although it is buildable and that's not a bad thing if that is what you are after. I always have one in my makeup kit.
An affordable foundation for my combo oily skin. It is long lasting with a matte finish but you can make it glow with a spray or glow powder. There is no fragrance and applies best with a sponge! I wore this in Bali and my skin didn’t clog up !
The L'Oreal Matte Foundation claims to be a matte foundation that is lightweight, yet lasts all day and can resist sweat, heat and humidity. This foundation comes in a 35 ml plastic squeeze tube. A screw top lid covers a small hole dispenser. This product is a liquid foundation but is on the thicker side. It has a scent that I can only describe as that typical makeup smell, it's quite light so I don't really notice it to be honest. I have applied the foundation with a brush, sponge and my fingers. Each method works equally well. It is smooth and easy to apply and blend. I get a medium coverage that is buildable to full. I only need a small amount, but when I have applied that little too much I haven't experienced a problem with cakiness. As someone that generally prefers a more dewy finish, I actually like this matte foundation. It has more of a velvety finish rather than being flat. I can go without a finishing powder, but this foundation is light weight and performs quite well with a powder also. L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation is a fabulous drugstore foundation that has great coverage and is matte without being a heavy mask on your face. 
All my friends speak highly of L’Oréal Infallible Matte Foundation so I decided to try it. The foundation gives medium coverage with one layer and is buildable to full coverage if needed but I'm happy with medium coverage. This foundation doesn't look cakey, is definitely long lasting and holds the makeup in place throughout the day. However, I have dry skin so this foundation does give me creases after few hours every with hydrating primer as base.
I stumbled upon this foundation, and to say I’m blown away would be understatement. I have oily combo skin, and this goes on so smooth and easy, I set with a light pressed powder and it don’t not move all day!  Great colour range selection, always on sale somewhere. Will always have in my beauty pile. 
I absolutely love the finish of this foundation, the shade range leaves a lot to be desired, but the way it sits and stays on the skin is exactly what I want in a foundation. The only problem is that I can’t tell if it’s breaking me out or not. I will have to continue testing.
The packaging of this product is great, really easy to disperse and control the amount of product. Overall I have mixed feelings about the product. On its own it was very streaky and hard to blend. Using fingers to apply worked well, but after a few hours I looked quite Orange.  I used a hydrating primer which worked better, but best results were with MAC strobe cream and a moist beauty blender.  Coverage was really good. For me it’s more of a ‘going out’ foundation, because I found it too heavy and too much work to apply every day. 
This is my usual go to daily foundation as i do have oily skin and i do like a decent amount of coverage and i think for the price this is a great product! admittedly the colour range is quite limited so i do tend to mix some of my other foundations in depending on what colour i'm at but otherwise a great drug store product.
My first impression of this foundation is that it gives really good coverage, my blemishes have dramatically disappeared or minimised. I tried the colour sand and I am Asian and the colour was a good choice. The foundation lasts well throughout the day and I definitely have less shine on my t-zone.
I wasn't sure if I'd like this tbh because it's what my mum uses and I wasn't sure how I felt about using the same foundation as her but I actually really liked it.   I only applied a small amount but I still got even skin tone and good coverage out of it and it's definitely buildable.  I ran out of primer so I didn't use any obviously but in saying that I didn't need to, my skin looked smooth and pores either were "erased" or made to look smaller, also the colour matched me perfectly which was surprising because I usually find brands like this don't really have the right colours for pale skin.  I also get scared of not using High end brands in case they break me out but that also didn't happen.  It's a really good matte foundation that lasts a long time before any oil starts to show.   I'll definitely be using this on the regular and telling people about it if they need a new foundation. 
The foundation applies nicely and looks good upon first application, however after a couple of hours it looks oily ond starts to break up on my face. I also found that there isn’t a great shade for me with a medium/light skin tone. Overall I think there are better foundations you could get at the drugstore, but if you have dryer skin this might work for you.
Wow . I am impressed with this foundation! My skin can be extremely finicky,  what works one day can be a hot mess the next. However , this foundation I tried every day for over a week and it did not fail me once . It gave me a beautiful matte finish that was not at all flat , it still managed to give off a natural look to my skin which I really enjoyed. At first application I did find that it clung slightly to dry patches which was easily remedied  with applying a good moisturiser as a base first. As the day went on I actually found my foundation looked better , as it warmed into my skin . I'd say it's a strong medium coverage which is easily built to high coverage without getting overly cakey. Highly recommend to others. Also a little goes a long way,  so price point is very reasonable in my opinion.
This was a great, light-weight fell but good coverage foundation. It didn't feel heavy or thick on, but I felt it had great coverage throughout the day and lasted a day at work. A great alternative to expensive foundations from department stores. Will b sure to buy in the future.
I adored this product - this was exactly what I wanted from a matte foundation. It wasn’t a heavy or cakey feeling foundation, whilst still being coverage. What made me love this product was it’s skinfeel. Unlike other foundations, this foundation stayed put, and feels like skin - it doesn’t come off on your fingers or feel powder-y when you touch your skin. It stayed matte, even on top of sunscreen.  Packaging was good too - light and transportable for makeup on the go as well. The product is a little bit runny, so I did find I squeezed out too much product at times.